IPL 2018, MI vs KKR: Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs at Wankhede Stadium

Mumbai Indians restricted Kolkata Knight Riders to 168/6 to win the match by 13 runs.

By: Sports Desk | Mumbai | Updated: May 6, 2018 8:16:19 pm
IPL Live MI vs KKR IPL 2018 , MI vs KKR: Mumbai Indians hosted Kolkata Knight Riders at Wankhede Stadium. (Source: BCCI)

IPL 2018, MI vs KKR: Mumbai Indians restricted Kolkata Knight Riders at 168/6 in 20 overs at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium on Sunday. Chasing, a tricky target of 182, KKR failed to go over the line. Mumbai needed this win to stay alive in the competiton. Batting first, MI compiled 181/4, after riding on some power-hitting from Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis. Yadav who has earlier played for KKR hammered his former team to score 39-ball 59. Evin Lewis on the other side notched up 43. Later, KKR lost early wickets before Robin Uthappa and Nitish Rana provided them with some resistance. Captain Dinesh Karthik remained not out on 36 but didn’t get his team to a win in Mumbai.

Indian Premier League, 2018Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 20 May 2018

Mumbai Indians 181/4 (20.0)


Kolkata Knight Riders 168/6 (20.0)

Match Ended ( Day - Match 37 ) Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs

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IPL 2018 Live Score MI vs KKR Match 37: Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders in Indian Premier League from Mumbai


19:49 (IST) 06 May 2018
MI win by 13 runs

Mumbai Indians kept their hopes alive in the Indian Premier League after beating Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs at home. That's all from our side for this match

19:42 (IST) 06 May 2018

Krunal Pandya strikes and he removed Sunil Narine cheaply. Dinesh Karthik is on strike and he has the onus on himself to guide KKR to win

19:41 (IST) 06 May 2018
Kolkata need 23 from last one against MI

Krunal Pandya starts off that last over and Sunil Narine hammers taht one straight back past the bowler. It was a full toss and Narine just hammered that one away

19:37 (IST) 06 May 2018
Kolkata Knight Riders need 37 from last two

Kolkata Knight Riders require 37 runs from last two over. Jasprit Bumrah has the ball in his hands and it has become an interesting contest between the two sides. Mumbai Indians need to win this one to stay in the competition

18:31 (IST) 06 May 2018
End of powerplay overs

At the end of the powerplay overs, KKR are 47/2. Robin Uthappa batting on 6 and Nitish Rana is on 12. At this stage, MI were 56/0

18:29 (IST) 06 May 2018

NOOO! HOW DID MAYANK MARKANDE DROP THIS! This is so simple! Slower one by Pandya and Uthappa goes for the half pull and it goes towards Markande at mid-on. That was a dolly and it has been dropped. Maybe he got complacent there. Uthappa on just 4 and now he'll get to bat on. Will this make MI pay?

18:18 (IST) 06 May 2018
Shubman Gill gone!

Shubman Gill walks back after scoring 7 runs from 5 balls. Caught Pandya, bowled Pandya. KKR lose both openers in quick period now. Pretty poor shot from Gill. Slower off-cutter from Pandya, Gill looked to send it coasting but only ends up getting a top edge for Krunal to take at mid-off. 

18:13 (IST) 06 May 2018
Chris Lynn gone!

Chris Lynn has to walk back after scoring 17 runs from 13 balls. Taken by Bumrah at short fine leg. Lynn went for the pull but doesn't loft it well and only makes it a simple catch for Bumrah. Check for no ball? Safely in. 

18:12 (IST) 06 May 2018

KKR dealing in boundaries. Consecutive boundaries now for Lynn. One to fine leg and then to deep mid-wicket. Bulleting away!

18:11 (IST) 06 May 2018

McClenaghan from the other end and the start is with yet another boundary. Too full and outside off, Gill gets forward and drives it towards the non-striker end for a four!

18:10 (IST) 06 May 2018

WOWZA! That's a gorgeous delivery! Four byes is the result, though. Cuts back in sharply and Lynn tried to play it down but beaten for pace. Same for Ishan Kishan behind the stumps.

18:09 (IST) 06 May 2018

Slower one from Bumrah and it is back of length, Lynn spots it and gets on top of the bounce to punch it towards cover for four. Much more like it!

18:08 (IST) 06 May 2018

Jasprit Bumrah with a good start to his spell. Short ball and Chris Lynn players away from his body to not get any control on it. Takes a thick outside edge and goes away for a four towards second slip. 

18:04 (IST) 06 May 2018
Chris Lynn and Shubman Gill open

Shubman Gill has been promoted up the order in place of Sunil Narine. He joins Chris Lynn at the other end. MI start their 181-run defence with McClenaghan. Two runs from the first over

17:46 (IST) 06 May 2018
MI finish on 181/4

Mumbai Indians finish on 181/4 - shorter than they would have expected considering the start they made with Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis. Single to end the innings by Pandya after attempting yet another big hit

17:45 (IST) 06 May 2018

Low full toss by Krishna and Pandya misses it completely. The bat goes flying away. DK collects the ball and tries to run him out but misses the run out chance. No run in the end

17:44 (IST) 06 May 2018

Prasidh Krishna trying to bowl full and outside the off stump to Hardik Pandya but the MI batsman gets the under edge and it goes away for another boundary. 

17:43 (IST) 06 May 2018

Hardik Pandya goes for a big heave to a slower delivery but gets the outside edge and it goes away to the third man region for a boundary

17:41 (IST) 06 May 2018
Prasidh Krishna to bowl final over

IPL debutant Prasidh Krishna tasked to bowl the final over of the inning. And he starts off with a lovely bouncer to Duminy. The left hander goes for the pull but good pace on it to beat him

17:39 (IST) 06 May 2018

JP Duminy sends it soaring for a six! It goes 75m and the fielder on the boundary can only see it go over his head into the stands. Back of a length by Narine and Duminy creates a little room for himself to muscle it over deep mid-wicket. 

17:38 (IST) 06 May 2018
MI 158/4 after 18 overs

Mumbai Indians need a big push in the last 12 balls. They are 158/4 and Hardik can certainly create an impact at this point. JP Duminy at the other end

17:29 (IST) 06 May 2018
Krunal Pandya gone

Krunal Pandya walks back after scoring 14 runs from 11 balls. Similar kind of delivery as the last one and similar kind of shot but this time it doesn't have the distance and contact on it to beat Shubman Gill at long on. 

17:28 (IST) 06 May 2018

Sunil Narine with the back of length delivery and Krunal Pandya rocks on to the back of the crease to power it past the boundary rope for a six

17:27 (IST) 06 May 2018

11 runs from the Prasidh Krishna over. Krishna offers length outside the off stump and Pandya cracks the cut square on the off-side. On the last ball of the over, Pandya shuffles and paddles the ball over the short fine leg just by using the pace of the ball

17:23 (IST) 06 May 2018
5 overs to go

After 15 overs, Mumbai Indians are 132/3 with Krunal Pandya joining brother Hardik into the middle. Krunl on 5 and Hardik on 12

17:16 (IST) 06 May 2018
Suryakumar Yadav gone!

Suryakumar Yadav walks back after a solid knock of 59 runs from 39 balls. Andre Russell strikes. Russell removes a well-set but visibly tired Suryakumar. Short of length delivery outside the off stump and tries to play it down towards third man but gets a thin edge behind to DK. 

17:15 (IST) 06 May 2018
SKY drained

Much needed strategic time out for Suryakumar Yadav. MI are 126/2 in 14 overs

17:09 (IST) 06 May 2018

One handed six by Pandya! Tossed up on the off stump, Pandya uses his reach to get to the ball and loses one hand from the willow but plenty of strong on the one hand to loft it over long-off for a six!

17:07 (IST) 06 May 2018

And looks like heat can't stop Suryakumar Yadav either. Piyush Chawla bowls it short and outside off, SKY spanks it over Narine and he gets fingertips to it but not enough to stop the boundary

17:06 (IST) 06 May 2018

Suryakumar Yadav is clearly feeling the heat. The physio and couple of substitutes come on between the overs to help him cool down. Has a cold towel wrapped around his shoulders and some fluids being sipped too. Jersey completely drenched in sweat but he will continue

16:59 (IST) 06 May 2018
Rohit Sharma gone!

Rohit Sharma walks back after scoring 11 runs from 11 balls. The MI skipper is disappointed to find the substitute Rinku Singh at the boundary rope and he should be. On the three instances where Rohit has gone past 20 this season, MI have won. Not this time with the score at least. Rohit fails to get underneath the full ball and the sweep is not kept down the ground. Top edges it towards Rinku at deep mid-wicket. Comfortable take. 

16:57 (IST) 06 May 2018

Fifty for SKY from 31 balls. His fourth this season. Promoted to the top of the order and he's made the most of this opportunity. Waves his beat as he runs across for a single

16:54 (IST) 06 May 2018
100-up for MI

Halfway stage, MI 95/1 after 10 overs. Suryakumar Yadav on 48, Rohit Sharma on 2. Rohit Sharma takes the tally along with a glorious boundary through covers and follows it up with a single from a fumble. It has a bit of yes/no between the MI players but complete the run in the end. And that brings up the 100-run stand 

16:47 (IST) 06 May 2018
Evin Lewis gone!

Evin Lewis walks back for 43 runs from 28 balls and he has been sent back by fellow West Indies player Andre Russell with a smart bit of bowling.  Just the breakthrough KKR needed. A slower delivery off the back of the hand and Lewis goes early into the shot. Attacks it but only gets an outside edge to Lynn at short third man. 91-run stand has been broken.

16:40 (IST) 06 May 2018

Talk about sheer luck! Nitish Rana spots Evin backing away to create room and fires in a yorker. Lewis gets his bat down just in time to avoid being bowled but it takes the bottom end of the bat and runs away to third man for a four. How did that not hit the stumps? 

16:34 (IST) 06 May 2018

This has gone many a miles off Suryakumar Yadav's bat! SKY makes good use of his foot, comes down and gets close to the pitch of the ball and hammers it into the deep mid wicket stands. FETCH THAT!

16:28 (IST) 06 May 2018

Evin Lewis continues the carnage with back-to-back boundaries. Lewis goes after the delivery and lofts it over the cover region for a boundary. That brings up the fifty run stand. Next ball, another googly and this time Lewis had no idea about it. Yet, gets the outside edge while trying to block and it goes away to the third man region. 14 runs from the over. MI 56/0 after power play overs

16:26 (IST) 06 May 2018

Piyush Chawla starts with a gift for Evin Lewis! Juice, loopy full toss by Piyush and that has been crucified! Evin moves slightly towards the off stump and smacks it over deep square leg. BRUTAL!

16:25 (IST) 06 May 2018

Just three runs from the first four balls off Krishna and then Evin Lewis smacks him for a six. Short delivery from Krishna and Lewis is ready for it! Stays in his crease and pulls it over backward square leg

16:20 (IST) 06 May 2018

After just one run from the first balls off the Sunil Narine, Evin Lewis gets back-to-back boundaries. Converts a good over for KKR into a decent over for MI. Nothing really wrong with the deliveries but Evin getting touch of luck on the first and then sends it to the left of the cover fielder

IPL Live MI vs KKR IPL 2018 Live, MI vs KKR: Mumbai Indians' Rohit Sharma and Krunal Pandya against KXIP. (Source: PTI)

IPL 2018 Live, MI vs KKR: Mumbai Indians come into the match against Kolkata Knight Riders having made a bold statement in the win against Kings XI Punjab in Indore. Rohit Sharma and Krunal Pandya got the defending champions MI over the line on Friday to move up to fifth in the IPL table. The win kept MI's slim chances of qualifying for the playoffs alive. Now they need five wins in five to safely move into the knockout stages.

On the other side, Kolkata Knight Riders made a statement of their own by beating Chennai Super Kings with ease at the Eden Gardens. The comfortable win for Dinesh Karthik-led KKR against the team to beat this season expressed how KKR can be a difficult team to beat even after a collapse at the top. Shubman Gill, one of the members of India's U19 World Cup winning side, came to the fore to make amends for letting go of a simple MS Dhoni catch.

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