Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Korea stun India 34-32 in opener

Korea produced a stunning performance to upset India 34-32 in the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 opener on Friday.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 8, 2016 9:15 pm
India’s campaign didn’t get off to an ideal start as they were beaten 34-32 by Korea.

India’s Kabaddi World Cup 2016 campaign didn’t get off to an ideal start as they were stunned by Korea 34-32 in the first match of the competition in Ahmedabad on Friday. India were in the lead for most of the contest but Korea produced a clinical performance towards the fag end, and wiped off the deficit before taking lead over defending champions India. The Korean unit was ecstatic after the win and thanked the crowd after registering an emphatic win. India did most of the things right in the match but failed to hold on the three-point lead in the final three minutes.

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20169:17 pm

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20169:12 pm

UPSET! Korea have stunned India 34-31 in the opening contest of the Kabaddi World Cup 2016. Extraordinary effort by Korea as they spring back to life at the death to clinch a thrilling win over favourites India

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20169:10 pm

Deepak Hooda with the raid and he’s outnumbered by Korea, who go into the lead at 33-31

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20169:10 pm

Anup Kumar puts India ahead before Korea hit back to take another point and level at 31-31

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20169:09 pm

Sixty seconds to go and Korea with a super raid to make it 30-30 against India

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20169:02 pm

Korea inflict an all-out, add three points and reduce India’s lead to three points, with little over three minutes on the clock

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20169:01 pm

India back with the six-point lead as Ajay Thakur converts the crucial raid. The hosts lead Korea 27-21

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:57 pm

Kick, turn and a great run. Korea with the raid of the match. Speed and agility by the Korean raider. India down to one man now, lead 25-21

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:54 pm

In the last five minutes, Korea have added four points while India have managed just one. Momentum with Korea now, and they have enough minutes on the clock to change the complexion of the match

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:52 pm

We are into the last ten minutes of the match. Korea have six points to cover as they continue to trail 17-23

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:50 pm

Korea with a solid block and deny Rahul Chaudhri raid point. India still in the lead at 23-17

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:48 pm

India unit wears a very confident look. They have a 8-point lead and have looked very good in the second half so far

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:46 pm

Manjeet Chhillar with a double hand take down and he picks his fifth tackle point. Strong game so far for Manjeet. India lead 22-15

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:44 pm

Super Tackle and Manjeet Chhillar with a strong leg hold to give India two more points

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:43 pm

The second half is underway and Korea have managed to add two points, and concede only one. India still in the lead at 19-15

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:32 pm

The first half belongs to Anup Kumar and he got able support from Rahul Chaudhri. Plenty of action coming your way from the second half. Stay tuned!

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:30 pm

Korea with a diving ankle hold in the super tackle. Two points to them but they still trail India by six points, 12-18

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:30 pm

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:29 pm

Pardeep makes his India debut in do-or-die raid and he converts with ease. Goes over the defender, and adds a point

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:29 pm

Pardeep Narwal is warming-up on the sidelines, and he replaces Jasvir Singh. Good change by the Indian unit. Pardeep was the Most Valuable Player in the season four of the Pro Kabaddi League

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:26 pm

Korea were off to a promising start but India have done well to open-up a big lead over their opponents. Work to do for the Koreans as we approach the half-time mark

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:22 pm

Two Koreans converge on Rahul but he manages to get his fingers over the line. 14-9 ahead. The review reveals only two touches so no Super Raid for India. Two points from the brave raid

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:21 pm

Jasvir Singh with the raid, claims contact as he reaches the line but the skipper is not interested to review the decision. India continue to lead Korea 12-9

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:19 pm

India with the all-out and they take a decent lead over Korea now. The hosts are 12-9 ahead

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:16 pm

Jasvir goes all-out against two Korean defenders but the backhold does the damage and he is pinned down. Super tackle for Korea

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:16 pm

Korea with the do-or-die raid and Manjeet Chhillar with a strong thigh hold! No way of escaping from that powerful grip of Chhillar

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:14 pm

First super-raid of the World Cup goes to Anup Kumar. Top effort by the Indian skipper to reduce Korea to three men. India now lead 5-4

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:12 pm

Brave defending by Korea as they deny Rahul Chaudhari points in the do-or-die raid. It’s a very aggressive start by Korea in the contest, they lead 3-2 at the moment

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:11 pm

Rahul Chaudhari tests waters and returns without adding a point to India’s tally. 1-1

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:10 pm

Jasvir Singh happy to return empty handed with the raid. Still early days in the contest and it’s locked at 1-1 in the first half

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:10 pm

Dharmaraj with a solid tackle right in the middle of the mat, and he denies Korea points on the raid

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:09 pm

Anup Kumar with the first raid, and the skipper is outnumbered by the Korean defence. The rightcorner comes around to pin Anup down. India lose their skipper early

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:08 pm

Anup Kumar with the final pep talk in the huddle as Team India gets ready to raid in the first match of the Kabaddi World Cup 2016

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:08 pm

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:07 pm

The referee calls out both captains for the toss, and it’s in favour of the Koreans who chose the court. So India will start with the first raid

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:06 pm

Korea are strong in defence but they need to deal with some very talented India raiders

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:05 pm

Jasvir Singh, Surjeet, Manjeet Chhillar, Anup Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Mohit Chhillar, Dharmaraj Cheralathan to start the contest for India

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:03 pm

Abhishek Bachchan on his feet in the stands as out come Anup Kumar and his squad. A confident walk as they take their position opposite Korea on the mat

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20168:02 pm

Team Korea jog their way out to the middle and take position behind the line on the mat. Electric atmosphere for the opener in Ahmedabad

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:57 pm

Gujarat CM Rupani officially declares the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup open. He said it’s a proud moment for Gujarat to host the tournament, and he hoped Kabaddi finds a place in the Olympics. The CM further added that it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission that India’s sport – Kabaddi – becomes global

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:47 pm

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, England, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Poland, Thailand, United States of America, India captains walk out to loud cheer from the capacity crowd in Ahmedabad. Loudest however was reserved for home captain Anup Kumar. Also in attendance is Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani who greets the 12 captains

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:42 pm

Teams come out in alphabetical order. Hosts nation India to walk out last. Watch out for the cheer when Anup Kumar leads his men out to the middle

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:41 pm

Out comes the title 12 teams, divided into two groups, will battle for the next fortnight

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:39 pm

After the energetic start, performers now depict the various skills needed on the mat – speed being the most important one

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:36 pm

readytoraid and the first performance of the opening ceremony gets underway. Energetic with nice visual effects in the background. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi and a loud cheer from the crowd in Ahmedabad

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:32 pm

The opening ceremony is about to get underway! 12 teams, one title – Kabaddi World Cup 2016

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20167:28 pm

All teams in readiness as we get closer to the opening ceremony of the Kabaddi World Cup 2016, starting in Ahmedabad on Friday

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20166:38 pm

India’s Squad: Ajay Thakur (Raider), Anup Kumar (C) (Raider), Deepak Hooda (Raider), Dharmaraj Cheralathan (Defender), Jasvir Singh (Raider), Kiran Parmar (All Rounder), Manjeet Chhillar (All-Rounder), Mohit Chhillar (Defender), Nitin Tomar (All-Rounder), Pardeep Narwal (Raider), Rahul Chaudhari (Raider), Sandeep Narwal (All-Rounder), Surender Nada (Defender), Surjeet (Defender)

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20166:32 pm

India are a dominating team in the sport as they are the defending champions and have won as many as seven gold medals at the Asian Games. Anup Kumar is the captain of the Indian unit which features plenty of players who have done well in the Pro Kabaddi League

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20166:30 pm

In Pool A, there is India, South Korea, Australia, England, Bangladesh and Argentina, while Pool B comprises of two-times runners-up Iran,Thailand, Japan, the United States, Poland and Kenya. The first day of the tournament features both India and Iran as the two will commence their campaign against South Korea and USA respectively

Sahil Malhotra October 7, 20166:30 pm

12 teams will battle it out in the 2016 edition of the Kabaddi World Cup which starts in Ahmedabad on Friday. India start as tournament favourites but they have to deal with Iran challenge. The teams are divided into two groups of six teams each and major title contenders India and Iran are likely to meet in the semi-final or final of the competition