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Express LOL: The Amul Girl looks at IPL 7

By: Express LOL | Published on:May 11, 2014 10:14 pm

We are now closer to the end than to the beginning of IPL 7, and it’s been a crazy ride that began in Dubai and will conclude in India, sometimes distracting us from the all-important LS elections. A lot of people have talked about their views on this IPL, but no one has been as witty, as funny, or as clever as the immortal Amul Girl.

Here are her best one-liners on IPL 7:

The one great find of IPL 7; the Gayle of 2014


A dedication to that catch


From first to (almost always) last in one season


At the start of IPL 7


Starc vs. Pollard, coming to a WWE arena near you


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