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Colombia: The football of abstinence

Colombia's legendary midfielder Carlos Valderrama has spoken in favour of having sex, saying it helps to relax the players. (Source: AP File) Colombia's legendary midfielder Carlos Valderrama has spoken in favour of having sex during the World Cup, saying it helps in relaxing the players. (Source: AP File)
Written by Mihir Vasavda | Updated: June 7, 2014 10:46 am

A moral war of sorts has broken out in Colombia. A few months ago, their much-revered coach Jose Pekerman insisted that the team should stay away from any ‘impediments’ during the World Cup. In other words, he ordered his players to stay away from their wives and girlfriends and not have sex during the tournament. Just like his Mexican counterpart.

It was all ok until Carlos Valderrama spoke out. The legendary midfielder has spoken in favour of the act, saying it helps relaxing the players. “If we’d had sex during the World Cup, it would’ve been better. We would have relaxed after games—especially after defeats. It’s total relaxation. It’s not an impediment. It should be quiet, cool, without inventing crazy poses,” Valderama said.

A couple of weeks ahead of the World Cup, the big debate is whether players should have sex in Brazil taking some focus off Radamel Falcao’s inability to get fit in time for the Cup.

Despite the deabte the veteran Argentine tactician has acquired such legendary status in Colombia that the country’s president offered him nationality and proposed to name a road after him.

It’s hardly surprising that Pekerman has received such adulation. Colombia might not have had to travel far to reach Brazil but they have had to overcome several adversities to qualify. And one wonders if they would have managed sans Pekerman. He was appointed as a coach when it looked near certain that Colombia would miss the World Cup yet again. Leonel Alvarez, his predecessor, was sacked after he could managed just four points from the first three matches in a tough group. Once Pekerman took charge, Colombia won eight of the next 13 matches to finish second in the nine-team group, only two points behind Argentina.

They have qualified for the first time since 1998 and replaced Valderrama, Higuita, Escobar and Maturana with new icons like Falcao, James, Teofilo, and Pekerman. Considered to be the dark horses, it shouldn’t be surprising to see them go deep into the tournament.

First Published on: June 7, 201412:13 am
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