Ijaz Butt’s ‘sons of pigs’ comment goes viral

Butt had earlier requested media to keep statement off record, funnily with at least 10 cameras trained on him.

Mumbai | Updated: February 20, 2014 12:29:19 pm

Back in 2000, Jaywant Lele probably became the first man to deny a quote he gave to a television news channel. “I have been misquoted on television,” was his contention. Fourteen years since the late BCCI secretary’s famous faux pas, a former cricket administrator from across the border ended up with his foot in the mouth to equally hilarious effect.

Ex-Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ijaz Butt, speaking outside Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium, had barely managed to contain his disgust towards the ganging up of BCCI, ECB and CA while orchestrating the now contentious ICC revamp when he called the three boards ‘sons of pigs’. It was a comment  uttered in Punjabi, resulting in a lot of raised eyebrows, especially from the new PCB boss Najam Sethi, who standing next to him.

Butt had earlier requested the media to keep the statement off record, funnily with at least 10 cameras trained on him and a dozen microphones spread infront of him.

“Listen don’t quote me but in my personal opinion all three are sons of pigs,” he had said. He was quick to retract his statement, claiming, like Lele, that his quotes had been twisted. But it was too late for Butt, as his infamous ‘porky’ views had by then gone viral all over the internet.

Incidentally, he had aired his sentiments moments after a meeting Sethi where he discussd ICC’s structural changes. The Pakistan board were quick to distance themselves from their erstwhile chief’s judgements of the ‘big three’ leaving him standing tall as the ‘Butt’ of the cricket world’s jokes

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