Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Kenya beat Poland 54-48 in high scoring thriller

Kenya beat Poland 54-48 in a high scoring thriller after captain David Mosambayi ended as the top-scorer with 21 match points.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 8, 2016 8:57 pm
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Kenya stun Poland 54-48 in a high scoring thriller. With a win over Poland, David Mosambayi-led side move to second place in Pool B, behind two-time runners-up Iran. Both the teams making their first appearance in Kabaddi World Cup, showed that they are ready for such platform.

Kenya captain Mosambayi ended as the top scorer with 21 match points, while Phelix Opana and Isaac Ikigu scored 9 and 7 match points, respectively.

While, for Poland, captain Michal Spiczko and Piotr Pamulak managed to score 11 and 13, respectively. Defender Tomczak Krysztof was the defender for Poland, who managed to get tackle points. As he finished with five tackle points.

Poland next plays Thailand on Monday at 21:00 hrs IST, while Kenya will face table-toppers Iran on October 11.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:42 pm

Two points for Poland, one bonus point and one point as Polish raider escapes attack from Kenya

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:40 pm

Third raid for Jakub but after two successful raids, Jakub is taken down by some superb teamwork from Kenya

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:39 pm

Bonus point for Poland and an important one. Kenya still leads 48-42

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:33 pm

Poland’s Michal Spiczko one short of his Super 10

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:31 pm

Another Super 10. Poland’s Piotr Pamulak scores his 10 match point after finding a fingur touch

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:30 pm

Filip Sesay taken down by a diving ankle hold from Kenyan defender in the left corner. Earlier, Seasy had scored a super raid in his previous raid

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:28 pm

Piotr Pamulak in for his 11th raid but blocked by the Kenyans. It has been a good show from Kenyan defenders.Kenya edging close to their first All-Out.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:26 pm

Four points lead for Kenya, with Kenya’s captain Mosambayi as the top scorer in the game.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:23 pm

Bonus point for Kenya. Clever move from Mosambayi. Mosambayi has scored 13 match points so far

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:14 pm

At half-time, Both Poland and Kenya walk out of the mat with 27 points each.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:13 pm

Successful Tv review for Poland and with a successful tackle point they equalise the score.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:12 pm

Poland’s captain has asked for tv review, as he is confident of touching the feet of Kenya’s defender.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:10 pm

First Super 10 of the Kabaddi World Cup. Kenya’s captain Mosambayi with his successful raid makes it 26-24

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:08 pm

Kenya take lead for the first time in the game but soon after Michal Spiczko with successful raid point reduces the lead to one point

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:04 pm

Mosambayi with a successful raid gives Poland one point lead. Kenya equalise the score with 8 minutes left for the first half.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:01 pm

Super Tackle on for Kenya but Kenya’ Phelix Opana returns empty handed without taking any risk.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20168:00 pm

Kenya Squad: David Mosambayi, Odhiambo Ogak, Phelix Opana, Esau Otieno, James Obilo, Isaac Ikigu, Patrick Muvai, Elphas Otieno, John Muremwa, Bonab Were, Chrispine Oketch, Mudibo Oguta

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20167:59 pm

Two points for Kenya, as the defenders hold Polish raider back in the left corner.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20167:58 pm

First Super Raid for Kenya, bonus and two points for Kenya’s David Mosambayi.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20167:57 pm

First All-Out of the Game, as Poland take the lead to five points.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20167:56 pm

First Super-Raid of the match and Piotr Pamulak with superb performance returns back safely

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20167:55 pm

Poland Squad: Michal Spiczko, Piotr Sitek, Tomczak Krysztof, Piotr Pamulak, Jan Pamulak, Jan Baranowics, Jakub Kloskowski, Filip Szczeski

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20167:53 pm

Kenya in the first raid of the game earn a perfect bonus point.

rohitmundayurie October 8, 20167:52 pm

Poland and Kenya teams are in the middle. And referee calls both the captains for a toss. Poland wins the toss and ask Kenya to raid first.