New Zealand beat India by 6 runs in thriller at Kotla

New Zealand picked up their first win on the tour of India after beating the hosts by six runs at Kotla.

By: Express Web Desk | New Dehi | Updated: October 20, 2016 9:51 pm
India vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI: India provided a tough fight to New Zealand at the death. (Source: AP)

After going three straight Test matches and an ODI without win, New Zealand turned things around at Kotla with a win. And that six run win could also have been more convincing but for late heroics by Hardik Pandya and Umesh Yadav.

For India, Kedar Jadhav (41), MS Dhoni (39) and Pandya (36) were amongst the runs while Tim Southee struck with three wickets. However, Martin Guptill picked up two vital wickets.

Earlier, Kane Williamson scored a ton (118) to give New Zealand the edge and got good support from Tom Latham (46) for the second wicket. For India, Bumrah and Amit Mishra both picked up three wickets.

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:34 pm

BOWLED! Finally the yorker comes to the fore and it castles Jasprit Bumrah. New Zealand beat India by 6 runs

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:33 pm

Umesh Yadav swings on the second delivery of the Tim Southee over but can only muster a single. 7 needed from 4 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:32 pm

Final over of the innings and India need 10 runs to win. First ball and Umesh Yadav picks up a double

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:30 pm

GONE! After deafening noise at Kotla, silence reigns as Hardik Pandya tries to fend off a short delivery but is holed out and taken by Santner. India are 232/9

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:28 pm

FOUR! Pandya goes over the infield and finds the boundary on the bounce. This partnership is worth 49 from 49 balls. But more importantly, India need 11 from 8 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:25 pm

India need 16 runs from 12 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:23 pm

Beautiful fielding on the ropes to stop a boundary. Umesh Yadav with a cut and it is running away to the rope but for a desperate lunge to stop a four. Does enough to save two runs

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:20 pm

Incredible running between the wickets. An overthrow after the stumps are toppled and the duo run another on the overthrow. 22 needed from 18 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:15 pm

India need 30 runs from 24 balls.

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:14 pm

Umesh Yadav with good confident batting to pick up some key runs. He’s unphased by the pressure of the target and the required rate. Getting the middle of his bat and keeping the scoreboard ticking

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:13 pm

FOUR!! A fierce delivery by Boult hits the thigh of Hardik Pandya and goes for a four to third man. This is anyone’s ball game!

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:08 pm

FOUR! Short by Tim Southee and that allows Umesh Yadav to free his arms and he does so very well to pick up a much needed boundary. India cross the 200-run mark.

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:07 pm

Run out chances going begging for New Zealand. Had the throw been on the target, Umesh Yadav would have been walking back. But, they collect two runs in the process. India need 45 from 33 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20169:01 pm

Hardik Pandya with a late cut to Matt Henry and that’s desperately fielded on the ropes by Bracewell. He thinks it has stayed in but the TV replay confirms it had touched the boundary. India need 50 from 42 balls

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20168:58 pm

Numbers game: Last time New Zealand beat India in India in an ODI was back in 2003. Since then, India have won seven in a row. Then the Kiwis won by four wickets at Cuttack

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20168:50 pm

WICKET! Amit Mishra c sub (Bracewell) b Guptill

Two in the over for Martin Guptill. Amit Mishra goes for a big swing but gets a top edge and is easily taken at short fine leg. India’s woes compound and India are 183/8

vinaysiwach October 20, 20168:46 pm

WICKET! Axar Patel c Mitchell Santner b Martin Guptill 17

Another one falls! Axar goes for the big shot but hits it straight to the long-on the fielder where Santner takes a great low catch. Guptill strikes on his first ball (after two wides)

vinaysiwach October 20, 20168:37 pm

WICKET! MS Dhoni c&b Tim Southee 37

Is that the game for New Zealand? Brilliant one-handed catch from Tim Southee A slower ball from Southee. Dhoni early into the shot. Just a push at the ball which goes in the air to Southee, who in his follow through, bends low to hold on to that catch

vinaysiwach October 20, 20168:35 pm

The required run-rate is well over six now for India. They need 74 off last 66 balls. MS Dhoni is batting on 37*. After 39 overs, India are 169/5

vinaysiwach October 20, 20168:22 pm

Over number 36 finishes and India are 156 for the loss of five wickets. They still need 87 runs off 84 balls. Dhoni is now on 34*. Can he take India across the line?

vinaysiwach October 20, 20168:11 pm

Drinks time in New Delhi. India are 147 for the loss of five wickets. India need 96 more runs off 96 balls. MS Dhoni and Axar Patel at the crease

vinaysiwach October 20, 20167:57 pm

WICKET! Kedar Jadhav c Luke Ronchi b Matt Henry

Henry brought back to break the partnership and he does exactly that. Full delivery and Jadhav tried to run it down the third-man region but edges it to the keeper. Ronchi has 100 dismissals as a keeper

vinaysiwach October 20, 20167:52 pm

30 overs completed in New Delhi. India are 134/4 with MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav at the crease. They need 109 more runs from 120 balls

vinaysiwach October 20, 20167:43 pm

Kedar Jadhav turning on the heat in Delhi. Superb hitting. First a six followed by a four. India 123/4 after 28 overs

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20167:33 pm

MS Dhoni joins the act in accumulating boundaries. MS with a late cut to send the ball scurrying to the ropes for a boundary. India are 108/4

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20167:32 pm

SIX! Mitchell Santner with a slower delivery and it pitches short and Kedar Jadhav goes on to the back foot to thump it into the crowd for a big six!

vinaysiwach October 20, 20167:10 pm

WICKET! Manish Pandey run out 19

Big blow for India as Pandey is run out. He calls for the second run after tapping the ball to the square-leg. He puts in a dive but is beaten by a flat, quick throw by Santner. Ronchi with good work as well

vinaysiwach October 20, 20166:57 pm

WICKET! Ajinkya Rahane c Corey Anderson b Matt Henry

A pull goes straight to fine-leg. Anderson is unsure if he has taken the the catch cleanly. We are going upstairs. It looks like a bounce before it was caught by Anderson. Third umpire is checking it again and again

vinaysiwach October 20, 20166:49 pm

50 up for India in the 15th over! An excellent six from Manish Pandey over square leg. India are 55 for the loss of two wickets after 15 overs

vinaysiwach October 20, 20166:35 pm

WICKET! Virat Kohli c Luke Ronchi b Mitchell Santner 9

The master chaser has fallen. A flat, quicker delivery from Santner to which Kohli is strangled. He gets a thin edge and Ronchi takes a brilliant catch down the leg-side

vinaysiwach October 20, 20166:35 pm

10 overs gone in the Indian innings and they are 35/1. New Zealand bowlers have tied down the Indian batsmen. Excellent stuff from New Zealand as they defend 242

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20166:18 pm

GONE! Rohit Sharma gets a thick outside edge and it is taken by Luke Ronchi behind the stumps. Rohit immediately clutches his bicep and needs physio intervention as he writhes in pain. Tried to punch the ball but couldn’t get much on the shot. India lose their first to go down to 22/1.

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20166:04 pm

SIX! BANG! Rohit Sharma with a massive, massive hit to send the ball flying into the crowd. Matt Henry can only flex his neck muscles and see that ball going the distance. India are 14/0 in the fifth over

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20165:53 pm

Ajinkya Rahane brings up the first boundary of the innings with perfect timing to Trent Boult. Straight bat and level head to push the ball straight down for a four. India are 6/0 in the second over

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20165:52 pm

India open the chase with Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma in the middle. There’s Matt Henry from one end and Trent Boult on the other

vinaysiwach October 20, 20165:41 pm

You can finish a quick round-up of stories during the mid-innings break here –

vinaysiwach October 20, 20165:19 pm

End of 50 overs and New Zealand finish with 242/9. They were 204/3 in the 41st over but lost plot in the last 10. Only 40 runs in last 10 overs and lost six wickets

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:59 pm

Four overs remaining in the New Zealand innings. One wicket remaining. How long before they are bowled out. Matt Henry and Mitchell Santner at the crease

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:54 pm

WICKET! Tim Southee b Jasprit Bumrah 0

Bumrah with his second wicket of the over! What a brilliant yorker to castle Southee. On the off-stump with an angle into the batsman with his action. Hits the root of the off-stump. New Zealand nine down for 225

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:51 pm

WICKET! Anton Devcich c Axar Patel b Jasprit Bumrah 7

Screamer from Axar Patel and it’s a one-handed catch at short fine-leg. Slower one from Bumrah and Devcich was already committed to a sweep shot. He has to change the bat speed. Lobs in the air and that is going over Axar before he leaps up in the air, backwards, to complete a brilliant catch

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:50 pm

45 overs gone and New Zealand have reached are 224/6. Anton Devcich and Mitchell Santner are at the crease. Can they take New Zealand past 250?

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:42 pm

WICKET! Luke Ronchi c MS Dhoni b Axar Patel 6

No mistake from Dhoni this time. Ronchi gets a thick edge but Dhoni had his hands at perfect place. Axar strikes as New Zealand are six down and slipping

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:37 pm

WICKET! Kane Williamson c Ajinkya Rahane b Amit Mishra 118

End of a magnificent innings from the New Zealand captain. Looking to clear the straight boundary, Williamson comes down the pitch but it hits the bottom of his bat. Lack of energy there. He looked tired. Rahane takes the catch on the ropes

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:29 pm

WICKET! Corey Anderson lbw b Amit Mishra 20

Quicker one from Mishra which pitched on off and middle. Corey Anderson was looking to work it on the on-side but misses and is struck on the pads. Was there some bat? If now, he is plumb

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:26 pm

Forty overs have been completed in the New Zealand innings. They are 202/3.

Kane Williamson is batting on 112 while Corey Anderson is unbeaten on 20. How much can New Zealand post?

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:08 pm

HUNDRED! Kane Williamson brings up his eighth ODI century

Takes a couple through the covers! First ODI century against India and also the first for New Zealand on this tour. He is cramping up but deserved hundred this

vinaysiwach October 20, 20164:00 pm

33 overs gone and it will be the final drinks break of the New Zealand innings. They are currently 165/3. Perfect launch pad for a big score. Williamson approaching a deserved ton

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20163:42 pm

GONE! Amit Mishra strikes and Ross Taylor walks back. He’s visibly unhappy with his choice of shot. Tries to go over the fielder on the boundary but can only find Rohit Sharma who casually gathers it. New Zealand are 158/3

Tanuj Lakhina October 20, 20163:37 pm

Ross Taylor swings and finds the elevation and the pace to send the ball near the ropes. Enough time to easily pick up two and bring up New Zealand’s 150 at the loss of two wickets in the 30th over

vinaysiwach October 20, 20163:21 pm

25 overs gone and at the halfway mark, New Zealand are 131 for the loss of two wickets. Guptill and Latham are the two players back in the hut. Williamson playing a stunning innings. Taylor surviving

vinaysiwach October 20, 20163:12 pm

Williamson down on the pitch! Excellent yorker from Bumrah that has Williamson hitting on the pads. He falls over. Bumrah is appealing but clearly going down the leg

vinaysiwach October 20, 20163:11 pm

23 overs gone and New Zealand are 126 for the loss of two wickets. Spin from one end and pace from the other from India. Bumrah comes on to bowl the 24th over

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:58 pm

WICKET! Tom Latham LBW b Kedar Jadhav 46

Man with the golden arm! Jadhav strikes on his third ball! Angled into the left-handed Latham from around the wicket. Latham is late to bring his bat down and is struck on the pads. Very close to missing that leg-stump but umpire thinks it is good

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:55 pm

DROPPED! MS Dhoni puts down a regular caught behind!

A flatter delivery from Axar Patel and it takes a thick outside edge of Williamson’s bat who was making room for the cut shot. Dhoni was moving towards the leg-side. Goes into the gloves but pops out

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:47 pm

100 up for New Zealand in the 18th over! Williamson-Latham stand also worth 100. Both look settled in the middle as India attack with spin

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:42 pm

Tom Latham with the sweep again! On consecutive balls but he top edged the second one but it falls just short of the square-leg fielder. New Zealand are 90/1 after 16 overs

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:40 pm

APPEAL! A huge appeal for a leg-before against Kane Williamson. Inside edge on to the pads and the umpire instantly turns down the appeal

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:37 pm

15 overs gone in New Delhi. New Zealand have done well to reach 85/1 after losing Martin Guptill in the fist over. Williamson and Latham at the crease

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:36 pm

FIFTY! New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has a half-century. Sweeps Amit Mishra for a four on his first ball of the day

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:32 pm

That will be sixteen of the Axar Patel over and New Zealand are 71/1 after 13 overs. That over helped the run-rate a lot

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:31 pm

Excellent from Williamson! He gets another boundary. A flatter delivery from Axar and Williamson stayed back in the crease to play is past the gully fielder. Four more

Axar gone for 14 runs off the first four balls

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:29 pm

SIX! That is great use of the feet from Williamson! Comes down the pitch and connects well with a slanting bat! It just clears the mid-wicket boundary. First six of the innings

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:29 pm

Williamson starts Axar Patel’s second over with a boundary through mid-wicket. Bad delivery as it was pitched short and good enough for Williamson to rock back and get a four

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:26 pm

End of the 12th over and New Zealand have reached 55 for the loss of one wicket at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. Time for another bowling change as Axar Patel to continue

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:19 pm

FIFTY up for New Zealand. They reach the mark in exactly 10 overs. After 10, New Zealand are 50/1 with Kane Williamson and Tom Latham at the crease

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:16 pm

Anyone think so?

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:15 pm

Four runs off the first Jasprit Bumrah over. A boundary from Kane Williamson in the over. Hardik Pandya will continue bowling from the other end. Fifth over for him

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:14 pm

Jasprit Bumrah replaces Umesh Yadav in the ninth over! He will be bowling with a gully. No slips for him. Williamson on strike

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:09 pm

Hardik Pandya drifts down the leg-side and Williamson, who is already standing on the middle stump, plays it fine for another boundary. New Zealand scoring runs quickly now.

NZ 39/1 after eight overs

vinaysiwach October 20, 20162:03 pm

DROPPED! A straight shot in the air from Tom Latham and Umesh Yadav sticks his hand left hand during the follow through but could not hold on! Latham survives

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:59 pm

Kane Williamson and Tom Latham trying to steady the New Zealand innings. Latham scoring at more than a run a ball.

After six overs, New Zealand are 25 for the loss of one wicket

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:47 pm

First boundary for Williamson as he picks a leg-stump ball early. Umesh was looking to swing it from leg-stump towards off but no swing

New Zealand 13/1 after three overs

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:42 pm

Hardik Pandya with another impressive over. New Zealand are 7 for the loss of one wicket after two overs. Umesh Yadav to continue

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:41 pm

Kane Williamson is the new man in for New Zealand and he is beaten on the a couple of times outside off stump. Tom Latham, on the other hand, gets his first boundary

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:33 pm

WICKET! Martin Guptill b Umesh Yadav 0

What a start for India! Umesh Yadav has cleaned up Martin Guptill on the second ball of the match. A peach of a delivery. Angled towards leg stump but seam movement and it hits the top of off-stump. Delight for the pacer. Guptill had no clue

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:31 pm

We are done with the National Anthems! New Zealand openers Martin Guptill and Tom Latham marking the guard. Umesh Yadav will bowl the first over with new ball

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:28 pm

Time for National Anthems! Both teams walking out to the middle. First we will have the national anthem of New Zealand followed by India’s

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:17 pm

Playing XI for India

Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (C & WK), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, Amit Mishra, Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:15 pm

Playing XI for New Zealand

Martin Guptill, Tom Latham, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi (WK), Anton Devcich, Mitchell Santner, Trent Boult, Tim Southee, Matt Henry

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:07 pm

India are playing with the same team that won the first ODI against New Zealand in Dharamsala. New Zealand have made three changes to their playing XI

vinaysiwach October 20, 20161:05 pm


India captain MS Dhoni has won the toss and elected to field in New Delhi. Like the matches, New Zealand fail to win the toss again

vinaysiwach October 20, 201612:23 pm

Hello and welcome to the coverage of the second ODI between India and New Zealand from the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in New Delhi. Brilliant day for cricket in the city. Winter setting in but the sun is beating hard

vinaysiwach October 20, 201612:00 pm

Time to invoke the winning spirit

On most days of the week, Feroz Shah Kotla, the fort, is a forgotten place. Few care to bother the man behind the ticket counter who dozes off to the whirr of the table fan and the hum of the flies. Once past the wrought iron gate, you may run into a bunch of kids from the nearby madrasa playing cricket, or spot a stray couple in search of privacy – but that, generally, is about it. No tourists. However, on one day out of seven, Thursday, the phlegmatic city warms up to Kotla. Hundreds flock from different parts of the Capital armed with incense sticks, oil lamps and all manner of wishes – jobs, love, offsprings, you name it. They devoutly place them before the jinns they believe inhabit the darkest bowels of these ruins. It’s their unshakable faith that an impassioned prayer from a pure heart will be answered.

It’s Thursday on October 20. All roads will lead to Feroz Shah Kotla, the stadium, where India are scheduled to play New Zealand in the second One-Day International of the five-match series. Perhaps, a set of foreign ‘tourists’ will do well to have their luxury coach pulled over a little before the ground, in front of the fort, and seek the jinns’ blessings as a last resort.

The Blackcaps have tried almost everything cricketing over the course of the wretched one month that has gone incrementally worse. Might as well seek some otherworldly intervention.

Feroz Shah Kotla was where New Zealand’s harrowing journey began last month. They criss-crossed north India – Delhi-Kanpur-Kolkata-Indore-Dharamshala – but all along Kane Williamson & Co. must have felt they were heading one way: down. In the warm-up match against Mumbai here, they were decidedly the second-best team. They proceeded to lose by 197 runs in Kanpur, by 178 runs in Kolkata and by 321 runs in Indore.

While, the visitors were competitive in patches, the long-format drubbing wasn’t surprising – facing India at home is arguably the toughest challenge in Test cricket. However, New Zealand were expected to put up an improved performance in the ODIs. Their white-ball record in recent times has been impressive, if not formidable. And India were without the services of at least six first-choice players, unavailable either due to injury or rest. Importantly, from New Zealand’s point of view, the two Rs – Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja – who tormented their batsmen in the Tests were missing.

Who, then, would have foreseen that New Zealand would be seven down for 65, done in primarily by the debutant all-rounder Hardik Pandya and the innocuous off-spin of the part-timer Kedar Jadhav. If not for Umesh Yadav, who spilled a simple Tim Southee offering in the deep, the day-nighter would likely have ended before dusk.

“The Indians bowled well in Dharamshala to start off. Especially their seamers. They set the tone, managed to get us down to four in first 10 over. They are a quality side and they are putting a lot of pressure on us at the moment and at the moment we don’t have the answers for their questions,” New Zealand pacer Trent Boult reasoned ahead of the second match when asked if the visitors’ scars from the Tests’ mauling hadn’t healed.

Indeed, India’s seamers were good, but by no means unplayable. It indicates that what had begun as a trial by spin and essentially a test of skill, appears to have transformed into a full-blown mindset issue. Indian fans would recognise these symptoms. They have such self-doubts creep into their team on many a foreign tour. For instance in 2011-12, India didn’t win a single international match on tour of England and, later, were whitewashed in the Tests in Australia and finished last in the subsequent Commonwealth Bank tri-series.

Like that miserable summer in England, where no Indian batsman save Rahul Dravid stepped up, New Zealand’s batting, too, has largely been a one-man affair. Apart from the opener Tom Latham, who has scored a half century in each of the five matches, including the practice match, few others have put their hands up consistently.

Martin Guptill has been a monumental disaster. Luke Ronchi flourished initially but floundered as the tour progressed. Even the usually reliable Kane Williamson, who sat out the Kolkata Test due to fever, has found that the body recovers faster than the mind. His lack of runs and New Zealand’s concurrent travails have brooked harsh comparisons with ex-skipper Brendon McCullum.

“Kane is a classy player and has been ranked as a top batsman for a reason. In a way, he has had pretty tough time walking into the role of captaincy. It has been a learning experience for the whole team to be honest. The way Brendon led the team, I don’t think anyone could do it as well as he did it. He set his own tone, we all know what kind of explosive batsman, he is,” Boult said, answering a question on the duo’s captaincy styles.

This pitting of the former skipper and the incumbent is a bit curious because as recently as seven months ago, on these very shores, Williamson was being universally hailed as the ideal successor to the inspirational McCullum after he had led the team into the World T20 semifinals. Those comparisons may yet die a quick death if Williamson comes into his own at Kotla tomorrow. It was here that his team’s unbeaten run in the World T20 ended. He would hope the venue snaps their losing streak, too. For that to happen, however, New Zealand would need to summon their fighting spirit. And at Kotla, they say, spirits wake up easily on Thursday.

vinaysiwach October 20, 201611:58 am

Pandya has freedom to play the way he wants: Kumble

Hardik Pandya, who bagged the man of the match award on his debut in the first ODI in Dharamsala, will enjoy the freedom to bat and bowl without having to worry about following ‘definite plans’, India coach Anil Kumble said on Wednesday. Pandya shared the new-ball with Umesh Yadav and had taken three wickets to leave New Zealand tottering at 5 for 48. The all-rounder can give the ODI unit the right balance, the coach believed.

“He is someone who gives us the right balance because not only can he bowl but he can bowl at a decent pace as well. He really bowled well in the first game with the new ball and that is something MS (Dhoni) wanted Hardik to try. He came off with the Man of the Match in his first game and that should give him a lot of confidence,” Kumble said.

The team has been searching for an all-rounder who is not a flash in the pan and can consistently contribute and Kumble feels Hardik has shown the potential in the limited opportunities he has got. “Like I mentioned, all-rounders who can run in and bowl quick and also bat are certainly an asset. He has the potential and has showed his potential in the limited opportunities he has got. With him giving us seven to 8 overs and sometimes 10, it gives us the balance.”

Kumble said that the team’s approach would be to allow Hardik to play with complete freedom because it was too early to burden the 23-year-old with expectations. For someone who is starting his international career we don’t want to burden him with definite plans or tell him what is expected of him. Hardik can bowl with freedom. The moment you put pressure it does not work. The same is with the batting. He has all the freedom to play the way he wants to play rather than how you want him to play.”