Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Thailand beat Japan 37-33, to play India in semi-final

Thailand move to top of the table in Pool B as they edge past Japan 37-33 in a virtual quarter-final match.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 19, 2016 10:40 pm
Japan go down 33-37 against Thailand on Wednesday.


Thailand edge past Japan 37-33 to seal their spot in the Kabaddi World Cup semifinals. Thailand to play India on October 20 at 21:00 hrs IST. Japan who needed to beat Thailand by eight or more points failed to continue the momentum and gave away crucial point towards the end.

Captain Khomsan Thongkham was exceptional as he led his side brilliantly and was the top scorer of the match with 10 points to his name.

After winning the toss, Khomsan asked Japan to make the first raid of the match. It was a neck to neck encounter as the two teams were 17-17 at half time.

It was Thailand captain, who took the game away from the Japanese as he scored 3 late raid points to take back the lead from Japan.

As they finish at top of the table in Pool B, will play India while Iran will face Pool A toppers South Korea.

Earlier in the first game tonight, Bangladesh finished third in Pool A as they trounce Argentina 67-26. The south American side remained winless in the Kabaddi World Cup.

Bangladesh’s Tuhin Tarafder and captain Aruduzzaman Munshi scored 16 and 13 points respectively.

Express Guest October 19, 201610:25 pm

Thailand beat Japan 37-33. captain Khomsan Thongkham leads Thailand into their first ever knockout game.

Express Guest October 19, 201610:20 pm

With just over a minute remaining Thailand has fixed its place and will move to top of the table.

Express Guest October 19, 201610:10 pm

And Thailand reduce the lead to 25-20. With eight minutes of game left for the final whistle, Japan need to beat Thailand by 8 or more while Thailand just need a point to make it into the semi-final. If Japan fails to win by 8 or more points Kenya straight away qualifies for the knockout game

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Japan take lead as second half underway. Japan need to beat Thailand by more than 8 points to qualify for hte semifinal

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Half time: At the halfway mark both the teams are tied at 17-17. It has been a neck to neck competition.

Express Guest October 19, 20169:39 pm

Thailand edge ahead of Japan despite of having two defenders on the mat.

Express Guest October 19, 20169:34 pm

Two points for Thailand as they take down Japan’s captain and get a successful point for super tackle

Express Guest October 19, 20169:31 pm

Tactical point for Thailand. It has been a tough game so far as both team share 6 points each.

Express Guest October 19, 20169:27 pm

Tough fight from the teams as they play for a place in the semifinal. Japan with an early lead of 5-3

Express Guest October 19, 20169:22 pm

Do-or-die raid for Japan and Masaki Hatakeyama is taken down by some superb display from Thailand. Good teamwork from the Thais

Express Guest October 19, 20169:20 pm

Japan captain starts with an empty raid. But the first point goes to Japan as they manage to get rid of Thailand captain in his first raid

Express Guest October 19, 20169:19 pm

Thailand win the toss and choose left court. Japan to make the first raid of the game.

Express Guest October 19, 20169:11 pm

Japan to come on the mat first followed by Thailand. Winner tonight makes it into the semi-final.

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Match in its last minute moment as Bangladesh to register a comfortable win over Argentina

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Super Raid for Argentina. They need more of these to come close to Bangladesh’s score. Certainly something to take back from here for Argentina

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Two consecutive all out by Bangladesh. They lead 49-22 against Argentina

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That was a nasty one for Bangladesh defender. He is still down with pain. Two players from Bangladesh team got injured tonight.

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Super 10 for Bangladesh’s raider Tuhin Trafder. Tuhin Trafder has been superb tonight

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Two successive points for Argentina. But the South American team still trails by 39-18

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We are back for the second half and Bangladesh close to inflicting another all out. Three points for Bangladesh to begin the second half

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Half Time: At the halfway mark of the game Bangladesh have a massive lead of 33-15 against Argentina

Express Guest October 19, 20168:20 pm

Super Raid for Argentina as Franco Castro escapes Bangladesh’s tackle attack managing to get rid of three defenders

Express Guest October 19, 20168:15 pm

One point for Argentina for a successful tackle to stop Bangladesh captain. Bangladesh still 21-9 up

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There is some confusion in the middle as the Argentine raider is claiming for three points while the referee says two. Argentina asked for a TV review and are awarded three points.

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And Argentina open their account. But Bangladesh still lead 16-2

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Bangladesh in sublime form tonight. Inflict first all out of the night and Bangladesh lead 11-0

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First match point on the board for Bangladesh.

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Referee with the two captains in the middle for the toss. Argentina win toss and choose to raid first.

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Bangladesh squad: Abul Azad, Zahangir Alam, Zakir Hossain, Fardous Sheikh, Ruhul Amin, Sabuj Mia, Tuhin Trafder, Ziaur Rahman, Arduzzaman Munshi [C], Romanuzzaman, Shazid Hossain, Tanjil Hossain, Al Mamun, Sulieman Kabir

Argentina squad: Acevedo Rafael, Barraza Daniel, Canencia Sebastian , Castro Emanuel, Cesaro Roman, DesocioElias [C], Martinez Martin, Gramajo Ezequiel, Jios Nahuel, Lopez Nahuel, Pascual Mariano, Perez Andres , Petermann Fernando, Villamayor Alejandro

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Bangladesh humbled Australia 80-8 and complete the rout. Australia were in contention against Bangladesh and were all out six times the complete match.

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A Kabaddi match between Thailand and Japan was never going to be one of serious importance to the Indian audience. That is, until the tie itself became the match that would decide the destiny of the playoffs. While Group A has finished with South Korea leading and India qualifying for the semifinals in second position, only Iran have qualified from Group B, leaving Thailand, Japan and Kenya to struggle for the last playoff berth. More significantly, the tie will decide who will play whom in the semi-final.
Even before the tournament could start, it was expected that India will play Iran in the summit clash. That is until the hosts were shocked by the Koreans in the opening game, and a haphazard Iranian team surprisingly fell short against Poland. That’s where the Thailand-Japan tie becomes all the more important.
As it stands, Group B leaders Iran will play India while Korea will play Kenya. However, a win for Thailand will propel them to the top of the group, given that the South East Asian team will be level on points with Iran, but with a better point average. As such, Thailand will face India for a spot in the final, and Korea will play Iran.
However, if Japan wins by more than seven points but less than 33, they will be level on points with Kenya (16), but with an inferior point difference, hence putting Kenya through to the playoffs (India vs Iran, Kenya vs Korea). If Japan on the other hand, wins by a margin greater than 33 points, Japan will proceed to the semi-finals where they will play Korea and India will play Iran.
At the same time, should Japan win by a margin of seven points or less, Thailand will be granted a bonus point and will be equal with Kenya and Japan, but with a greater average to put them in second position.
Indian fans however will hope for an outright Thailand win, since that is the only straight-forward result that will help the hosts avoid meetingIran in the semi-finals and leaving open the possibility of the marquee clash to take place in the final itself.
In terms of the Thailand-Japan game though, experts are predicting a win for the Thai outfit given the team’s form and basic, yet sound playing style. After an opening game loss against Iran, the young Thai team bounced back well to win comprehensively against Poland, Kenya and the United States.
Japan in turn has been deemed comparatively low on strength despite beating the United States and Poland in their first two games. They would go on to lose against Iran and Kenya in their following two encounters.