India persist against gritty England in 2nd Test, Day 4: As it happened

England stood 318 runs behind India's target of 405 runs in the second Test at Visakhapatnam after a gritty show.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 21, 2016 8:03:28 am
Cricket - India v England - Second Test cricket match - Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam, India - 20/11/16. England's Alastair Cook plays a shot. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui Alastair Cook and Haseeb Hameed gace England a good start. (Source: Reuters)

Day 4 at Visakhapatnam proved to be another see-saw battle and a game of chess as India were skittled out for 204 after the top order failed to remain patient. The tail provided some respite even as Stuart Broad wrecked havoc with a four-for. Eventually, England were handed a tough 405 to chase with under five sessions to play.

In reply, England remained defiant under the opening duo of Alastair Cook and Haseeb Hameed. They stayed calm and patient with the pitch offering little but for some variable bounce. However that was ended when Hameed was caught leg before with the ball staying low.

In the final over of play, Ravindra Jadeja removed Alastair Cook to give India the momentum right back and England with an overnight to think of their approach on the final day in Visakhapatnam.

India vs England, 2nd Test, Day 4

1629 hrs IST: Alastair Cook is given out but he reviews! Ravindra Jadeja from over the wicket and it has pitched on the off stump and is going across to hit the leg stump. There was no inside edge and finally the DRS comes to India’s aid. And that is stumps on Day 4! England are 87/2 and still 318 runs behind

1623 hrs IST: Two overs to go in the day’s play. And on comes Umesh Yadav to replace the spin factor. Umesh tries to get the ball to reverse swing with the old ball but no real damage done. England move across to 87/1

1615 hrs IST: Alastair Cook brings up his fifty! Goes across on a length delivery by Ravindra Jadeja and calmly punches it on to the on side for a single. 50 runs from 171 balls

1605 hrs IST: What does everyone think of the review system when it comes to umpire call?

1556 hrs IST: Haseeb Hameed is gone! Ashwin’s delivery stays really, really low and Hameed is gone for 25 and England are 75/1. Almost nothing that Hameed could do about that with the ball staying toe height and is immediately given out. Think about a review but brush it off. That’s the breakthrough India needed!

1548 hrs IST: REVIEW! Another review. This time Ashwin looks convinced that it was hitting pad first and going on hit the stumps. It pitched just outside off and there is an umpire’s call on the impact which isn’t convincing whether whether it was hitting the pad first or the bat. It was going on to hit the stumps. And India have no reviews left now

1541 hrs IST: REVIEW! Jadeja from over the wicket and it pitches on the off stump and goes on to catch Cook in front. Was spinning viciously and catches Cook after the England skipper moves too far across. The projection says it was clipping the outside of the leg stump and makes it umpire Dharamasena’s call which was not out!

1540 hrs IST:  Some runs flowing for England finally. Cook with two boundaries – one to Ashwin and one to Jadeja and Hameed to Ashwin.

1530 hrs IST: DRINKS! Drinks being called for in the final session of play. An hour left on Day 4 of this second Test and England have fought defiantly since being put to chase at 405 runs. Can India get that vital breakthrough with spin on both ends?

1525 hrs IST: There’s pace at one end from Mohammed Shami and there’s Ravindra Jadeja’s spin on the other. Tricky to play both at the same time. Maybe India need to introduce a trump card to get that breakthrough? Someone like Ganguly or Tendulkar for variety? Anyway, there’s change but its Ashwin in place of Shami now.

1519 hrs IST: England have gone past the 50 run mark in 38 overs then. Their slowest opening 50 in 18 years, we’re told. Wow!

1510 hrs IST: Beautiful over by Ravindra Jadeja to cook. Bowling over the wicket to the left handed batsman, Jadeja uses the rough and the footmarks to good effect. Gets plenty of spin to get the ball to come in and go around to the leg side with fielders around him. This game of chess is getting nervy!

1456 hrs IST: Haseeb Hameed strides forward to Ravindra Jadeja and gets an outside edge which dies well short of the fielder at first slip. The ball gripping just enough to find the nick but Hameed keeping it down to ensure it doesn’t fall to the fielder

1438 IST: Shami’s over produces two runs. The two batsmen still not trying anything adventurous, run rate remains low but they are doing what is most important for the visitors at the moment, which is to keep the wickets intact and survive.

1433 IST: Umesh Yadav bowls the first over of the session and it goes for no runs. Yadav has been bowling at the off stump, missing the target more than once. Cook doesn’t try anything adventurous, leaves the balls that are short and outside off. Its a test of patience, classic Test match scenario.

1426 IST: This has been England’s session but the mammoth total set up for them means that India still have the advantage. They have one more session to bowl and then three full sessions tomorrow to try and bowl them out. If England manage to not lose a wicket in this session, India will find themselves on the back foot. The players take the field and we will be off in a few.

1409 IST: Thats Tea!! Jayant Yadav’s last over goes for a maiden and that would be the end of what has turned out to be a good session for the visitors. England have kept their wickets intact and managed 40 runs from the session. It is turning into a fairly good day for the visitors, they forced India into a collapse of sorts in the second session and have now held off the new ball.

1406 IST: Jayant Yadav’s third ball was cut in front of point by Cook and that went for a four. The two openers remain solid as Kohli keeps tinkering around in the field. Umesh Yadav’s next over goes for a maiden and that means England is at 40/0 after 26 overs.

1354 IST: Jadeja follows up Jayant Yadav’s over who replaced Ashwin. It goes for a run that was taken when his fifth ball hit the inside edge and went past short leg. after 25 overs, England is 35/0

1330 IST: Ashwin’s fourth ball is pulled away hard by Cook. It goes past the ear of the short leg and England get their first boundary of the innings. England have a breather as Ashwin and Jadeja kept building the pressure on Hameed and Cook with both, their deliveries and field placements.

1328 IST: Ashwin’s fourth ball is one that doesn’t turn. Cook goes back, opens the face of the bat and guides it past slip for a single. England look to be just seeing off this new ball spell very tentatively, India, now seem to be fishing for a wicket.

1319 IST: England 20/0 after 13 overs and drinks have been called. Ashwin’s last ball caught a thick outside edge off Hammed’s bat as he tried to drag it forward outside off. It was along the ground and wide of slip and England comfortably run 2 runs.

1316 IST: And the spell is broken. Jadeja’s fifth ball is driven to the cover sweeper and Hameed picks up a run, England’s first in 35 balls. After 13 overs, they are 18/0.

1310 IST: England on the ropes at the moment it seems as a fourth consecutive over goes for a maiden. This one was bowled by Jadeja and, alongwith Ashwin, he has forced the two openers to just see off their balls.

1305 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja introduced into the attack. His over goes for a maiden, same as Ashwin’s over before him. England are hence 17/0 after nine overs.

1300 hrs IST: England collect two more runs, move to 17/0. Shami’s first ball itself was something that caught Hameed off guard. It was a bouncer that carried past the inside edge and ended up hitting the youngster on the chin.

1260 hrs IST: Ravichandran Ashwin replaces Umesh Yadav. Ashwin’s over produces four runs. England 15/0 after 6 overs. India will be looking to put pressure on the young Hameed.

1255 hrs IST: Shami’s 5th ball is flicked away neatly around the corner by Hamid and it produces the first boundary of the innings. Virat Kohli is doubling up as a cheerleader here, whipping the crowd into a frenzy every time he feels that the decibel levels are going down. At the same time, he is making sure that he keeps his bowler on the toes, constantly running towards the man with the ball with suggestions.

1246 hrs IST: Hameed finally gets off the mark, Umesh Yadav’s second over goes for three runs. Cook and Hameed are struggling on a pitch that seems to be out of bounds for batsmen. If England hope of doing anything in this match, they need to do better than 6 runs off 4 overs.

1241 hrs IST: Cook turns a Shami delivery to near short leg. It was the only ball in the over that produced a run. three runs from three overs for England, Cook the only man managing all three. Certainly not the run rate that they are looking for.

1237 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav’s over produces one run for England. A careful approach from Cook and Hameed in the first two overs as they face the mountain. The second ball of Yadav’s over was pushed through the covers by the England captain that produced the single.

1230 hrs IST: End of the first over of the England innings, one run from it. Shami’s third ball was the driven off to point by Cook that gave them the run. Umesh Yadav to follow up.

1220 hrs IST: England’s batsmen walk out into the middle, facing the nearly impossible task of chasing down 404 runs. Mohammed Shami is the man who starts the bowling attack for India. Alastair Cook and Haseeb Hameed take their place in the middle to face him.

1150 hrs IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali gets the wicket of Mohammed Shami. Bairstow with a quick stumping as Shami’s back-foot is stuck on the line. India bowled out for 204. England need 405 runs to win this match in the five remaining sessions 

1148 hrs IST: Three fours in the Stokes over (one 4 through byes) and India lead is past 400. India now lead by 404 runs. Jayant Yadav and Mohammed Shami have added 42 runs and India will be pleased with this effort. Change in bowling as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl

1144 hrs IST: Shami hits Rashid for a six and India reach 192 for the loss of nine wickets. Runs helping India and this partnership is also worth 30 now. Last wicket standing up for the task. Ben Stokes to continue

1141 hrs IST: Stokes gives only one run but that run brings Jayant back on strike for the next over. India playing it safe in Vizag. Jayant denying singles to Shami to keep this innings going. Rashid to continue from other end

1137 hrs IST: Maiden over from Rashid as Shami defends most of the balls. 60 overs gone in India innings and they are 184 for the loss of nine wickets. Ben Stokes is replacing Anderson in the attack. Jayant Yadav on strike here

1133 hrs IST: Five runs from that over from Anderson and Mohammed Shami and Jayant Yadav taking India’s lead closer to 400. Rashid will be bowling again. Play has been extended by 30 minutes as India are 9 down. Lunch will be taken if a wicket fall or after 30 minutes. Whichever is sooner. Rashid again

1128 hrs IST: Anderson giving just three runs from his over and then Rashid gives two. India are trying to hang in there even after the loss of nine wickets. A 400-run lead will be very effective in these conditions. Anderson again

1120 hrs IST: Super strike from Mohammed Shami to hit a six off Rashid. India have not let it go even after wickets falling quickly. Anderson will continue from the other end. Jayant Yadav, who has been very impressive, will be on strike

1110 hrs IST: WICKET! Umesh Yadav is caught behind. He drive and it takes a feather. Hits Jonny Bairstow on the arm and gets stuck there. Excellent bowling from Rashid as he picks up another wickets. India 9 down

1107 hrs IST: Maiden over from Anderson. Good bowling from England. Runs have dried for India. Adil Rashid will continue for England. Umesh Yadav on strike

1103 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav is the new man in and he defends the first ball he faces. End of the over from Rashid. Wicket maiden from Rashid. Anderson will continue from the other end. India lead by 362 runs with 2 wickets in hand

1101 hrs IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja cannot resist the feeling to going after the spinner. Tries the slog against Rashid but that is straight to deep square-leg. India lose their eighth wicket. Lead is 362 runs

1059 hrs IST: One run from that Anderson over. Tight line from the pacer. Jayant Yadav patiently defends most of them. Adil Rashid will bowl again. 52nd over of the Indian innings. Jayant will be on strike

1054 hrs IST: Rashid ends the 50th over of the Indian innings. Only two runs from that over and India move on. The lead in now 361 runs. Lunch is 25 minutes away and India looking to move closer to the 400-run mark. Change in bowling as Anderson replaces Broad

1050 hrs IST: Six runs from the over. Stuart Broad is looking tired now. He is bowling with a bad knee here. India move on to 159 for the loss of seven wickets. Jadeja and Jayant the two batsmen out there for India. Adil Rashid will continue from the other end

1045 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav is the new man in and he takes a single off the first ball he faces. Saha takes another single later and those are the only two runs from the over. India are 153 for the loss of seven wickets. Stuart Broad will continue his mammoth spell

1041 hrs IST: WICKET! Ben Stokes with an absolute stunner at slips. One handed, full stretch dive to his left to cling on to a flyer. Virat Kohli won’t get his second hundred of the match. He is furious with himself. Similar shot from him like the first innings. Moeen was the bowler then, Rashid now

1039 hrs IST: 150 up for India as Jadeja takes a single. The lead has also gone up to 350 runs. Stuart Broad gives only three runs from that over. Adil Rashid will continue from the over end. Virat Kohli on strike for India and on 81*

1035 hrs IST: Jadeja hits Rashid for a six off the last ball of the over. Super shot knowing that there was a long on in place. India move on to 148 for the loss of six wickets. Stuart Broad to continue bowling. Virat Kohli on strike for India

1028 hrs IST: End of the over from Stuart Broad. Six runs from it. He is bowling superbly in Vizag this morning. Troubling the batsmen with those variations. India are 139 for the loss of six wickets and umpires call for drinks

1023 hrs IST: England ask for a review after Broad gets on to go across Kohli and hit the pads. It hit him in line and looks okay so far. Sliding down the leg-side? The tracker shows it is just kissing the stumps. Kohli will survive on umpire’s call, Not out

1021 hrs IST: Four runs from that over from Rashid. India are 133 for the loss of six wickets. Stuart Broad will continue for England. He has been their strike bowler for England in this innings. Virat Kohli on strike for India

1015 hrs IST: WICKET! Rashid has Saha LBW with a googly. After discussion with Kohli, Saha reviews. Legal delivery, hit in line. Hits Saha in the line of the stumps. It is going on to just clip the bails. 5 percent of the ball hitting the stumps. Still, Saha has to go

1014 hrs IST: Three runs from the Broad over but a wicket for him as well. India move on to 130 for the loss of five wickets. Their lead in 330 runs now. Adil Rashid to continue from the over end. India need some rebuilding here

1009 hrs IST: WICKET! Stuart Broad strikes again! Ashwin edges it behind to wicket-keeper. Fourth wicket for Broad. Ashwin just poking at a wide ball and gets a faint edge. India lose their fifth wicket for 127

1008 hrs IST: Adil Rashid gives only two runs from that over. Couple of half-hearted appeals from England but no damage done. Stuart Broad will continue from the other end. Ashwin on strike for India

1003 hrs IST: Ashwin reviews a umpire decision of out after England appeal for LBW. Big inside edge and that is why Ashwin reviewed it straight awayBroad ends his over. Adil Rashid to continue for England. 42nd over coming up

0958 hrs IST: Rashid starts with six runs from his over. Ashwin gets a boundary on the fifth bowl. India need to be very careful here. They have to score quick runs but not lose wickets. They should be eyeing anything more than 400. Stuart Broad again

0954 hrs IST: Ashwin the new man in for India and he is off the mark straight away. End of a successful over from Broad. A wicket and a run from his over. India move on to 118 for the loss of four wickets. And we have a change in bowling as Adil Rashid comes on to bowl

0952 hrs IST: WICKET! Stuart Broad strikes. Ajinkya Rahane gloves it to the first slip fielder. Extra bounce for Broad as he rolls his finger over the ball. India lose their fourth wicket on the score of 117

0948 hrs IST: Single run from the Anderson over and India stretch the lead to 315 for the loss of three wickets. 38 overs have been bowled in this innings. Stuart Broad will bowl the 39th over and Ajinkya Rahane will be on strike

0944 hrs IST: Kohli looking in sublime touch here. The cover drive doesn’t get better than Kohli. Six runs from the Broad over and India moving on nicely. James Anderson to continue and he is into his 10th over in the second innings

0939 hrs IST: Expensive over from Anderson as Kohli gets five overthrows on the last ball of the over. Eight runs coming from that. India move on to 108 for the loss of three wickets. Stuart Broad will continue for England

0934 hrs IST: Just those two runs from the Broad over and India are 100 for the loss of three wickets. Some appeal off the last ball for a caught and bowled but Kohli says it came off the foot. That will be need some replays to check. Anderson to bowl from the other end

0932 hrs IST: Kohli drives and takes a couple on the second ball of the day and that is 100 up for India in the second innings. India now lead by 300. Kohli moves on to 58*

0930 hrs IST: We are all set for play on fourth day. Virat Kohli will be taking strike and Stuart Broad will be bowling the first over of the day for England. A slip and a gully for Broad. Here we go on Day 4

0925 hrs IST: The players are making their way out to the middle. England in a huddle. Virat Kohli is having a chat with coach Anil Kumble before stepping out on the field. Ajinkya Rahane waits. India are 298 runs ahead with Kohli on 56* and Rahane on 22*

0914 hrs IST: This pitch has been tricky. It has not turned which is unexpected. It has had uneven bounce. Pacers are getting the ball to hit the right spots. Some balls are bouncing too much and others, which hit the same spot, are keeping low. Spinners will still be the key for India but seamers will also have to pick early wickets to put England under pressure

0900 hrs IST: 30 minutes to go for the start of play on Day 4. Did you miss the Day 3. Sriram Veera has put everything in one piece here – The great, the good and the classy from Vizag. And if you want to read about how cricket came to Vizag, Sriram wrote about that well. Mind you, this will be the perfect read and you will be finished just in time – Maharajakumar of Vizianagaram — Portrait of a Gamekeeper

0845 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the fourth day’s play of the second Test between India and England from Vizag. India are in a commanding position in the match. England, staring at a defeat, will look to delay it and hope for a dramatic rescue to survive

On Day 3, after bowling out England for 255 in the first innings, India took a lead of 200 runs. They extended it to 298 at stumps. India lost three early wickets in the second innings but Virat Kohli scored a half-century and with Ajinkya Rahane stabalised Indian innings and there was no other wicket that fell. Earlier, R Ashwin took his 22nd five-wicket haul to help India bowl out England for 255. Jonny Bairstow (53) and Ben Stokes (70) were the only two who looked in control on a pitch that has turned tricky. Umesh Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja picked up the other two remaining England wickets on day three. England had resumed at 103 for 5.

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