Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Ruthless Iran beat Thailand 64-23

Iran recorded the biggest win of the tournament as they thumped Thailand 64-23 in their second match on Sunday.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 10, 2016 6:05 pm
Iran outplayed Thailand in their Kabaddi World Cup 2016 contest.

Iran move one step closer to their dream of winning Kabaddi World Cup title, as they beat Thailand 64-23 on Sunday. Meraj Sheykh-led team, who had defeated USA on the opening day by 52-15, dominated the game from the beginning of the game. Iran tops the Pool B standings with five points, followed by Japan, who won their opener against USA. For Iran, Meraj, Soleiman Pahlevani and defender Fazel Atrachali scored eight match points, respectively. Farhad Milaghardan was named as the top scorer of the game with a Super 10 to his name. On the other-hand, for Thailand, captain Khomsan Yhongkham was the lone player who scored eight points. Thailand will next play Poland on Monday at 21:00 hrs IST, while Iran will be in action against Kenya on October 11 at 20:00 hrs IST.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:52 pm

Iran thump Thailand 64-23, biggest ever win in the history of the tournament

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First All-Out for Thailand, Iran is being all out for the first time in the tournament.

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Back to back points for Thailand, but they trail by 47 points

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:44 pm

Sixth All-Out for Iran. Three plus two points for Farhad Milaghardan.

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Farhad R. Milaghardan with a high back kick gets a point for Iran. Farhad an irregular raider has shown improvement.

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Fifth All-Out for Iran and they lead 52-10. Soleiman Pahlevani top scorer for Iran with eight points

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Iran has been dominant throughout with its defence. Iran still leads with 40 points

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Iran defenders getting points through raids. This has been an add-on for them in this tournament

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Thirty points lead for Iran, as Thailand edging closer of getting All-Out for the fourth time

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Do-or-Die raid for meraj Sheykh. Meraj in his seventh raid and this time he is successful. Meraj escapes right after getting a touch.

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First green card of the game to Mohammadesmaeil. Mohammadesmaeil was giving instructions to the Iranian raider.

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Another Iranian player to complete his High Five. Soleiman Pahlevani and Fazel have been amazing from the beginning.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:19 pm

Second All-Out for Iran and with this they take the lead to 24 points.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:17 pm

First Do-or-Die raid for the Iranian captain and the crowd roars as Meraj returns earning a point

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Back to back tackles for Fazel Atrachali. Only in his second match, Facel scored his High Five.

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Soleiman Pahlevani with a beauty earns a point for Iran.

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Kianoush Naderian experimenting with his squad as he replaces raider Mohsen Maghsoudlou with another raider Mohammadesmaeil.

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Meraj Sheykh has already scored four raid points in just 10 minutes

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:11 pm

Tin Phonchoo escapes Iran’s tackle attack and earns two points.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:09 pm

Super Tackle opportunity for Thailand as Meraj ready to raid next. Meraj returns safely getting a point from the right corner.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:08 pm

First Super Tackle of the games, as Thailand defenders manage to block Iran’s Maghsoudlou.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:06 pm

Meraj Sheykh with a superb flying kick returns back, late attempt coming from Thailand defender couldn’t stop Meraj

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:06 pm

Santi is asked to leave the court as he moves into the lobby area without getting a touch of Iranian player

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Thailand yet to open its account and Sarawut Hopet to raid next for Thailand. Sarawut retuns earning two points with a fantastic dupki

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Loud roar in the stadium as Meraj Sheykh to raid first for Iran. And Iranian captain opens his and Iran’s account.

rohitmundayurie October 9, 20169:02 pm

Meraj Sheykh and Tin Phonchoo are ready for the toss and Iran wins the toss and chose court. This means Thailand will raid first.

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Both the teams are in the middle and referee calls both the captains for the toss.

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Iran squad: Saeid Ghaffari, Farhad R. Milaghardan, Md. Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Meraj Sheykh [C], Abozar M. Mighani, Fazel Atrachali, Hadi Tajik, Milad Sheibak, Soleiman Pahlevani, Abolfazl M. Mahalli, Gholamabbas Korouki, Md. Esmaeil M. Loumahalli, Md. Taghi Paeinmahali, Mohsen M. Loujafari

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Thailand squad: Panya Athiwat, Tin Phonchoo [C], Jantajam Peeradach, Khunakon Chanjaroen, Kittichai Kanket, Phuwanai Wannasaen, Sasithon Rungsawang, Aniwat Phakphian, Chanwit Wichian, Khomsan Thongkham, Phodsawi Sawangyai, Pramot Saising, Santi Bunchoet ,Sarawut Hopet, Warit Songsri