How to follow the World Cup on Twitter

Using Twitter, fans and players can discuss all the World Cup action, leave comments and express views.

New Delhi | Published on:June 9, 2014 10:25 pm

With just 3 days to go for the 2014 @FIFAWorldCup in Brazil the conversation on Twitter is heating up. In fact, there have already been more World Cup-related Tweets this year than during the entire 2010 edition.

While the teams vie for the #WorldCup on the pitch, fans and followers will engage on Twitter, discussing all the action as it happens and expressing their views and supporting their favorite teams.  Twitter will feature real-time updates from teams, players, coaches, journalists, celebrities and fans. It will be a global viewing party where fans can experience every second of the World Cup, on and off the pitch.

The Twitter XI

If Twitter users were picking an XI out of the most-mentioned player Twitter handles in the past three months, the team would look like this:


World Cup teams

Thirty of the 32 nations competing in this year’s World Cup have official accounts on Twitter. You can follow all thirty here; this graphic shows the top six most followed teams:


World Cup players

More than 300 of the players from the 32 competing nations are on Twitter, with representatives of all the competing teams having a presence on the platform – follow them here. The top six most followed players at the 2014 World Cup are:


Follow your favourite country teams and players on Twitter

Twitter and football go hand-in-hand- 90% of Indian users use Twitter for something related to football-so Indian fans can easily use Twitter to follow their favorite national teams and players during the #WorldCup. Here are some interesting Tweets related to the FIFA World Cup from the start of the year to now.

Players also used Twitter to share pictures and express their views.  

Breaking news

Twitter is increasingly used as a tool for breaking news and sharing of exclusive content. Many of the country teams announced their initial and final rosters first on Twitter before anywhere else. In fact, 57% of football fans in India said that news breaks fastest on Twitter.


Fans, players, journalists and official team twitter pages will be tweeting using official hashtags for the 2014 World Cup  which are #WorldCup and #Brazil2014.

Official accounts

The organizers too have taken to the platform and will be tweeting from the following official verified accounts:
@FifaWorldCup – The official source for all things World Cup
@Fifacom – Follow for news from the international football federation
@Brazuca – The official match ball

Twitter and Sport

Twitter is the second screen to TV broadcast. It creates a space for live commentary, previews and reactions from fans and experts alike, across sports. Recent global research from @Nielsen reveals that:

50% of Tweets about TV in 2013 were related to sports
492 million Tweets sent in 2013 were about sports events
12 of the top 20 tweeted events on Twitter in 2013 were sporting events
There were 1.7 million Tweets about the World Cup draw globally in two hours

In India specifically, …continued »

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