India tour of Australia: I could have done better and played a different shot, says Virat Kohli

Kohli said that in hindsight his shot selection to the delivery that he got out could have been different.

By: Press Trust of India | Adelaide | Updated: December 13, 2014 1:54 pm
Virat Kohli said that in hindsight his shot selection to the delivery that he got out could have been different. (Source: AP) Virat Kohli said that in hindsight his shot selection to the delivery that he got out could have been different. (Source: AP)

India captain Virat Kohli was graceful in defeat admitting that Murali Vijay’s dismissal might have just been the turning point in their 48-run defeat against Australia in the first Test.

Asked if Vijay’s dismissal when he was batting 99 became the turning point, Kohli replied,”Could be. If me and Vijay added about 40 runs there, the game would have been different. You see one opening and the team capitalises, and that’s what Autsralia did.”

Kohli said that in hindsight his shot selection to the delivery that he got out could have been different.

“I was trying ot hit it much more in front of square. But it was one of those mistakes I’ll reflect back and say may be I could have done better and played a different shot. It was a great spell by Nathan Lyon and he bowled in right areas,” the stand-in skipper, who scored 115 and 141 in the match, said.


Kohli said that he had backed to win the Test match and doesn’t have any regrets.

“I told the guys last evening that whatever be the target, we will chase it. You have to play with passion and commitment if you have been chosen to play for your country,” said the skipper.

He showed his humane side when he congratulated the Australian team for playing the Test match in the backdrop of the emotional turmoil that they have gone through post death of Phillip Hughes.

“I would like to congratulate the whole Australia team. Actually participating here after all that happened in the last 10 days is commendable. They are also a team that plays with passion and commitment,” said Kohli.

Kohli was all praise for his boys and the “character” that they showed.

“It was a great game of cricket, proud of the boys, the kind of character they showed in tough situations it was a really good effort. Pretty pleased with the way we played, but Australia did better than us,” said Kohli.


Virat had an interesting interaction with former India captain Rahul Dravid during a post-match television show where he made it clear that he never thought of putting down shutters even after Rohit Sharma got out.

“I am a pretty one-dimensional person. I don’t believe that there is no point playing for a draw. Even when Vijay and Jinks (Rahane’s nickname in the Indian team) got out, I was still backing myself for a win with Saha around. When Karn came in, I just told him to give me as much strike as possible.”

Talking about his own batting, Kohli told Dravid that he hasn’t swept so much in his life.

“I actually I was practising the lap shot at the nets but not the sweep. I don’t remember having swept so much in a match.”

On a different aspect of his batting, he was asked about how he had prepared to play Lyon,Kohli said,”I was trying to roll my bat and hit him atleast 20 degrees from where I was planning to hit. Yes, cover drive is my favourite shot but I was prepared to wait.”

His humourous side came out when asked about him trying to play mediator during those on-field altercations, Kohli smiled and said,”You can understand that if I am playing the peacemaker then what was going on out there.”

Captaincy does grow a few grey hairs and Kohli said that he now has now “grown 12 grey hairs over the past five days as he hasn’t had too much of sleep.”

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    Dec 13, 2014 at 11:03 am
    It is a ridiculous situation, INDIA DO NEED to have DRSotherwise they will keep on losing 4-0, There is no chance otherwise. One baddecision can change the outcome the match, but there were numerous bad decisionin the match, first Saha was not out in Ist inning & Dhawan & Rahnewere not out in second innings where as David Warner was out when he was givennot out, one need to ask the question why Bad decisions only happens againstIndia, why no bad decisions ever happens against Australia, Basically it isbiased umpiring designed to defeat India by hook & crook by these whiteumpires. DRS was opposed by BCCI president Shrinivasan as he was involved inmatch fixing in IPL to make money & he knew that by DRS it is difficult tomanite the games. If India has to have any success one need to get rid ofShrinivasan & his chamchas, Bring DRS in every form the game. In fact everybatsman who is given out shall be approved by DRS third umpire while is walkingdown to pavilion and bowler side shall be given five appeals to make the gamefare & honest and get rid of bad & biased umpiring. It is amazing thatnobody in India raise any objection to bad umpiring including the media as ifthey are sold to vested interest. If any wrong decision is given against anyAustralian, the media & commentators in Australia will crucify the umpires& will keep on showing the replays on TV for rest of the century, but theywill never show or sympathises with opposition if any wrong decisions are givenagainst Indians. Indians have slave mentality & they will lick white peopleto their grave. SHAME ON INDIA & BCCI FOR NOT HAVING DRS & ALLOWINGTHIS INJUSTICE TO HAPPEN & DESTROYING THE CARRERRS OF MANY INDIANS. We needan honest fighter at top of BCCI who can fight against this blatant abuse bythe white people & Umpires. Indians contribute max to ICC coffers butcannot get justice in the field. It is shame on Kholi for not criticizing thebiased umpiring. Indians do not have spine & guts & will always act asa whipping boy for the whites. If there is no DRS then cancel the Australiantour & go back home or ready to humiliated 4-0.had Saha, Rahne, Dhawan given not out when they were given out then they couldhave gone to score 100 and India could have easily drawn the match. Also whenyou give a wrong decision then it put pressure on the batsman following him& demoralise the team. Cricket is not only physical but mental game, onceyou lose confidence because of bad decision then you lose your mental balancewhich cause further failure. Why bad decision happens against India that meansthe bad decisions were deliberate to favour local team. When there is DRS thenit make umpire more cautious as he does not like to look bad to millions ofpeople when the decision is overturned thus he is less likely to make the badbiased decision. If you follow the history of Ind-Aus matches in Australia youwill find the same pattern of bad umpiring against India only. Also ICC shallremove the gag from players & media which prevent anybody from criticizingumpires as if they are Gods & and they cannot make mistake. Whenever youhave such a gag then you create situations which happens under Hitler, Saddam Husain&North Korea i.e. total chaos & no fare play
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