Ramachandra Guha resignation letter: Must end superstar culture, conflict of interest in BCCI

Ramachandra Guha in his resignation letter raises the issue of how Dhoni was a captain of the team while “holding a stake in a firm that represented some current India players”. “This [superstar culture] must stop – and only we can stop it.”

Written by Sriram Veera | New Delhi | Updated: June 2, 2017 4:40 pm
Ramachandra Guha, in his resignation letter, also brings up the need to increase the fee of domestic cricketers.

Ramachandra Guha has come down heavily on the superstar culture prevalent in Indian cricket and detailed out his angst at the inability of the Supreme Court appointed committee to crack down on the various conflicts of interest that plague the system. In his resignation letter, he also brings up the need to increase the fee of domestic cricketers, and laments the absence of a male cricketer in the COA, but it’s the superstardom and allied conflict of interests that irks him the most.

Guha cites the example of Sunil Gavaskar who heads the PMG company which manages cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan to Rishabh Pant, and continues to work as BCCI commentator. “Either he must step down/withdraw himself from PMG completely or stop being a commentator for BCCI.” Likewise, Guha points out the case of MS Dhoni, who has retired from Test cricket, but continues to be placed in the Grade 1 category of national contracts. Guha believes its “indefensible on cricketing grounds, and sends absolutely the wrong message”. Full text: Ramachandra Guha’s resignation letter to BCCI Committee of Administrators chief Vinod Rai

He also raises the issue of how Dhoni was a captain of the team while “holding a stake in a firm that represented some current India players”. “This [superstar culture] must stop – and only we can stop it.” It’s obvious from the rest of his mail that he believes COA hasn’t done much to stop it.

Guha doesn’t name Rahul Dravid but it’s clear that he is being referenced in the case of coaches who work with national team for 10 months and are mentor of an IPL team for the other two months. Dravid is India A and U-19 coach, who worked as mentor of Delhi IPL team. “This was done in an adhoc and arbitrary manner the more famous the former player-turned-coach, the more likely was the BCCI to allow him to draft his own contract that left loopholes that he exploited to dodge the conflict of interest issue,” Guha writes.

Guha feels Anil Kumble, India’s coach, has been unfairly treated despite a good year at the helm. He blasts the BCCI CEO Rahul Johri and BCCI office bearers for being “extremely insensitive and unprofessional” in the way they handled it, and also pins blames on COA for its “silence and inaction”.

Guha also warns about giving untrammeled power to the players. “Current Indian players enjoy a veto power on who can be the members of the commentary team. If it is to be coaches next, then perhaps the selectors and even office-bearers will follow?”

Ramachandra Guha Resignation Letter to Shri Vinod Rai by The Indian Express on Scribd

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  1. G
    Jun 2, 2017 at 8:39 pm
    The chickens are coming home to roost. We will soon learn that the holier than thou judiciary run cricket is no better than earlier incantations. For over 70 years we have seen that judges don't understand the law and care not one bit about the cons ution. Now we see that they are incapable of administration also. Let us all learn that the there are no shortcuts to ins utional reform and just because an overreaching judiciary coming up with arbitrary reforms will only make things far worse.
    1. O
      Jun 2, 2017 at 6:22 pm
      Yes, the superstar culture has to be hit for a big six.
      1. S
        Jun 2, 2017 at 6:14 pm
        Good riddance. He qas the architect of India's surrender at ICC monkey business. Indian cricket is where it us because of people he is criticizing, not because of clowns like him.
        1. B
          Jun 2, 2017 at 6:00 pm
          The rot has set in the system over a period of time. The system should provide enough resilience and box some of the stars and show them their place.
          1. T
            Jun 2, 2017 at 5:42 pm
            Bravo IE for publishing full text of Ramachandra Guha's resignation letter. points raised by Guha need to answered. Sunil Gavaskar is a great batsman no doubt but he maintained silence about wrong doings of Srinivasan, Arun Jhoot Lie etc and for this he earned huge income from media channels as commentrator because BCCI had arm twisted media channels to utilise services of Sunil Gavaskar at huge fees.
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