Australia beat Argentina 68-45, Japan beat Poland 33-22, Kabaddi World Cup 2016: As it happened

Australia brought their two match losing streak to an end with a convincing 68-45 win. Earlier in the evening, Japan got the better of Poland.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 12, 2016 10:08 pm
Japan qualified for the semifinals after beating Poland.

Australia snapped their two match losing streak at the Kabaddi World Cup in Ahmedabad after getting the better of Argentina 68-45 while Japan beat Poland 33-22 in the first contest of the evening to qualify for the semifinals.

For Australia, the defensive issues remained the biggest problem so far into the extravaganza. And that changed on Wednesday with Jasvir Singh doing the job with 11 tackle points to his name. On the other side of the court, Kuldeep Singh did the job with the attack and picked up a cumulative 14 points including 12 raid points. The win took Australia above Argentina but still have much to do if they are to move to the next stage of the event.

maneeshkarki October 12, 20167:48 pm

Thailand tore apart Poland in their second game of the tournament. In another high-scoring clash, It was Thailand, who got past their opponents with much ease and claimed a 65-25 win. Khunakon Chanjaroen and Tin Phonchoo were outstanding against poles as both scored High Five’s. Chanjaroen also completed a Super 10 becoming the first player in the tournament to do both in the same match.While for Poland, captain Michal Spiczko and Krzysztof Wozniak both scored five points each.

maneeshkarki October 12, 20167:49 pm

Poland squad: Jan Barnowicz, Krzysztof Woźniak, Michal Spiczko [C], Filip Szczeski, Janusz Spiczko, Krzysztof Tomczak, Patryk Dumicz, Piotr Karnowicz,
Piotr Sitek, Damian Szostek, Filip Sesay, Jakub Kloskowski, Jakub Szymczyna, Piotr Pamulak

Japan squad: Etsuki Manita, Kazuhiro Takano, Makoto Sawazu, Masayuki Shimokawa [C], Takamitsu Kono, Terukazu Nitta, Yasushi Nakajo, Shingo Saito, Shota Miura, Tetsuro Abe, Masaki Hatakeyama, Takuya Kikuchi, Yosuke Sasaki, Yuten Kawate

Express Guest October 12, 20168:00 pm

Both the teams are in the middle and ready for action. Referee is in the middle and has called both the captains for the toss. Japan wins the toss and they chose left court. This means Poland will make the first raid of the game

Express Guest October 12, 20168:02 pm

Masayuki Shimokawa to raid first for Japan and he retuns back safely but without taking any risk.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:05 pm

Bonus point for Japan and first point of the game goes to Japan as raider Kazuhiro Takano crosses the red line and returns safely.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:07 pm

Piotr Pamulak to raid next for Poland and another empty raid for Pamulak. Poles are looking for bonus points instead of successful raids.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:10 pm

Do-or-Die raid for Poland and Jakub Kloskowski fails to make it into a successful raid and he leaves the mat.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:13 pm

Empty raids frustrate players and the team and this can be noticed in polish team. Six empty raids followed by Kloskowski being taken down.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:15 pm

Michal Spiczko gets 2 points as he is able to send two key Japanese defenders out of the mat. Spiczko has now scored 3 raid points

Express Guest October 12, 20168:17 pm

Kazuhiro Takano returns back safely after Poland defenders goes for a half-hearted dive and gifts Japan two easy points.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:18 pm

Two points for Japanese skipper as he rolls under Poland defenders and touches the line with ease. Japan 13-7 Poland

Express Guest October 12, 20168:19 pm

First All-Out of the game as Poland’s last man standing surrenders, which gives Japan easy three points.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:21 pm

Shimokawa gets a finger touch of Poland’s defender in the left corner. With this raid point, Japan leads 18-10

Express Guest October 12, 20168:24 pm

Poland has not made a single tackle point in the first half. Disappointing result for the European side.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:25 pm

And at half time, Japan lead Poland by 19-10. Kazuhiro Takano with six points to his name and supported by Masayuki Shimokawa with four points

Express Guest October 12, 20168:30 pm

The second half begins and Japan are the first to register a point. Shimokawa with a swift toes touch scores his seventh point.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:32 pm

Japan’s Etsuki challenges Poles defence but returns empty-handed .

Express Guest October 12, 20168:33 pm

First tackle point for Poland as Szczeski with a strong hold sends Yosuke Sasaki out. Superb display of shoulder power by the polish defender

Express Guest October 12, 20168:36 pm

A do-or-die raid for Japan and Poland denies them that pleasure. Superb display from the polish captain to get his side a point with strong defense

Express Guest October 12, 20168:40 pm

We are into the last 10 minutes of the first Group B match, and captain Szczeski is taken down in the right corner. Poland trail 15-27

Express Guest October 12, 20168:48 pm

Jan Barnowicz looking for Super 10 but Japan team denier him of that opportunity as the take him down before he manages to escape Japanese attack. Barnowicz one short of his first Super 10

Express Guest October 12, 20168:49 pm

10 point difference with 3 minutes left in the game. Can Poland pull out a win from here or it will be Japan moving one step closer of getting into the semifinals.

Express Guest October 12, 20168:52 pm

Do-or-Die raid for Japan as Masaki Hatakeyama gets a easy point as he gets a toe touch of Poland captain

Express Guest October 12, 20168:53 pm

Japan are two from two and move to second place in Pool B as they beat Poland by 33-22

Express Guest October 12, 20168:54 pm

Japan are two from two and move to second place in Pool B as they beat Poland by 33-22. Poland’s Jan Baranowicz was the top scorer of the game with nine points.

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:08 pm

Argentina stand fifth in the table with a loss to their name while Australia have played two and lost both. This is a must-win game for both teams – to save themselves in this tournament and also for their morale. Let’s see who prevails in about 40 minutes’ time!

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:13 pm

SUPER RAID BY AUSTRALIA! Schneider with two touches and Argentina are on the backfoot early.

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:13 pm

And with a superb defensive effort, Australia inflict the first all out of the contest and quickly at that. Australia up 12-4

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:17 pm

Thomas Sharp and Jasvir Singh doing the business for Australia with four points each. Australia up 15-5

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:21 pm

SUPERB JOB BY AUSTRALIA! Jasvir Singh with an all out on Argentina and the Aussies are building some serious momentum here. Second all out on the South Americans and Aussies lead 26-10

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:25 pm

Australia skipper Campbell Brown with impeccable display of power and speed to bulldoze past the Argentina defense to get a successful raid. Australia are 29-11 up with under six minutes to go

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:30 pm

Australia getting back-to-back bonus points but that’s all they can get at this stage. But on the defensive effort, they get a super tackle.

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:32 pm

At the end of the first half, Australia are in the lead by 18 points. 36-18 at the break with 11 tackle points for the Aussies – much better than their previous two contests

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:42 pm

Australia with a third all out of the night and the gap extends to 49-27 after a successful raid by Adam Schneider

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:50 pm

Spell of unsuccessful and empty raids going on at the moment which won’t hurt Australia much. They’re up 57-36

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:55 pm

Campbell Brown and Kuldeep Singh with successful raids and Australia are increasing their points. Up to 65-38 now

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:57 pm

A minute to go into the contest and Australia lead Argentina by 23 points. Aussies up 67-44

Tanuj Lakhina October 12, 20169:58 pm

FULL TIME: Australia beat Argentina 68-45 for their first win at the Kabaddi World Cup