Kabaddi World Cup, India 54-20 Australia: Match highlights, as it happened

India jump ahead of Bangladesh in the points table and move to top with a 54-20 win over Australia in Ahmedabad on Saturday.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 8, 2016 9:59 pm
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India get their Kabaddi World Cup 2016 campaign back on track with a thumping 54-20 win over Australia in the final match of Day 2 in Ahmedabad on Saturday. India dominated proceedings from the first whistle and inflicted all-outs on as many as four occasions. Such was India’s dominance that Australia were not able to get a tackle point. Deepak Hooda, at the end of the game, said this win was important to get the confidence levels up. For India, it was a clinical raiding game and Manjeet Chhillar was on top of his game with the defence. The defender had another high five as he continues to accumulate defence points in the Kabaddi World Cup. Next for India is Bangladesh on Tuesday. The team needs to win all their remaining matches to advance to the semis.

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Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:51 pm

India move to top of the table in their group with a 54-20 win over Australia in the last match of Day 2 of the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 in Ahmedabad on Saturday

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:47 pm

Kiran Parmar converts his raid, and brings up the FIFTY for India. The hosts lead Australia 51-16

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:45 pm

Australia win the bonus point but can’t avoid their fourth ALL OUT! India lead 49-15, and less than four minutes on the clock

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:43 pm

With two men on the mat, Australia face the danger of their fourth all-out of the match

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:42 pm

Australia clearly lack experience here as they are being outplayed by defending champions India in the final match of the day

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:38 pm

India have slowed down a bit in the second half but they have a healthy lead. It also gives them an opportunity to test their bench for the matches ahead

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India’s star performer Rahul Chaudhri is on the mat now. He’s a household name now, especially after his heroics in the Pro Kabaddi League this season. He was the first player to score 100 points in one season

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:36 pm

Ajay Thakur in a do-or-die raid after the interval and he rolls over the line to give India another point

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:36 pm

India have bounced back in fine fashion in the competition. Complete domination on display in the final match of the second day of 2016 Kabaddi World Cup

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:29 pm

Deepak Hooda with a SUPER RAID! India continue with their run, move into 37-8 lead in the second half

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:27 pm

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:27 pm

Australia all-out for the THIRD TIME. India stretch their lead over the Aussies to 28 points, 35-7

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:26 pm

Manjeet Chhillar has completed another high five. So that’s 10 tackle points for him in two matches. He has another 20 minutes to add to his tally today

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:26 pm

The second half gets underway in Ahmedabad. Australia need a really special effort to pose any challenge for India in the final 20 minutes

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That’s the end of the first 20 minutes, and India continue with their splendid show. Australia are yet to earn a tackle point and have been all-out on two occasions. India all the way!

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:20 pm

Rahul Chaudhri is all smiles from the dugout as his teammates continue to outsmart the opposition on the mat. India in the lead at 31-7

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:19 pm

Ajay Thakur makes contact, and powers his way over the half-line. Thakur first took the clean bonus and then reached the half-line to add another point

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:19 pm

Australia are yet to get a defence point, such has been India’s dominance in the first half so far

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Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:15 pm

Nitin Tomar with the raid for India now, he ensures a bonus and returns without making contact. Adds a point to the hosts tally

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:14 pm

India continue to dominate as they open up a 20-point lead over the Aussies. It has been India all the way ever since the referee blew the first whistle

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:13 pm

India Squad: Pardeep Narwal, Surjeet, Manjeet Chhillar, Anup Kumar, Deepak Hooda, Sandeep narwal, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rahul Chaudhari, Surender Nada, Ajay Thakur, Nitin Tomar, Kiran Parmar

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:12 pm

Indian team with great teamwork denies Australian raider to escape their tackle. Bonus point for Australia.

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:11 pm

Second All-Out for India within 10 minutes. Deepak Niwas Hooda with his third point gives India a lead of 18 points.

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:09 pm

Pardeep Narwal opens his account and increases India lead to 14 points. Followed by Deepak Hooda scoring a point.

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:08 pm

Anup Kumar has made three changes in the team. Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Hooda and Surjeet in for India

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:05 pm

And India inflict an all-out. They lead 10-0 to continue with their dominance over Australia in this group contest

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:04 pm

Australia have lost three players in the first three minutes of the contest. They are heading towards an all-out now

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:01 pm

Surjeet with a magnificent block to give India the third point, early in the contest. Manjeet Chhillar with good cover up to deny Australia their first point

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:01 pm

Australia with the first raid but the raider is outnumbered by a strong Indian defence line. First point goes to India, and they add another with the bonus point. 2-0 ahead

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20169:00 pm

India get the coin toss in their favour and chose left court. We are seconds away before the two teams start exchanging points on the court

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20168:53 pm

India, looking to bounce back in the competition, march out to a loud loud cheer. Pressure will be on them but they have plenty of support behind them. Out they come to a roar and the capacity crowd is pumped up for this contest

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20168:52 pm

Australia players job their way out to the mat, sprint around it before taking position for the final match of Day 2 of the Kabaddi World Cup 2016

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20168:51 pm

Australia, who have been champions in cricket, rugby and hockey, would like to make a mark in Kabaddi too. They are up against a formidable Indian unit but the hosts would be in some pressure after losing the opener in Ahmedabad

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20168:49 pm

Manjeet Chhillar had a good defensive game for the hosts and it’s important that India’s star players, and consistent performers of the Pro Kabaddi League, are on top of their game against the Aussies in Ahmedabad on Saturday

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20168:49 pm

Korea played catch-up for most of the game but turned things around in the last three minutes. After wiping off the deficit, they had a successful raid and took a lead which was too much for India, especially with too little on the clock

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20168:48 pm

India did most of the things right in their opening match but the raiders weren’t as good as they were expected to be. Anup Kumar and Rahul Chaudhri were among the points but the team released the step off the pedal when it mattered – towards the end

Sahil Malhotra October 8, 20168:47 pm

The last match of the night featuring India and Australia is about to get underway. India lost their opening contest against Korea and Australia are yet to get their campaign underway. It’s a must-win clash for India who were beaten towards the fag end of their opener