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Srini shouldn’t take charge of ICC: Ehsan Mani

Former ICC president Ehsan Mani has questioned the position of N Srinivasan as ICC’s chairman-designate. (Reuters) Former ICC president Ehsan Mani believes that it would be inappropriate if Srinivasan takes charge of ICC. (Reuters)
Written by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Updated: March 26, 2014 10:51 am

Following the Supreme Court’s observations, former ICC president Ehsan Mani has questioned the position of N Srinivasan as ICC’s chairman-designate. Srinivasan is set to take over as the ICC’s first chairman in June, a few months after the world body finalised the BCCI-backed ICC reform package. Speaking to The Indian Express, Mani said that the BCCI needed to have a rethink on India’s representative to the ICC. Excerpts:

Do you think Srinivasan’s position as ICC’s chairman-designate has become untenable?

It would be totally inappropriate if he takes charge of the ICC. If India’s apex court doesn’t think that it is appropriate for him to run the BCCI, how can he be the right man to lead the ICC?

Do you see other Full-Member Countries and the Associates raising their voice against Srinivasan?

If Mr Srinivasan steps down from the BCCI and withdraws himself from the ICC, then we would appreciate his decision. If he doesn’t do the honourable thing, then it becomes the BCCI’s prerogative to withdraw him. As I’ve said, how can he take charge of the ICC if his position in his own cricket board becomes untenable? And if the BCCI doesn’t prevent him from going to the ICC, then I expect the other members to act accordingly.

Should the ICC review the proposed changes after this development?

Look, I was always against the changes. The structural overhaul gives power to just three countries and other members, especially the Associates and Affiliates, are marginalised. I’d like the ICC to reconsider the proposed changes.

As a former president, what would be your suggestions to the ICC?

My suggestions would be to put the changes on hold and place the position paper before an independent panel for assessment rather than allowing India, England and Australia to have the last word.

First Published on: March 26, 20142:09 am
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