Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Kenya stun Japan, stay in the hunt, South Korea trounce England

As the Kabaddi World Cup enters the business end, competition in Pool B increases as Thailand, Japan and Kenya fight for top four place.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 16, 2016 10:04 pm
Japan go down against Kenya by 48-27, narrow their hopes of making into the semis.

As the Kabaddi World Cup enters the business end, teams are trying hard to earn a spot in the semi-finals. Six teams will try and keep their quest to enter the final four of the tournament. In the first match of the day, Thailand take on the United States of America in a must win situation. Iran has already qualified from this group and there is a tough fight for the second spot between Thailand and Japan. In the second game, South Korea, who have already qualified for semis, lock horns with England, who can only qualify by winning their remaining matches and hope India loses their remaining matches. The last match will be between Japan and Kenya. Japan need to win this match to keep their hopes alive while Kenya will look to spoil Japan’s party which will in-turn help Thailand.

Express Guest October 16, 201610:03 pm

Kenya beat Japan 48-27,James Obilo of Kenya named as the top scorer of the game with 13 points

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Japan is going home from here. With two minutes of games left, Japan trail Kenya by 42-23

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If Kenya wins tonight, they will deny Japan to make it into the semifinal

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As the game proceeds towards the end of the first half, Japan still trail 13-16. Can Japan captain Shimokawa pull out a stuner

Express Guest October 16, 20169:15 pm

Kenya with some great team work as they take their lead to 11-5. Africans with some pre-planned plan against the Japanese

Express Guest October 16, 20169:10 pm

Japan equalise Kenya’s lead but still 1 down against the African side

Express Guest October 16, 20169:04 pm

South Korea trounce England by 56-17. Japan to play Kenya ahead.

Express Guest October 16, 20168:43 pm

Substitution for South Korea as Jae Cheol Lee replaces Jae Min Lee with three minutes of game left for the final whistle

Express Guest October 16, 20168:40 pm

Super Raid for Korea as Dong Geon Lee gets four crucial points for his side

Express Guest October 16, 20168:26 pm

Two points for England as they take down Korean raider. Another successful Super Tackle for the English side

Express Guest October 16, 20168:16 pm

Topa Adewalure, England’s top scorer has not been much successful tonight and he is taken down as the Korean team pushes the powerful raider out of the lobby

Express Guest October 16, 20168:15 pm

Keshav Gupta gets a toe touch of Korean defender. Smart move from the English player.

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ALL OUT! South Korea inflict first all out on England and are in pulsating form. Korea lead 14-3

Express Guest October 16, 20168:09 pm

What a superb display of defence from England as they escape All Out

Express Guest October 16, 20168:05 pm

Super tackle opportunity for England as Korean captain comes in for his raid. Korea is aiming for first all out of the game.

Express Guest October 16, 20168:00 pm

South Korea open the scorecard with a successful raid from Korean captain.

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Tope Adewalure with 46 match points has been England’s top scorer and will be important in tonight’s game as England play in a do-or-die match.

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South Korea’s captain to call and he wins the toss and Korea choose court. This means Someshwar Kalia’s side will make the first raid of the match

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Both the teams are in the middle and the captains are ready for the toss. Waiting for the referee to toss the coin

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South Korea squad: Dong Ju Hong [C], Gyung Tae Kim, Seong Ryeol Kim, Tae Beom Kim, Tae Deok Eom,Young Joo Ok , Chan Sik Park, Dong Gyu Kim, Jae Min Lee, Jaecheol Lee, Young Chang Ko, Cheol Gyu Shin, Dong Geon Lee, Jang Kun Lee

England squad: Milan Nayee, Someshwar Kalia [C], Akash Sood, Jay Depala, Joshua Enson, M. Swaran G. Dhani-Ali, Mereddyd Rowan Rix, Nikesh Farmah, P. Nicholas G. Mottram, Pavan Davies, Tejash Depala, Yuvray Pandeya, Keshav Gupta, Temitope Adewalure

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South Korea assured themselves of a semi-final berth after comfortably beating Australia 63-25 in a Pool A contest of the Kabaddi World Cup here on Saturday.
It was South Korea’s fourth successive win in the tournament which they achieved without their star player Jang Kun Lee. Despite his absence, the Koreans put up a commendable show with Cheol Gyu Shin bagging 11 points and Dong Gyu Kim scoring 10 points.
South Korea are now top of Group A with 20 points from four games while Australia are fifth in and out of the race to the semi-finals.
On Saturday, South Korea began with a bang and scored three points with a super raid by Shin. Australia suffered an all out in the fourth minute to trail 2-10. The Koreans kept mounting the pressure to lead 16-4 after nine minutes as Shin added another five points.
Trailing 6-18, Australia forced a super tackle in the 12th minute but Korea immediately bounced back to inflict the second all out of the match in the 14th minute to extend their lead to 23-9.

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Super Ten for Thailand’s young player Chanwit Wichian. Chanwit Wichian has been impressive throughout the tournament and continues to do the same

Express Guest October 16, 20167:39 pm

It has been a mauling for the Americans. Thailand continue to impress as they increase their lead to 60-20

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One point each for both the teams as Thailand’s Pramot Saising gets a bonus point for his side while USA with great display of team work send Pramot out.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:35 pm

Aniwat Phakphian with a superb raid and Thailand inflict an all out. Lead 58-16 with 3 minutes to go for the final whistle.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:34 pm

Do-or-die raid for Thailand and Kittichai Kanket comes in to raid for his side and he comes back with a successful raid. Kanket gets two points for Thailand and take the lead to 55-16

Express Guest October 16, 20167:30 pm

Bonus point for USA and Troy Bacon. Bacon who has been USA’s top scorer has not taken risk in today’s game.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:29 pm

Pramot Saising taken down by some superb teamwork in the left corner. USA needs much more than this to be back in the game.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:28 pm

Empty raids for Thailand’s Pramot Saising and Bismarck Charles of United States of America.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:25 pm

Troy Bacon to raid next for USA and the US captain returns after a lively raid. Thailand still ahead with a huge lead of 48-13

Express Guest October 16, 20167:24 pm

Super Tackle for USA as Banks with a diving ankle hold manages to hold Santi Bunchoet and with some great team work USA’s score is into double digits.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:21 pm

Thailand’s captain returns with an empty raid but not to forget he has completed his Super 10

Express Guest October 16, 20167:19 pm

Bonus plus one point for Thailand’s Pramot Saising. Saising returns after finding a comfortable finger touch. USA defenders had no clue about Saising’s attack.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:18 pm

Khomsan Thongkham has been the top scorer tonight with 12 raid points.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:14 pm

Half Time: At the half way mark, Thai dominate the game with a massive lead and quite comfortably. No sign of competition from Troy Bacon’s side.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:12 pm

Another unsuccessful raid from USA’s captain Troy Bacon. Two point for Thailand’s Khunakon Chanjaroen as he gets a finger touch of USA defender while returning

Express Guest October 16, 20167:11 pm

Another successful raid for Thailand and Khomsan Thongkham completes his Super 10. Thailand 34-3 up

Express Guest October 16, 20167:10 pm

ALL OUT! And Thailand with perfect teamwork to deny Devin Anderson with a raid.

Express Guest October 16, 20167:09 pm

Phuwanai Wannasaen gets a toe touch of USA’s defender in the left corner. Thais have maintained a massive lead of 23-2

Express Guest October 16, 20167:08 pm

ALL OUT! Thailand inflict an all out on USA and are in pulsating form. Thailand lead 18-2

Express Guest October 16, 20167:07 pm

Chanwit Wichian of Thailand gets a toe touch of US’ defender in the left corner. Thais have maintained a huge lead of 22-2.

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Iran notched a tough 38-34 win over Japan to continue their unbeaten run at the Kabaddi World Cup at the TransStadia Arena on Saturday.
Iran survived a scare against Japan to emerge eventual winners and remain on top of Group B with 20 points from four outings. Japan, on the other hand, are second with 10 points from three games.
On Saturday, Iran began brightly and led 6-1 after six minutes as Japan struggled to get a foothold in the game.
Considered as one of the title favourites, Iran looked in brilliant form as they barely gave Japan an inch in the game. Kazuohiro Takano scored Japan’s second point as they trailed 2-12 in the ninth minute.
Meraj Sheykh then added four points to help Iran dominate the first half and go 19-9 up at the break.
Iran began the second half in the same dominating style as Sheykh’s raid culminated into an all out with Iran leading 26-9 after 23 minutes.
Japan put up a strong fight in the second half and matched Iran for the last 20 minutes before Iran forced another all out in the 33rd minute to lead 35-18.
Japan mounted a strong comeback in the last seven minutes as they scored 10 points in a row to trail 28-35 in the 37th minute. Masayuki Shimokawa scored eight points for Japan in a valiantly attempt to take his team over the line.
In the end, Iran used their experience and held their nerves to fight back against Japan’s late show before wrapping up the tie in their favour.