Iran beat Japan 38-34, South Korea humble Australia 63-25: As it happened

South Korea and Japan make it into the semifinals of the tournament as they continue they unbeaten run.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 15, 2016 8:59 pm
Meraj Sheykh-led side sit at the top of the table in Pool B with 20 points.

In the second of the three matches tonight, Iran take on Japan in a game of Pool B. Iran, who are considered to be title contenders this season, have being impressive and outplayed each opponent they have faced so far. Meraj Sheykh side leads the Pool B table with 15 points and will like to continue their unbeaten run against the Japanese. Iranians do not rely on any particular player as they have impressed everyone in all formats. While Japan had worked very well as a team. Masayuki Shimokawa-led side will look upto their top raider- Kazuhiro Takano- to lead them against Iran’s strong defence.

South Korea lock horns against minnows Australia. Dong Ju Hong-led side are well placed at the top of table in Pool A and will be looking forward of sealing their place in the semis of the tournament. They have showcased their never-say-die spirit throughout the tournament starting from their opener against India, where they edge passed the hosts by 34-32. Jang Kun Lee’s men have showcased tremendous spirit and will begin as favourites. While for minnows Australia, who made their debut in the tournament, have showed improvement in their game after registering their first win against Argentina side. Kuldeep Singh being their top scorer with 22 points, Australians will rely on him to break the Korean defence and guide them for their second win in the tournament.

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Iran continue their winning momentum as they beat Japan 38-34 in a thriller

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Eight point difference between Japan and Iran with one minute of time left in the game. Can Japan put back and win from here

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Super Raid for Mohammadtaghi. Mohammadtaghi gets three crucial points for Iran before getting out to Japan’ Makoto Sawazu.

Express Guest October 15, 20168:40 pm

Two points for japan captain Shimokawa finds a gap and escapes Iran’s chain tackle attack.

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Double change for Iran. Hadi Tajik and Esmaeil Nabibakhsh replace Merah Sheykh and Abozar Mighani

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ALL OUT! Iran inflict second all out on Japan. Meraj Sheykh gets fours points as he touched two Japanese defenders and two for all out

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It has been a slow start for the Iranians but they have managed to maintain their lead over Japan

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Japan captain Shimokawa has been superb throughout the tournament. He continues to demonstrate his form as he gets another successful raid. Iran still continue to dominate the game with 16-6 lead

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Do-or-Die raid for Iran and Mohsen Loujafari to raid and Mohsen returns back getting two points for his side. Escaped ankle hold attempt from the Japanese defender .

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ALL OUT! Iran inflict first all out on Japan. Iranians lead 12-1 in first half

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Meraj Sheykh looked lethal but was taken down as he lost his balance and a timely dive coming from Japanese captain

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Meraj Sheykh to make the first raid for Iran and he gets a toe touch of Japanese defender in the right corner

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Japan’s captain Shimokawa to raid first for his side and he returns empty handed.

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Both the captains ready for the toss and Iran captain Meraj Sheykh wins the toss and chose court. Japan to make the first raid of the game

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Good news for Iran fans as Meraj Sheykh is back in the squad and will be playing against the Japanese

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Both the teams are in the middle and stand on the two sides of the court. Iran surely begin as favourites.

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Iran squad: Saeid Ghaffari,Farhad R. Milaghardan, Md. Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Meraj Sheykh [C], Abozar M. Mighani, Fazel Atrachali, Hadi Tajik, Milad Sheibak, Soleiman Pahlevani, Abolfazl M. Mahalli, Gholamabbas Korouki, Md. Esmaeil M. Loumahalli, Md. Taghi Paeinmahali, Mohsen M. Loujafari

Japan squad: Etsuki Manita, Kazuhiro Takano, Makoto Sawazu, Masayuki Shimokawa [C], Takamitsu Kono, Terukazu Nitta, Yasushi Nakajo, Shingo Saito, Shota Miura, Tetsuro Abe, Masaki Hatakeyama, Takuya Kikuchi, Yosuke Sasaki, Yuten Kawate

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Fifth all out on Australia and South Korea cruising towards another victory

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Bonus opportunity for Campbell Brown and he returns back after escaping Korea’s tackle.

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Dong Gyu Kim leads the score chart with 11 raid points in this match

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Dong Gyu Kim gets a touch of Australia’s Jasvir Singh and Kuldeep Singh. Korea lead 43-22

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Do-or-Die raid for Australia and their captain Campbell to raid. Brown taken as goes out of the lobby. He did touch the mid line but after going out.

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Super Tackle opportunity for South Korea as Australia’s top scorer Kuldeep Singh to raid. And Kuldeep is taken down.

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Koreans take down Campbell Brown in deep left corner and continue to increase their lead. South Korea 33-15 up

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South Korea to start second half and they start by losing Chan Sik Park. Some great display coming from Australian defence

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HALF TIME: South Korea had a bigger lead at one stage until a Super Raid by Australia captain just ahead of the break, the Koreans are 30-14 up

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Korean captain claims a toe touch but referee denies him and asks the Australian raider to continue the game

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Double waist hold coming from the right corner of Australian court with denies Koreans some pleasure of another raid point

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Second all out on Australia and they are facing a mountain. Korea up 23-9 and it has been a mauling for the Australians

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Bonus and one touch point for Campbell Brown as he gets a running toe touch point for Australia.

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Super Tackle for Australia as captain Cambell Brown stops Gyung Tae Kim. Superb display from the Australia captain. Korea lead 19-6

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ALL OUT! South Korea inflict first all out on Australia. Korea with a lead of 11-3 in first five minutes of the game

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In the big contest of the night, South Korea came back from 0-9 down to lead at half time against Bangladesh and that scenario repeated itself in the second half too. Bangladesh retained their lead in the second half before Jang Kun Lee turned the game upside down with a Super Raid and then a touch to flip things from 28-31.
The win means Korea remain unbeaten in the Pool A standings and jump over India with three wins in three matches to post 15 points.