Atletico de Kolkata edge past FC Goa: As it happened

A breathless encounter at the Fatorda stadium ended in disappointment for the home side.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 24, 2016 9:05 pm
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Atletico de Kolkata have got away with this one as they were facing a team that needed to win this match no matter what. It is because of this that they found themselves in that rare position of attacking a goal defended by one player and the goalkeeper.

They have been guilty of not being able to seal games and getting into defensive mode too early in the second half, allowing the opposition to put them, under pressure. FC Goa showed good fight today, but theis defeat means that it will now take a miracle for them to have a chance at a semi-final spot.

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Build Up

It has been some time since Atletico de Kolkata have won a match. They haven’t tasted victory in four matches and have got the full three points only once in their past six matches.

Their overall record, though, is better than FC Goa, which is no consolation as Goa’s season seems to have fallen off a cliff right from the beginning. It’s one of the peculiarities of this season that both the finalists of ISL 2015 are currently at the foot of the table, facing a possibility of finishing their season on 4th December itself.

“The teams realise the competition, so they don’t open too much. They play a little more at the back and wait for the counter-attack. I think our team just needed to adjust our aim, we had so many opportunities in so many games,” said Zico.

Zico is likely to adopt an attacking formation against Atletico de Kolkata, although history has recorded that FC Goa have never defeated the visitors since the start of ISL in 2014. Atletico de Kolkata knocked out Goa in the semi-finals of the first edition and went on to become champions. With Jose Molina in charge, the team looks even stronger.

With three matches left to be played, Atletico de Kolkata are placed third with 15 points from 11 matches and Molina will have to inspire his team to a win, rather than the three draws they have pocketed in the last three matches, including defending champions Chennaiyin FC.

“We wanted to win (against Chennaiyin) and we put our full energy trying to win but it’s okay. We have got one point and it is always good to add points. Yes, we prefer to win but with this point we are third on the table and we have just got to continue to keep fighting and trying to win,” said Molina.

Molina did not field ISL’s highest goal-scorer Iain Hume for the last clash due to a slight niggle and the Canadian striker is expected to be fit for the Goa clash. South African midfielder Sameehg Doutie has missed two matches in a row and his return, along with centre-back Henrique Sereno, will be crucial for the visitors.

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Here are the team line-ups:

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10′ gone Kolkata 0-0 FC Goa

Kolkata had the best chance of match but it was foiled by a brilliant save from Goa keeper Kattimani. A few minutes later, Javi Lara’s shot was saved by another sharp dive to the right by Kattimani. It has been a positive start from both sides.

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14′ gone Goa 0-0 ATK
It was a good attacking move from FC Goa as they countered from an ATK corner. Trindade got the ball not far from the halfway mark in the Goa half and let it fly. The ball soared above the goal post leading to a collective sigh from the Fatorda. Quite an audacious attept that.

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15′ gone, Helder Postiga with a kick on one of the opposition players. He had no eye on the ball and the challenge was out of frustration more than anything else. The Portuguese is lucky that he got only a yellow for that.

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24′ gone FC Goa 0-0 ATK

Javi Lara takes the corner and it is cleared away by the defendor. The game then shifted to the other end and FC Goa got their first corner of the game. It wasn’t the best of corners and it came to Coelho who had to take a volley on the turn. He caught t on his shin and the ball went wide.

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GOAL!! FC Goa 0-0 Atletico de Kolkata (Belencoso 27′)

Ruidas provided and inch-perfect cross into the box. It wasn’t defended well at all and Belencoso almost got a free header. He made no mistake in making sure it stayed on target. Atletico de Kolkata rewarded for their early dominance.

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GOAL!! FC Goa 0-1 Atletico de Kolkata (Belencoso 27′)

Ruidas provided and inch-perfect cross into the box. It wasn’t defended well at all and Belencoso almost got a free header. He made no mistake in making sure it stayed on target. Atletico de Kolkata rewarded for their early dominance.

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36′ Gone FC Goa 0-1 ATK

FC Goa made an attack and the ball came to Romeo Fernandes from just outside the box. He took the shot which went just wide. It has been one of the rare attacks we have seen from the home side since they conceded

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37′ gone, Another chance for FC Goa, this time it was Joffre who took the shot. It was about a yard off from the left hand side of goal.

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HALF TIME!! FC Goa 0-1 Atletico de Kolkata

FC Goa started pushing just before the half time whistle and we have seen before that ATK have conceded in the face of continous pressure. Goa will be hoping not to concede yet again as would mean game over for them. The other thing they need to avoid is giving flat corners.

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This was the goal:

rohitmundayurie November 24, 20168:11 pm

50′ gone Goa 0-1 Kolkata

It was a threatening cross that came into the far post and the Atletico de Kolkata tried to clear it. The ball ended up hitting the post and then went out of play. That woudl have been quite an own goal

rohitmundayurie November 24, 20168:21 pm

60′ gone, FC Goa 0-1 Atletico de Kolkata

Belencoso got clear on goal but Kattimani some how made the save, Judging by the number of chances he has had, Belencoso should have had a aht trick today. Lots of missed chances for boith sides.

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63′ gone, FC Goa 0-1 Atletico de Kolkata

FC Goa needs a proper centre forward and Zico seems to realise that as Robin Singh waits at the touchline. It was a peculiar situation when Coelho was waiting to receive a pass from Joffre when he suddenly went down, asking for a foul. It was righ at the edge of the bxoa nd the referee didn’t see much in it.

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67′ gone FC Goa 0-1 Atletico De Kolkata

Romeo Fernandes with a kick from outside the box. He got under the ball aiming at the top corner at the far post. The ball went just wide. The goalkeeper was beaten and it would have been in had it been on target. Romeo has been one of the more dangerous players for FC Goa

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70′ gone FC Goa 0-1 Atletico de Kolkata

Goa attacks are becoming more frequent. Robin Singh managed to get a shot on target but it was straight down the goalkeeper’s throat. It was answered by a Kolkata attack with Belencoso in yards of space in the box. He had to turn around and take it on the voleey which he didn’t, the ball came to Borja Fernandes who hit it wide.

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75′ Gone FC Goa 0-1 Atletico de Kolkata

It was a corner and the ball fell lose in the box. Coelho lays on to it and the shot is way above the goalpost. On the sodelines, Kolkata keeper Majumder was knocked aside by Joffre. Majumder went back to him raising his fist and then went down to the ground clutching his head when Joffre seemed to jsut touch him on the face. All unnecessary, both lucky not to be booked.

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GOAL!! FC Goa 1-1 Atletico de Kolkata (Mandarrao 80′)

Kolkata make the same mistake again. They had clearly stopped their attacks and let Goa put them under pressure. In the end Goa’s efforts were rewarded as Mandarrao received from a fair distance away from goal and fired a shot in. The goalkeeper was beaten and the ball went in. Goa need one more to keep their semi final hopes alive.

rohitmundayurie November 24, 20168:46 pm

87′ gone, FC Goa 1-1 ATK
Wave after wave of Goa attacks and Kolkata some how hold on. ATK finally managed a rare counter. Pearson took the shot and Kattimani managed to dive and make the save. He is a big reason why ATK haven’t been able to extend their lead.

rohitmundayurie November 24, 20168:52 pm

GOAL!! FC Goa 1-2 Atletico de Kolkata

FC Goa committed almost all men forward and they foudn themselves hopelessly outnumbered in an attack. Sammehg Doutie simply had to pass it to Pearson who carressed it into the net. Game over for Goa

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Full Time!! FC Goa 1-2 Atletico de Kolkata

FC Goa had to win this match and they committed everyone forward after they scored the equaliser. ATK only needed to regain possession and when they did so the first time, Sameehg Doutie was the man on the ball and he had three other team mates with him with just Gregory the man at the back for Goa. He could have passed it to anyone for a tap in goal but went for it himself and the ball came off the post.

He seemed to have learned from his mistake though as the second time, he did pass it to Pearson who tucked it into goal. You have to feel for Goa as they were arguably the better side in the second half. If not for a miracle, they are now out opf the race for the semi finals