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Express LOL: Meet Rajinikanth’s brother from Boston

By: Express LOL | Published on:June 30, 2014 7:35 pm

Legend has it that Rajinikanth has a brother, a brother who was born in Boston and grew up so powerful that Superman himself learnt at his feet, a brother who was so untouchable that no one ever beat him in a feud, a brother who parroted ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ for years till the masses finally turned on him.

A brother whose name was John Cena. Yes, the leader of the Cenation has done it again, and won his 15th World Title at Money in the Bank 2014, long after his support among non-infantile members of the WWE Universe evaporated. Here are the funniest pictures commemorating his achievement:

Cena MITB_1 Cena MITB_2


Cena MITB_3


.Cena MITB_4

Cena MITB_5

Cena MITB_6

Cena MITB_7

Cena MITB_8

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