Pakistan beat West Indies by 59 runs, win series 2-0: As it happened

Pakistan go from a convincing T20 series win against West Indies to a first ODI series win in the UAE.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 3, 2016 1:04 am
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Pakistan wrapped up the ODI series in convincing fashion – much the same way they did the T2oI series – against the West Indies in the UAE on Sunday after a 59 run win. The win gives Pakistan a 2-0 win in the three-match ODI series.

West Indies have had a poor show in the UAE and that run continued when first they conceded 337 runs and then with a big target to chase, lost wickets without hurting the scoreboard. Babar Azam once again produced the goods with the bat for Pakistan, scoring a second century in a row and found good support from Shoaib Malik who scored 90.

Late on, Sarfraz Ahmed upped the scoring level with a quick 60 from 47 balls.

In response, Darren Bravo (61) and Kraigg Brathwaite (39) tried to give their side the momentum with a 89 run stand for the second wicket. But with Brathwaite’s dismissal, that continuity was lost.

Marlon Samuels tried to give some edge to the West Indies batting with a 57 but in the end, it was for a lost cause.

Tanuj Lakhina October 3, 201612:30 am

Four runs from the final over and West Indies finish on 278/7. Pakistan win by 59 runs to win the three-match ODI series 2-0

Tanuj Lakhina October 3, 201612:25 am

GONE! Imad Wasim strikes and Kieron Pollard is gone. Skies it and it is taken by Shoaib Malik on the boundary. West Indies are 273/7

Tanuj Lakhina October 3, 201612:12 am

Five overs to go and West Indies are 251/6. Required rate has now climbed to over 17 an over.

Tanuj Lakhina October 3, 201612:06 am

Imad Wasim’s over results in 11 runs for the West Indies and they move along to 244/6. Need 94 from 36 balls. Big, big ask!

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201611:59 pm

RUN OUT! Splendid work by Wahab Riaz to catch Carlos Brathwaite short at the non-striker’s end. Tried to steal a single but the ball didn’t travel much and Wahab does a great job to complete run up and pick up the ball to hit the stumps. West Indies are 231/6

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201611:42 pm

BOWLED! Denesh Ramdin goes for a slog but a thick bottom edge topples the leg stump and West Indies are 209/5. Need 129 from 64 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201611:37 pm

Kieron Pollard pushes it on to the on side and brings up the 200 for West Indies in the 39th over.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:51 pm

RUN OUT! Darren Bravo and Marlon Samuels try to steal a single but Bravo’s hesitation results in a run out and West Indies lose a set batsman. Hasan Ali, the bowler, with a spot on throw and West Indies are 127/3. Bravo goes for 61 from 74 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:43 pm

SIX! Darren Bravo’s onslaught on left arm spinners continues as Imad Wasim gets smacked for a big six. Stays inside his crease and plays through with a well timed shot and it goes sailing into the crowd. West Indies are 121/2 after 27 overs

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:21 pm

SIX! Darren Bravo sends the ball flying on to the roof of the stadium and it brings up the 100 for West Indies in 23 overs. That’s gone a staggering 110 metres and it also brings up Bravo’s 50 from 56 balls.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:15 pm

RUN OUT! Mix-up and Kraigg Brathwaite goes back for 39. Tries to steal a single but Bravo says no. Brathwaite is caught short by Mohammad Nawaz at the striker’s end. Pakistan get the breakthrough that they needed and West Indies are 92/2

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:12 pm

DROPPED! Darren Bravo gets a top edge and Azhar Ali drops a sitter. The West Indies batsman gave up and didn’t even move from his crease. No run taken as Azhar Ali can only feel embarrassed as the replay is shown on the big screen.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:12 pm

SIX!! Darren Bravo smacks an overpitched Mohammad Nawaz delivery into the roof of the stadium! Just stands and swings through the line with incredible acceleration of the bat

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:07 pm

And that barren spell is ended by Kraigg Brathwaite who comes down the wicket to Shoaib Malik, bowling from around the wickets, and jabs it to the boundary. Desperate lunge on the rope but it isn’t saved

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 201610:05 pm

Boundaries drying up for West Indies. The last one came 34 balls ago and the required rate climbing to 8.41 now

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20169:31 pm

Kraigg Brathwaite with a little touch to push the ball down to third man and that brings up West Indies’ 50 from 11 overs

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20169:30 pm

West Indies are moving along without any glitches and scoring boundaries intermittently. Darren Bravo on 21 and Kraigg Brathwaite on 22

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20168:53 pm

GONE! Johnson Charles with a poor shot on a Mohammad Amir delivery that was way outside off. Charles goes for a lofted drive but gets the bottom of the bat and Imad Wasim takes a sitter at cover.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20168:52 pm

Johnson Charles and Kraigg Brathwaite are in the middle for West Indies’ chase of 338. A stat that won’t please the Caribbeaners: They’ve never chase 300 or over here.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20168:10 pm

Two boundaries in the final over by Sarfraz and 13 runs from the over help Pakistan to 337/5 in 50 overs. Another monumental ask for West Indies

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20168:07 pm

FIFTY! Sarfraz Ahmed brings up his fifty with a single. 50 from 43 balls and a crucial knock late on to add to West Indies’ woes

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20168:06 pm

BOWLED! Imad Wasim is bowled by Jason Holder and the off stump goes flying.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20167:52 pm

Sarfraz Ahmed is raising the roof late on in Sharjah. Hits four boundaries to Kieron Pollard to four different regions on the park. 19 runs from the over and Pakistan fans in the stands are dancing in joy – as they should! Pakistan clear the 300 mark. 308/4

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20167:41 pm

GONE! Babar Azam tries to clear the rope but finds Brathwaite and Alzarri Joseph has his second wicket. Gets a standing ovation from the fans in Sharjah. Pakistan are 282/4

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20167:33 pm

REVIEW! Carlos Brathwaite has Sarfraz Ahmed trapped and the West Indies are convinced that it was going on to hit the stumps. The review says the ball was going wide of the leg stump and umpire’s not out decision stands.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20167:27 pm

And the shackles are off for Babar Azam. The century is complete and the runs are now flowing. A pull over deep midwicket to Carlos Brathwaite results in a six

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20167:22 pm

HUNDRED! Babar Azam with a second hundred in a row. Easily pushes a full delivery towards long off and picks up a single. 100 from 111 balls.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20166:50 pm

GONE! Shoaib Malik fails to read the Sunil Narine delivery and gets a top edge and it is taken by Bravo. He goes for 90 from 84 and the 169 run stand is broken. Shoaib expected it to turn in but it went away from him and got the edge which is easily picked up.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20166:49 pm

SIX! Shaoib Malik is quick to pounce on an overpitched Sunil Narine delivery and sends it past the rope on the bounce. He’s reached 90 from 82 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20166:47 pm

Shaoib Malik’s single brings up Pakistan’s 200 and the partnership is soaring past the 200 mark

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20166:22 pm

SIX, SIX and SIX! Shoaib Malik has absolutely thumped Sulieman Benn out of the park. Getting down the ground and that ball has gone out of the stadium and is on to the road!

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20166:13 pm

FIFTY! Shoaib Malik dances down the track and smacks the ball straight for a four. Brings up his half century in 56 balls.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20166:10 pm

FIFTY! Babar Azam continues his good run of form with a drive down to long off for a single and completes his fifty in 60 balls. A hundred in the last game for Azam, can he make it two in two? West Indies bowlers don’t seem to be threatening too much.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20165:59 pm

Shoaib Malik upping the ante now. Sulieman Benn bearing the brunt of the onslaught. Jumps down the track and sends the ball sailing into the stands. Lovely movement of the feet beautiful balance to stay on top from the get go

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20165:52 pm

Babar Azam picks up a single with a gentle driver and that brings up Pakistan’s 100 at a loss of two wickets in the 19th over

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20165:39 pm

MIX UP! Babar Azam is slow to move as he stays at the crease admiring his shot meanwhile Shaoib Malik is off and moving on the non-striker’s end. There is a fielder in the deep though and Malik looks for a second but Azam sticks his hand out to send his teammate back. Malik rushes back and is safe. A second late and he would have been gone!

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20165:34 pm

SIX! Shaoib Malik steps down the track to Carlos Brathwaite and effortlessly sends the ball over the ropes.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20165:22 pm

At the end of ten overs, Pakistan are 55/2 with Babar Azam on 10 and Shaoib Malik on 4.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20165:00 pm

GONE! Sharjeel Khan follows Azhar Ali back to the pavilion. In just three balls, Pakistan have lost two wickets. Alzarri Joseph has his first ODI wicket as Sharjeel is taken by Holder at mid-on. Pakistan are 41/2

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20164:57 pm

GONE! Azhar Ali is caught plumb by Jason Holder and that’s the first Pakistan wicket gone. Azhar tries to play it across the line on to the on side but misses it completely and the umpire raises his finger. However, he’s not entirely convinced the after a quick chat, asks for a review and the replay confirms it would have hit middle. Decision stands. Pakistan are 40/1

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20164:48 pm

Sharjeel Khan is off to his usual flying start. Gets the first boundary of the match to Alzarri Joseph in the second over and now a four and a six to Jason Holder. And an overall expensive over by the West Indies skipper. 22 runs from it

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20164:37 pm

And we’re underway in Sharjah. Azhar Ali and Sharjeel Khan are in the middle and Jason Holder has the ball. The first over produces just a single run.

Tanuj Lakhina October 2, 20164:32 pm

Team changes:
No changes
West Indies: Shannon Gabriel has been ruled out with a sore neck and in his place comes Alzarri Joseph who makes his ODI debut

vinaysiwach October 2, 20164:15 pm

Playing XI for West Indies:

Kraigg Brathwaite, Johnson Charles, Darreb Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin, Kieron Pollard, Jason Holder, Carlos Brathwaite, Sunil Narine, Suleimann Benn, Alzarri Joseph

vinaysiwach October 2, 20164:14 pm

Playing XI for Pakistan:

Azhar Ali, Sharjeel Khan, Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed, M Nawaz, Imad Wasim, Mphammad Amir, Wahab Riaz, H Ali

vinaysiwach October 2, 20164:13 pm

West Indies have handed star of the Under-19 World Cup in Bangladesh last year Alzarri Joseph a debut in this ODI. He is replacing Shannon Gabriel who has a sore neck

Pakistan are unchanged

vinaysiwach October 2, 20164:09 pm


Pakistan win the toss and captain Azhar Ali has decided that they will bat first. They are leading the three match ODI series 1-0. Can they close it out today?

vinaysiwach October 2, 20163:56 pm

Pakistan maintained their strong foothold in the Middle East and against West Indies by beating the Caribbean outfit by 111 runs in the opening ODI in Sharjah. The win gives Pakistan a 1-0 lead in the three match series and picks up from their dominance in the T20 series. The match was stopped for nearly an hour as a cable problem caused the floodlights to stop functioning properly. However, that resulted in only one over reduced from each side’s allotted overs.

West Indies once again without the batting masterclass of Chris Gayle succumbed to the Pakistani spin attack and never really looked to be in contention to chase the home side’s 285 which could have been even more.
Sharjeel Khan struck 54 but the heroics of the day, as far as the batting goes, belong to Babar Azam who scored 120 from 131 balls to keep Pakistan ticking and then pressed the accelerator at will.

In their defence, Pakistan never really looked perturbed by the West Indies batting as the wickets fell at regular intervals. Marlon Samuels once again provided a solid effort to score 46 but never found support at the other end.

For Pakistan, Hasan Ali picked up three wickets and Mohammad Nawaaz ended up with four.