FC Goa and Mumbai City FC play out goalless draw: As it happened

Both sides couldn't find a way past the opposition's defence and played out a goalless draw.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 16, 2016 9:04 pm
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The game started off with FC Goa showcasing their constantly improving form and executing some brilliant attacking moves. Mumbai City Fc id well to hold them off and were looking dangerous themselves whenever they could break on the counter.

This quality was missing in the seconde half as bith sets of players started getting tired and frustrated. Thorughout the match, though, quality in the final third was missing. This, alongwith superb performances from both goalkeepers meant that we have another goalless draw in this year’s ISL. Mumbai City FC will certainly be more happy than FC Goa as the latter’s semi final prospects have taken a serious hit with the two dropped points.

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Build Up

The race for the semi-final spots is heating up. Mumbai City FC’s chances are far better than that of FC Goa but this ISL season has shown that predicting a winner before the start of any match is foolhardy.

FC Goa’s first victory of the season came against the team that they are hosting today and their stunning victory against NorthEast United in their previous match means that Alexandre Guimaraes’ side face a pumped up unit.

“We are still in a good position but the defeat is a reminder for us that it will not be so easy to get into the semi-finals and that we will have to play well and fight very hard to get the points to get us there and I am pretty sure the players know the situation and try harder in the next game,” said Mumbai City coach Alexandre Guimaraes.

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This is how the two managers have arranged their pieces:

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Early danger for Mumbai City FC seens off by Khongjee when FC Goa put a ball forward and Robin tried to come in from behind. The resulting corner was cleared by Mumbai City FC. Both sides look to be playing on the counter with the corner being followed straightaway by a Mumbai attack.

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Mumbai City FC got the first shot of the match on the target when Defederico cut in from the right into the box. He lost the ball but it came straight to Sunil Chettri who took the shot. It was saved by the FC Goa goalkeeper.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20167:15 pm

Rafael skipped past a defendor and charged at the Mumbai goal and took the shot. It was blocked and the danger was quelled. Goa looking more and more dangerous in attack.

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Richarlyson took a free kick from near the touchline on the right flank. The ball soared over the goalpost and went into the stands. Zico, visibly upset by it.

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The crowd have filled up the Fatorda stadium and are making a din. The cheers seem to be motivating them as Goa are looking the better team right now. They get another free kick when Mandar was brought down on the left of the box. It was swung in low and was cleared away.

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FC Goa had a fantastic shot at goal. Raju retrieved the ball from the midfield and passed it to Romeo, who charged down the right and got into the box. Goian kept the pressure on him because of which Romeo couldn’t keep the shot on target and it remains 0-0 after 20 minutes

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Romeo causing all sorts of problems for Mumbai. He again charged into the box and the goalkeeper forced him to put it out for a corner.

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It was Mumbai City’s chance to threaten the Goa box. Chettri made an incisive pass to Diego Forlan who could not keep the shot on target.

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A little stoppage in play when FC Goa’s Rafael needed some medical attention. It isn’t clear where he got the knock from but he has gone off the field and the game resumes. 30 minutes have gone and Goa have impressed with their attacking moves. No deciding goal yet, though.

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Gregory Arnolin was blocking the goalkeeper’s view intentionally as he tried to set up a wall as Richarlyson stood ready to take a freekick. It came to nothing as Richarlyson made another dreadful shot that came nowhere near the goal. Doesn’t Goa have anyone else for set pieces?

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20167:38 pm

Soni Norde takes a shot from a long way out and it was off target. The build up was good with Norde doing a little one-two with Defederico. If he had decided to pass it back to the winger, it may have resulted in something better.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20167:39 pm

Diego Forlan shows what he can do. It was a long way off from goal but he found some space and decided to take the shot. The ball lasered towards goal and was touched out by the goalkeeper’s finger tips.

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Half Time!! FC Goa 0-0 Mumbai City FC

It is a bit of a stalemate at the end of the first half and the match has been typical of other matches we have seen in this year’s ISL. FC Goa have made good passes and have done well to keep the ball moving in the midfield but they have been below par when it came to the final product.

Because of this Mumbai have not faced many uncomfortable situations but they have also been guilty of pulling the trigger too quickly instead of attempting to build up an attack. The first is as much a story of missed opportunities as it is of good defending.

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Forlan having a go:

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:12 pm

Back to back corners for FC Goa as they keep the pressure on Mumbai City FC. Richarlyson has been running from one side of the goal to the other as Goa kept knocking. None of them did much to duisturbe the Mumbai goal and finally, Mumbai come off the hook.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:14 pm

Mumbai City FC could have gone ahead when Diego Forlan swung in freekick. The connection was made from the delivery but the ball was headed off target.

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The second half has been all about corners and free kicks so far. The game hasn’t been as fluent as it was in the first half. Zico trying to increase his team’s potency in attack by bringing on Trindade and Joffre.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:20 pm

Yet again, Mumbai City’s Soni Norde deciding to shoot from an ambitious distance instead of building an attack. The ball takes a deflection and the Goa defendor manages to keep it in.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:23 pm

Sunil Chettri of all people! Gregory lost the ball to Forlan inside the box who passed it bac to Sunil Chettri who faced an almost empty net. He looked to take the shot first time and missed the ball. He got a chance on the ball again but by that time, the goalkeeper and defendors were in position. It was a gift and it was not taken.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:25 pm

Mumbai City FC attacking more now. Diego Forlan managed to get to a ball that was passed into the box. The goalkeeper came and palmed it away. Before this Soni Norde made a promising run before taking a shot from just outside the box that soared over goal.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:31 pm

End to end now as both the teams having a go at each other’s defence. But quality in the fianl third has been absent and that has to be the reason why we haven’t seen a goal yet. Players are looking tired now and a goal might be the result of a mistake made by the defensive side.

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Gerson Vieira stretchered off the field but no movement in the Mumbai bench means he comes back after receiving some treatment. Julio Caesar made a fantasic through ball to the left wing to Mandar. Mandar managed to make the cross which was cleared off.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:40 pm

Diego Forlan looking frustrated. He has take two shots of which one went over the goal while the other was picked by the goalkeeper. Goa charged down the other side and Julio Cesar tried to find some space inside the box but was eventually stopped.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:43 pm

Sunil Chettri found some space as he dribbled past Gregory and tookk the shot. Kattimani dived to his left and palmed the ball away.

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It seems we might not see a goal today. All the quality that the two sides showed in the first half has now evaporated and the players are just swinging their feet on the ball desperately trying to find an opening.

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Julio Cesar’s free kick takes a deflection and the resulting corner didn’t produce anything. 90 minutes have gone and four more have been added on and Julio Cesar seems to be the man that Goa is depending on to put them ahead.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:53 pm

A fantastic ball cut the Mumbai defence and Julio Cesar just needed a touch to find the back of the net. He took the shot and the goalkeeper, sensationally, made the save.

rohitmundayurie November 16, 20168:58 pm

Full Time!! FC Goa 0-0 Mumbai City FC

The two goalkeepers have been the standout performers in this match. Both sides lost ther quality after 85 minutes as tiredness set in but they also had fantastic chances to go in front.

Sunil Chettri will be disappointing about his missed chance when he could not convert a sitter after a mistake from Gregory allowed Forlan to get on the ball in the Goa box.

FC Goa probably had their best chance in the form of Julio Cesar well into stoppage time and Mumbai City goalkeeper Amrinder saved the day for his side with a fantastic save from almost pointblank range.