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Express LOL: Inzy’s running, Rameez’s commentary and ‘Sir’ Ishant’s death bowling

'Sir' Ishant Sharma... 'Sir' Ishant Sharma...
By: Express LOL | New Delhi | Published on:February 24, 2014 11:14 am


Some things in cricket are meant to be funny. Inzy’s running, Rameez’s commentary, Sir Ishant Sharma’s bowling at the death… here are a few video collections for you to laugh at.

MS Dhoni shows that he could have been a great comedian if he hadn’t happened to be the best wicketkeeper-batsman ever.

Inzamam-Ul-Haq gets people run-out. Till you watch this video, you never quite appreciate that.

Sir Ishant Sharma didn’t always have the Sir in his name. That happened when he gifted 30 runs to James Faulkner. He did something so terrible that even Hitler took notice:

Kamran Akmal dropping catches is much more fun when set to music.

Finally, the worst cricket performance ever, commemorated through scorecard screenshots.

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