India vs New Zealand, 1st Test, Day 2 Highlights: As it happened

New Zealand reach 152/1 on Day 2 before rain forces early close of play in first Test against India in Kanpur.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 23, 2016 9:10 pm
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The second day’s play was called off early as rain washed out the entire last session in the first Test between India and New Zealand in Kanpur. The umpires called for covers at the Tea break and as rain continued, play was called off an hour before schedule close of play.

Earlier, unbeaten fifties by New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and Tom Latham, who shared an unbeaten stand of 117 runs, led their team to 152/1 at Tea. The visitors still trail India by 166 runs. Williamson (65*) reached his 23rd Test fifty while Latham (56*) made his eighth Test fifty.

The Indian spin duo of R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja created some problems in the second session with both turning the ball sharply. But both Williamson and Latham denied them any wicket. The only wicket that fell on Day 2 was that of Martin Guptill when he was trapped LBW by Umesh Yadav. The play will resume early on Day 3.

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20163:54 pm

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20163:54 pm

There is no official word yet. Majority of ground remains covered but there’s no rain yet

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20163:50 pm

vinaysiwach September 23, 20163:31 pm
vinaysiwach September 23, 20163:31 pm

Rain continues to delay start of play after Tea. The umpires will inspect the pitch at 1545 hrs IST

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20162:13 pm

Ground staff rush with the covers as players leave the field. They have covered the strip

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20162:12 pm

Tea! New Zealand 152/1, trail the hosts by 166 runs. (Williamson 65*, Latham 56*)

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20162:07 pm

On the pads, and Williamson clips it to the ropes. Brings up the 150 for New Zealand

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20162:06 pm

Anil Kumble having a chat with Mohammed Shami near the ropes. India’s head coach is all smiles at the moment. New Zealand 147/1

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20162:03 pm

Tom Latham was given not out, even after Rahul took the catch. Here’s why!

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:56 pm

Umesh Yadav is back into the attack with just 15 minutes remaining for the Tea. India searching for wickets

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:55 pm

Ashwin is making the ball talk now. Turn and bounce! Latham and Williamson barely surviving in Kanpur. After 44 overs, New Zealand 143/1

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:53 pm

You can hear a big noise in the replays when the ball passes Williamson’s bat. Saha knew there was an edge

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:51 pm

Okay, there was a sound when the ball went past Williamson’s bat. Jadeja didn’t appeal initially though

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:51 pm

APPEAL! Saha goes up for a caught behind appeal against Williamson. Jadeja wasn’t keen but joins in late. Not out

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:49 pm

Ashwin with a stinging delivery that pitches outside leg stumps but ends up going to the slips. Latham had no clue

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:36 pm

Now, Kane Williamson has a fifty! Dressing room applauds. Two set batsmen for New Zealand. They can build from here

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:35 pm

FIFTY! Tom Latham has a 119-ball half-century. He has shown great concentration and has toiled hard

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:28 pm

NOT OUT! Tom Latham survives as the catch was taken with the help of the helmet grill. Latham on 47*

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:28 pm

The ball has bounced off Latham’s boot and that is out but… KL Rahul has taken the catch after the ball hit the grill of his helmet. Ball has gone inside the grill. Should be not out

vinaysiwach September 23, 20161:27 pm

Big appeal from India! Latham tries to sweep but it is straight to KL Rahul at short-leg. Umpires are checking for bump ball

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20161:14 pm

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20161:13 pm

Follows it up with a loosener. Short, wide and Latham has no problems cutting it away for a boundary

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20161:12 pm

Vijay with early impact! Gets one to turn away sharply and beats Latham, Rahane. Four byes

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 20161:10 pm

Both Williamson and Latham in the 40s, and Kohli introduces Murali Vijay into the attack. New Zealand 114/1

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 201612:56 pm

Ashwin back into the attack. India need a wicket here. New Zealand bring up their 100 in the 32nd over

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 201612:52 pm

New Zealand now trail by 221 runs. This is a fine start to the first innings by the visitors. They have played spin well, and looked equally good against the seamers

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 201612:33 pm

India bowlers continue to pitch short, and New Zealand continue to score runs with ease. Shami strays on the pads and Latham tucks it off his hips in the gap for a boundary

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 201612:32 pm

CHANCE! Jadeja finds Williamson’s edge but it falls short of Rahane at first slip

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 201612:28 pm

Straight, and four. Williamson gets another boundary as New Zealand continue to be solid against the hosts in the afternoon session

Sahil Malhotra September 23, 201612:26 pm

New Zealand have effectively used the sweep shot today. The ball isn’t turning much, so it becomes a safe shot against the spinners

vinaysiwach September 23, 201612:21 pm

APPEAL! India go up with the appeal but no bat involved from Latham

vinaysiwach September 23, 201612:18 pm

Just two runs off the over and New Zealand are 73/1. Mohammed Shami to bowl the next over

vinaysiwach September 23, 201612:12 pm

Players back in the middle. Jadeja will bowl to Williamson

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:36 am

Lunch break in Kanpur

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:36 am

That will be Lunch on Day 2. A good session for New Zealand as they reach 71/1. They trail India by 247 runs. Latham and Williamson the two unbeaten batsmen

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:31 am

Tom Latham once again using the sweep shot to a great affect and Kane Williamson is using his feet. New Zealand 71/1 after 21 overs

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:26 am

19 overs done and New Zealand have scored quickly to reach 69/1

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:23 am

Ashwin not controlling his length today! A couple of full-tosses. Fours for New Zealand

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:19 am

Latham with the sweep shot again against Jadeja and a misfield by KL Rahul at fine-leg gives New Zealand a four

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:18 am

Kane Williamson sends the last ball of the 17th over for a four. New Zealand 56/1

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:15 am

The ball is turning a bit in Kanpur but not drastically to trouble the batsman. Bounce uneven

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:11 am

50 up for New Zealand in the 15th over. They are still 268 runs behind but have lost only one wicket

vinaysiwach September 23, 201611:05 am

Ravindra Jadeja back into the attack after the drinks break. New Zealand are 45/1

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:57 am

Only one run off the Ashwin over as India continue their search of wickets

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:53 am

10 overs gone and New Zealand are 35/1. R Ashwin into the attack for India

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:49 am

Kane Williamson is the new man in for New Zealand. They are 35/1

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:49 am

WICKET! India finally strike. Umesh Yadav brings one back into Guptill and he is late to play it. Hits him on the pads on the leg-stump and umpire thinks it is good to hit the stumps

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:40 am

Eight overs gone and New Zealand are 34/0. A solid start from Latham and Guptill

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:34 am

Guptill and Latham continue to take on Jadeja! Couple of fours for Guptill

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:34 am

Jadeja to continue after Umesh’s over. He has given few runs here but he should not mind it

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:19 am

Two runs off the Jadeja over. New Zealand 13/0

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:17 am

Ravindra Jadeja into the attack and he will bowl the third over

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:16 am

Six runs off the second over and New Zealand are 11/0

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:13 am

Ridiculous delivery from Umesh first up! Wide, short and in the zone. Guptill smashes it past point for four

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:12 am

Five runs off the first over for New Zealand. Umesh Yadav will bowl the second over

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:12 am

Latham leans into the drive and puts it past point for the first boundary of the New Zealand innings

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:08 am

First runs! Guptill pushes it towards covers for a single and New Zealand are off

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:08 am

Mohammed Shami will begin proceedings for India. Martin Guptill on strike. Two slips, a gully in position

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:01 am

Innings break

vinaysiwach September 23, 201610:01 am

That will be all for India! Umesh tries to avoid a ball down the leg side but it takes his gloves and caught. India all out for 318

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:54 am

Wagner will replace Santner in the attack and will bowl to Umesh Yadav

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:54 am

Jadeja takes six runs off the Boult over with a terrific boundary off the last ball

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:49 am

Boult to bowl to Jadeja. Has been a good start for India today

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:48 am

Jadeja takes the single off the next ball and Umesh defends the last ball from Santner

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:47 am

SIX! Jadeja down the pitch and great use of the feet. Connects it beautifully to send it over the ropes

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:43 am

Lucky boundary! Inside edge and it races to the ropes before the fielder could cut it off

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:43 am

Jadeja pulls Boult but does not connect. It goes high up in the air but falls short of the fielder. Umesh wanted the single but Jadeja refuses

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:40 am

Jadeja gets the single off the last ball and 300 up for India after 93 overs

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:40 am

Ravindra Jadeja rocks back on the backfoot and sends it past point for a four! India 299/9 now

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:37 am

Maiden over from Boult as Umesh defends everything apart from a couple of misses early in the over

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:34 am

Trent Boult to bowl the second over. Umesh Yadav on strike

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:33 am

Jadeja defends the first five balls of the first over of the day and then creams one over mid-off for four. First runs of Day 2

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:30 am

Mitchell Santner will bowl the first over of the day and Jadeja will be on strike

vinaysiwach September 23, 20169:30 am

Indian overnight batsmen Umesh Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja making their way out to the middle