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Glasgow 2014: Indian mat-adors

Sushil Kumar leads the way as wrestlers win three gold and one silver on India’s best day in Glasgow.

Sushil Kumar of India, right, wrestles with Qamar Abbas of Pakistan in the gold medal match (Source: PTI) Sushil Kumar of India, right, wrestles with Qamar Abbas of Pakistan in the gold medal match (Source: PTI)
Written by Chinmay Brahme | Glasgow | Updated: July 30, 2014 9:58 am

A huge roar went up in the packed wrestling hall at the SECC complex when the ring announcer hollered out Sushil Kumar’s name before his semi-final clash. As the 31-year-old took his first step into an arena with a generous number of Indian flags waving around, the wrestler seemed stunned just for a moment.

The next few seconds perhaps gave out the reason for Sushil’s surprise. Seated to his right, a burly old man, a bright red Fedora perched on his head, had just bounced to his feet clapping his huge hands together. The spontaneity of Sushil’s mentor and father-in-law Satpal’s applause caused water to spurt out of the bottle in his hand, showering his protege’s twins in wife Savi’s arms with stray droplets.

As Sushil’s twins bawled, the wrestler, till then a picture of focus, craned his neck, firing off a quick smile to his wife, who busied herself with quieting down her little ones.

Eight minutes later, having dispatched Nigerian, Melvin Bibo off in an engaging contest, Sushil bounded up the bleachers, picking up one of his boys as the rest of his family patted his back.

Tuesday had been Sushil’s day through and through. India’s only two-time individual Olympic medallist hardly broke a sweat as he packed off Jayden Lawrence with a commanding 11-0 scoreline. Next up was Kushan Sundrange. The Sri Lankan barely forced Sushil to exert himself any further, as the latter produced another dominating performance, winning the bout 10-0. In both bouts, Sushil won four technical points, not giving his opponents any ground, as he rolled into the semi-final. The wrestler, participating in the 74kg category for the first time, seemed to take to his new weight grouping like a duck to water. Back in June, he announced his entry into the new category with a silver at Sassari in Italy, dispelling any doubts about his chances against heavier opponents.

And in the final, Sushil was in a zone. The gold medal clash against Pakistan’s Qamar Abbas took just 1.47 minutes. Sushil won 6-0, pinning down the Pakistani wrestler emphatically to take a very commanding victory. It was almost a walk in the park, the 31-year-old Sushil coming out all guns blazing immediately going on to attack the Pakistani’s legs, bringing him down in the first ten seconds of the match to earn a four point lead.

Amit’s ‘revenge’

While Sushil’s victory was full of attacking vigor, his younger compatriot Amit Kumar Dahiya was just as impressive in his counter-attacking moves. Dahiya dispatched Ebikweminomo Welson of Nigeria 6-2, letting the taller Nigerian attack him before surprising him with swift raids, which seemed to give the Nigerian little time to think. The moment of the match perhaps came in the final minute of the first round. …continued »

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