Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Iran thump USA 51-15 in Group B opener

Meraj Sheykh-led team start their 2016 Kabaddi World Cup opener with a 51-15 win over the United States on Friday.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 8, 2016 7:42 pm
Iran easily outclassed USA in their opening match of the tournament.

Title contenders- Iran- kickoff their Kabaddi World Cup campaign with a thumping win over the United States. USA, who are playing their first ever Kabaddi World Cup, were outplayed by the Iranians from the first whistle it self. Two-times runners-up took a 10-0 lead in the first 5 minutes of the game without letting the Americans score a point.

Meraj Sheykh and Fazel Atrachali scored five points each, while Mohammadesmaeil was the top scorer from their side- scoring seven points before being substituted. And defender Abozar Mighani earned five points after some excellent defending skills.

Meanwhile, it was captain Troy Bacon for the Americans, who showed some sign of recovery, as he managed to score eight points.

Iran will next play Thailand on Sunday at 21:00 hrs IST. Thailand is another side, who will be making its World Cup debut on Sunday.

In the first match, South Korea edged past hosts 34-31.  India, who were in the lead for most of the contest, lost their momentum in the end of the game, as the Koreans wiped off the deficit before taking lead over defending champions. India next plays Australia on Saturday night at 21:00 hrs IST.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 201610:11 pm

Do-or-Die raid for Ryan Jones. Lone man left, returns without making any attempt. Iran one short of 50 match points.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 201610:09 pm

Iran sighting another All-Out as US’ Ryan Jones comes in for another raid. Jones returns empty handed.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 201610:07 pm

US’ Kevin Caldwell happy to return empty handed with the raid. Iran 42 – 14 USA. US has managed only one tackle point so far.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 201610:05 pm

Two points for Iran. Meraj Sheykh, who is eyeing to win his first gold medal, returns safely. US needs to re-think its strategy.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 201610:03 pm

With 11 mins left in the game, Iran has a decent lead of 15 points. It won’t be an easy task for the American side in the remaining time of second half.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 201610:01 pm

Third All-Out for Iran. They are getting easy points, seems as if American players are clueless and have given up.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:58 pm

USA edging close to double figures as captain Bacon touches Fazel. It was a half-hearted attempt from Iran’s Fazel.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:57 pm

Bonus point on for USA, US raider needs to cross the red line to earn a point. But he returns back without touching the line and gifts a point to Iran.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:49 pm

Do-or-Die raid for Iran and if the raider fails, it will be free point for US.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:46 pm

Two points for USA. Bacon escapes Iran attack and returns safely reducing the lead to 19 points

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:42 pm

Ben turns on to the scoreboard as he gets a finger touch of an Irani defender. Followed by a great team work from the US side as they send Iran’s raider out of the court

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:40 pm

Fazel asking for a surrender raid but with a little challenge, US defender gives it away. Fazel returns earning four points for Iran.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:39 pm

Another empty raid for USA. Iran team goes deep and latter hold USA raider back. Taking the lead to 18-2. USA edging close to another All-Out

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:35 pm

US’ captain Troy Bacon comes in for the raid but struggles. Meraj Sheykh & Co. managed to hold him back in the right corner. Iran 14-2 USA

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:33 pm

Iran with the first ALL-Out of the game and take the lead to 10-0.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:31 pm

Super Tackle on for Iran and its captain Meraj Sheykh to raid for the men in black. Captain returns getting a point from the left corner

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:28 pm

Iran open its scorecard. Defender Fazel with strong ankle hold stops American captain backed by support from the entire team.

rohitmundayurie October 7, 20169:26 pm

Players take mat for the second match of the opening day. The referee calls out both captains for the toss, and USA win the toss, who chose the court. Iran will raid first.