ICC chief Alan Isaac says he asked ‘Big Three’ to get together

The ICC have come out and insisted that their house was in order and that all's still well within the sport's governing body.

Mumbai | Updated: January 30, 2014 11:28 am

A day after the cricketing world seemed split wide open, the ICC have come out and insisted that their house was in order and that all’s still well within the sport’s governing body. Tuesday had witnessed a monumental fracas with a number of the member boards insisting that the ‘unanimous support’ that the ICC claimed to have procured for the draft proposal were indeed not accurate. Some of them had even shunned that declaration as being ‘misleading’.

But ICC president Alan Isaac insisted on Wednesday that the two-day meeting in Dubai had been a success and that all the directors of the board representing the various cricket boards around the world had reiterated their united backing to the ‘key principles’ of the redrafted ‘position paper’.

“We had a board meeting today. And we reconfirmed that the agreement to those principles was unanimous. Where there is perhaps some confusion is that when the detail is put to those agreements and they become resolutions. The directors reiterated this morning that their agreement to the principles was unanimous,” the Kiwi said.

Isaac also pointed out the reasons for why the much-debated proposal didn’t go to vote during the meeting with all board members present.

He also insisted that the draft paper had changed in significant ways since it was first penned but it still remained a work in progress.

The president in fact expected it possibly to be tweaked even further before the ICC calls for a follow-up meeting sometime next month.

Under discussion

“There was no voting on the resolutions because the content and the detail behind them are still being discussed. Nothing to vote on. We’ve agreed principles at the moment, we haven’t adopted resolutions or recommendations from the draft report subsequently negotiated,” the Kiwi added.

While most conspiracy theorists have pointed as BCCI being the brains behind the draft proposal that would ensure a structural overhaul, Isaac was adamant that the idea had come instead from the ICC and that it was he who had approached the so-called ‘Big Three’ to start with.

“I encouraged them. We’ve had a situation at the ICC where we go from one meeting to the next three months later and make no progress. So we thought you can get a smaller group together you can often make progress. We could have added extra people to it. I just felt that the CA, ECB and BCCI we could make more progress more quickly,” he explained.

“You have to start somewhere. To have the three bigger and stronger members in a room coming up with a basis for discussion. That’s what the draft was about,” he added.

Isaac also believed that the incessant criticism that had come the way of the ICC for allegedly having allowed the big three nations to have their way was uncalled for and that if anything the present scenario only seemed set to strengthen cricket around the world. “It’s interesting that before January 9 everyone was saying the BCCI runs the ICC and world cricket. After the proposal was leaked, they were …continued »

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