Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Japan thump 45-19 USA in Ahmedabad

Japan kick start their Kabaddi World Cup campaign with a 45-19 win over the United States.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 10, 2016 6:05 pm
USA lose their second match on the trot as they get outplayed by Japan in Ahmedabad.

Japan win their Kabaddi World Cup opener against USA by 45-19. Japan who have been regular participants in World Cup were dominant throughout the game. Japan dominated the game throughout and kept their chances alive to make it into the semis of the third edition of the Kabaddi World Cup. For Japan, captain Masayuki Shimokawa scored seven raid points while Kazuhiro and Takamitsu Kono managed to get 6 and 4 match points respectively. It was disappointing for USA as their defence continued to be a major concern. Kevin Caldwell was the only defender who managed to get a tackle point in the game. Captain Troy Bacon and Ben Marcelus scored 5 and 4 raid points. Dillyon Banks was first American player to get double points in a single raid. Japan next play Poland on October 12 and will look to carry forward the positives from Sunday’s game.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:46 pm

One point each for Japan and US as Troy Bacon goes out of the mat.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:45 pm

Bonus on for Japan’s Etsuki and with one minute left for the final whistle Etsuki returns without taking any risk.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:39 pm

Banks with first multi raid point for USA. First Banks touched the red line later managed to touch Japan’s raider before returning to his court

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:37 pm

Japan edging closer to thumping win over USA. For the USA it will a similar result, which happened against Iran.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:36 pm

Bonus point for USA. But Bacon-led side still trails by 28 points

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:33 pm

Ben Marcelus to raid for USA. Ben returns safely without taking any risk

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:29 pm

US side edging close to getting All-Out for the second time.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:28 pm

Troy Bacon walks toward his dugout as Bacon was dashed out of the mat. US yet to earn point through their defence

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:23 pm

USA captain Troy Bacon with a back kick in the right corner gets a point and returns safely

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:21 pm

Substitution for Japan. Yasushi Nakajo replaces Kazuhiro Takano

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:13 pm

Bonus point for japan and take the lead to 23 points with 2 minutes left for the first time-out.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:10 pm

Third raid point for US. Defence has been a major concern for them as their defenders have not yet scored a single point.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:07 pm

Double ankle hold from Japanese defender in the right corner. With this Japan with their second All-Out of the game. US has not yet managed to score their All-Out

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:05 pm

Japan a mix of experience and youngsters, Masayuki Shimokawa has scored three raid points and he returns with one point escaping US’ attack.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:03 pm

Referee has called for medical help as Japan’s Terukazu Nitta. First All-Out of US and Japan move to 11 points

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20168:00 pm

Super Tackle chance for the Americans but Takano of japan returns without taking any risk.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20167:57 pm

Japan’s Etsuki Manita earns second bonus point. Etsuki played it smart and without taking any risk he touched the red line and returned safely

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20167:56 pm

Japan open their account with Kazuhiro Takano taking the bonus point.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20167:55 pm

Bonus On for US, captain Troy Bacon to open the proceedings for the United States. and he returns empty handed.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20167:53 pm

Both teams are ready and the referee calls both the captains for the toss. USA wins the toss and chose left court. That means Japan will raid first,

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20167:49 pm

USA squad: Mohinder S. Sidhu, Ben W. Marcelus, Bismarck Charles, David G. Anderson, David N. Ritchey, Denmar McKie, Dillyon Banks, Jamil Harvey, Kevin Caldwell, Martez Hurt, Myron D. Winston II, Paul G. Dykes, Ronald Fields II, Troy Bacon [C], Twaney Harding

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20167:48 pm

Japan squad: Kiejun Itoh,Etsuki Manita, Kazuhiro Takano, Makoto Sawazu, Masayuki Shimokawa [C], Takamitsu Kono, Terukazu Nitta, Yasushi Nakajo, Shingo Saito, Shota Miura, Tetsuro Abe, Masaki Hatakeyama, Takuya Kikuchi, Yosuke Sasaki, Yuten Kawate