Dunk team exhibits breathtaking skills at NBA Zone in Milan, see video

A team of five players showcases plenty of skills and enthralls the capacity crowd in Milan.

By: Express Web Desk | Published:September 14, 2016 11:49 pm
NBA skills, NBA skills video, NBA stuns video, NBA Slam dunk video, NBA dunk video, Sports The players in action during the breathtaking move.

NBA fans were in for a great team as a dunk team, at one of the NBA Zones in Milan, performed a spectacular move to enthrall the capacity crowd. On what looks like a bright sunny afternoon, two players are in action on what looks like a make-shift court.

There are spectators, separated from the court by #NBAZone and other branding, with their cameras out on the sidelines and what they see next is nothing short of extraordinary.

So here it goes: two players sprint their way towards the post and one of them sets off from an inclined trampoline, placed near the net. He performs a full body rotation before passing the ball to his partner, who is just behind him and neatly collects the ball before launching from the second trampoline.

He does a shimmy of sorts, in mid air, for the crowd before gently tapping the ball on the ground. The ball meets the ground and in comes player no.3 who too sets off from the trampoline.

Mid air, he collects the ball and performs a another full body rotation before banging the ball with woodwork near the basket. The crowd fails to understand what the team is upto before they see player no.4. He too sprints, jumps on the trampoline, performs a neat rotation of the body before passing the ball to player no.5.

Player no.5 means business and he collects the ball with ease before smashing it through the basket. The crowd comes alive after the period of breathtaking skills.