Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Iran vs Poland, Australia vs Bangladesh; as it happened

Poland stunned Iran 41-25 in the opening match before Bangladesh humbled 80/8 in Kabaddi World Cup.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 17, 2016 10:39 pm
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The Kabaddi World Cup 2016 saw its second upset as Poland shocked Iran 41-25 in what was a one-sided affair in the end. Iran, expected to dominated Poland, committed silly mistakes in the match and ended up on the losing side. They have already qualified for the semi-final. In the second match of the night, Bangladesh humbled Australia 80-8 and complete the rout. Australia were in contention against Bangladesh and were all out six times the complete match. With the two results on Monday, Iran can now move to the second spot in the points table in the Pool B and avoid India in the semi-final. South Korea is the other team that has qualified for the semis for the Pool A. India play England on Tuesday.

rohitmundayurie October 17, 201610:03 pm

And that’s it! Bangladesh 80-8 Australia

Bangladesh have ended up with the highest total by any team in the Kabaddi World Cup. The Australians have been absolutely taken apart in this match and Bangladesh still technically have a chance to make it into the knockouts but that is hanging on England upsetting India tomorrow. But Bangladesh have shown that they can get it going and that they are a team to beat.

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Australia are all out for the fifth time. This is a nightmare of a finish to Australia’s tournament. They will now be aiming to reach at least 10 points as the score is now Bangladesh 75-7 Australia

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Bangladesh cross the 60 point mark. They now have a lead of 56 points

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And thats the first raid point for Australia. Bangladesh though, are cruising at 55-5. Bangladesh have 50 point-lead with 10 minutes to go in the match

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Australia all out for the fourth time in the match. Bangladesh take three points and their total now goes to 43 to Australia’s four.

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Bangladesh reviewed the umpire’s decision and ends up getting two points. Australia continue to sink.

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:29 pm

HALF-TIME IN AHMEDABAD! Bangladesh have completely dominated Australia here as they go into the break at 36-2

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:28 pm


What a game they are having! Brilliant stuff. Australia just hoping this to get over. Bangladesh lead 32-2

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:25 pm

Not a great day for Australia as they continue to struggle against Bangladesh. They trail by 26 points as the scores moves on to 27-1

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:21 pm

Second all-out for Bangladesh! 20 point lead as they all-out Australia for the second time in the match

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:20 pm

Brilliant from Bangladesh! They are not letting Australia to get back into their half of the court and scoring easily

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:17 pm

What a start from Bangladesh! They have taken a 14-0 lead against Australia in the first nine minutes

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:16 pm

Australia and Bangladesh begin the second match of the day and the latter will look to dish out a dominating performance

vinaysiwach October 17, 20169:01 pm

The scenarios of the semi-finals will change after Poland’s upset win over Iran. The second match of the night, Australia vs Bangladesh, will have no affect on the last four line-up

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All over! Poland have pulled off a big upset in the Kabaddi World Cup ! Poland win 41-25

Poland take five bonus points and only two for Iran

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:46 pm

Last five minutes in the match now! Poland holding on to a 12-point lead. Will this be the biggest upset of the tournament?

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:44 pm

Six minutes and 30 seconds left in the match and Iran have a lot of catching up to do. They are trailing 32-21. They are currently top of group B and Poland have only one win so far in the World Cup

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:40 pm

Poland get another successful raid and now they are leading Iran 30-20. Eight minutes remaining in the match

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:39 pm

10 minutes remaining in the match and Iran are trailing by 10 points 29-19. This will be a big upset in the tournament and will change the team in the semis

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:35 pm

Poland extend lead with successful raid and then a successful tackle. 10 point the difference now between Iran and Poland

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:34 pm

Superb play from Poland to all out Iran! What a match they are having. Poland lead Iran 24-19 and will look to consolidate on this big lead

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:29 pm

Another brilliant start from Poland as they take the first point after the half-time to extend the lead to four points 18-14

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:27 pm

Half-time in Ahmedabad and we have a surprise lead in Ahmedabad. Poland are leading Iran 17-14 and are on verge of upsetting one of the top contenders of the World Cup

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:20 pm

Iran fail to complete a super tackle and lose another point. Poland are turning the heat on in Ahmedabad! Who would have expected Poland to lead Iran 16-12

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:17 pm

Iran complete a super tackle to take two points and reduce the Poland lead to only two points. Poland lead 13-11

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:16 pm

A successful raid and then a successful tackle by Poland followed by a two-point raid. Brilliant stuff from Poland and Iran in trouble as players suffer injuries

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:14 pm

Poland matching Iran blow-to blow! Superb raid from Poland to get one Iran player out and score another point. Eight minutes remaining in first half

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:13 pm

Empty raid from Iran with the team trailing 9-7. Empty raid from Poland in return. Score remains same

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:11 pm

Dominating display from Poland in the defence as they get two successful tackles on two Iran raids. Iran failing to produce the skills

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:09 pm

Brilliant tackle from Iran to keep Poland raider out and they will cut down the lead to just one point. Do-or-die raid for Iran now

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:07 pm

Poland with a solid start to the match and they take a two point lead after a bonus point raid. Iran’s captain Miraz Shiekh is out

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:06 pm

Neck-to-neck in the first four minutes for Iran and Poland as both teams are tied at 2-2. Some smart Kabaddi from Iran to level the score

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:05 pm

Poland with the first raid on Iran and that is successful. First points for Poland on the board. Iran raid now

vinaysiwach October 17, 20168:02 pm

Iran look to continue unbeaten run

Iran notched a tough 38-34 win over Japan to continue their unbeaten run at the Kabaddi World Cup at the TransStadia Arena on Saturday.

Iran survived a scare against Japan to emerge eventual winners and remain on top of Group B with 20 points from four outings. Japan, on the other hand, are second with 10 points from three games.

On Saturday, Iran began brightly and led 6-1 after six minutes as Japan struggled to get a foothold in the game.

Considered as one of the title favourites, Iran looked in brilliant form as they barely gave Japan an inch in the game. Kazuohiro Takano scored Japan’s second point as they trailed 2-12 in the ninth minute.

Meraj Sheykh then added four points to help Iran dominate the first half and go 19-9 up at the break.

Iran began the second half in the same dominating style as Sheykh’s raid culminated into an all out with Iran leading 26-9 after 23 minutes.

Japan put up a strong fight in the second half and matched Iran for the last 20 minutes before Iran forced another all out in the 33rd minute to lead 35-18.

Japan mounted a strong comeback in the last seven minutes as they scored 10 points in a row to trail 28-35 in the 37th minute. Masayuki Shimokawa scored eight points for Japan in a valiantly attempt to take his team over the line.

In the end, Iran used their experience and held their nerves to fight back against Japan’s late show before wrapping up the tie in their favour.