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Express LOL: Seven reasons why Pro Kabaddi is better than Cricket

By: Express LOL | Updated: August 25, 2014 2:04 pm

Millions of people tune in every evening. Every class of society is glued to sports on TV. More people watch it than any other sport. It has attracted Bollywood attention and prime time coverage.

We aren’t talking about just cricket any more – the first season of Pro Kabaddi has taken the sports viewing world in India and turned it upside down. Today, we prove to you why Pro Kabaddi is even better than cricket:

Kabaddi 1

Kabaddi 2

Kabaddi 3

Kabaddi 4

Kabaddi 5

Kabaddi 6

Kabaddi 7

First Published on: August 25, 20141:45 pm
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