Kabaddi World Cup 2016: South Korea make it two in a row, beat Argentina 68-42

Dong Ju Hong-led side move to top spot in Pool A with a 68-42 win over Argentina on Sunday.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 9, 2016 10:38 pm
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South Korea, who had beaten the defending champions India in their tournament opener, continued their winning run. Dong Ju Hong-led side beat Argentina by 64-42. Koreans dominated the fist half and had a lead of 43-11 over the Argentine players. However, in the second half, Argentina made comebacks as they reduced the lead to 20 points but soon they ran out of steam. For the Korean side, Cheol Gyu Shin and Tae Beom Kim scored 9 and 7 raid points while captain Dong Ju Hong failed to score a single match point. Argentina, playing its first match in the tournament, had some positives as their players were successful in their raids. Franco Castro and Nahuel Villamayor scored 10 and 8 raid points respectively. South Korea next play Bangladesh on October 13 at 21:00 hrs IST.

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South Korea beat Argentina 68-42, Franco Castro of Argentina being the top scorer with 10 match points.

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Bonus point for South Korea. Followed by successful tackle point for the Koreans

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First Super 10 for Argentine player Franco Castro, Nahuel Villamayor two points short of his Super 10.

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Late dive from Argentina defenders give South Korea two more points. Jae Min Lee escaped easily and returned safely

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South Korea edging closer for fifth All-Out of Argentine side. Jae Min Lee crosses the line with ease.

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Second All-Out for Argentina. Desocio S. Elias’s side has managed to turn the table in second half. Argentina has dominated the second half so far.

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Super Tackle for Argentina as Lopez Nahuel goes for a diving ankle hold and Nahuel gets support from the team.

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Argentina has scored 20 match points in last 10 minutes while Korea has just managed 9 points.

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First Super-10 for Argentina. Loud roar from the Argentine fans and some kind of excitement in their dugout. Back to back tackle points for the South American side.

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Argentine raider Jios Nahuel with a superb dupki and escapes Korea’s chain attack. Super Tackle on for South Korea and with a successful attack on Villamayor, Korea exceeds its lead to 29 points

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Villamayor Alejandro with successful raid reduces the lead to 30 points.

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Argentine team showing some spark in the second half of the game as Petermann Fernando manages to escape Korean attack and returns with two points.

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South Korea’s Tae Beom Kim has scored seven raid points so far. Three less for his first Super 10 in the tournament

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South Korea lead 43-11 against Argentina as the referee signals for the half-time.

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Empty raid for South Korea’s Jae Min Lee.

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Seventeen-year-old, Franco Castro earns back to back points for Argentina. But the South American side still needs 29 points to equalise the score

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South Korea edging closer to fourth All-Out, Dong Geon Lee returns safely earning a point for the Korean side

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Third All-out of the games for Argentina as Tae Beom Kim manages to cross the line successfuly.

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Argentina’s Acevedo C. Rafael to raid next, Rafael returns empty handed without taking any risk.

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Within 9 minutes of game-play, Korean side has taken a lead of 20 points over Argentina.

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Argentina squad: Ricardo Acuna, Acevedo C. Rafael, Barraza J. Daniel, Canencia L. Sebastian, Castro F. Emanuel, Cesaro A. Roman, Desocio S. Elias [C], Martinez M. Martin, Gramajo F. Ezequiel, Jios F. Nahuel, Lopez Nahuel, Pascual N. Mariano, Perez J. Andres, Petermann E. Fernando, Villamayor N. Alejandro

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South Korea squad: Jae Ho Cho, Dong Ju Hong [C],Gyung Tae Kim, Seong Ryeol Kim,Tae Beom Kim, Tae Deok Eom, Young Joo Ok, Chan Sik Park, Dong Gyu Kim, Jae Min Lee, Jaecheol Lee, Young Chang Ko, Cheol Gyu Shin, Dong Geon Lee, Jang Kun Lee