‘Butterfingers’ return to haunt India against West Indies

India's abysmal efforts in the second innings began in the sixth over when Evin Lewis was dropped by Mohammad Shami.

Written by Rahul Sadhu | Updated: July 10, 2017 4:17 am
India missed a couple of opportunities to dismiss West Indies’ Evin Lewis during a T20I at Sabina Park. (Source: AP)

The sight of Virat Kohli holding his head in frustration revealed the entire narrative of India’s outing against West Indies at the Sabina Park on Sunday. In a shocking effort on the pitch, the Indian side spilled as many as three catches and a couple of fielding efforts which ultimately proved costly for the visitors. Defending a target of 191 India never looked in control and letting centurion – Evin Lewis off the hook twice proved fatal for the Indian side. West Indies finally chased down the target with 9 balls to spare.

India’s abysmal efforts in the second innings began in the sixth over when Evin Lewis was dropped by Mohammad Shami. Lewis hit a ball off Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the air. With the ball swirling in the air two Indian fielders swirled in – Virat Kohli from long-on and Mohammad Shami from mid-off. While Kohli was looking set for the catch, Shami interfered and made a complete mess of the catch. This left skipper Virat Kohli visibly frustrated.

Lewis was dropped again a couple of overs later. This time Dinesh Karthik was the culprit. Debutant Kuldeep Yadav bowled a flighted delivery and Lewis while trying to hit it for a six managed to get only his toe-end of the bat on it. Karthik came in running from the long-off region and let the ball pop out of his grasp.

Dinesh Karthik drops the catch and misses the opportunity to dismiss West Indies’, Evin Lewis.

But what was even shocking was the ever dependable Mahendra Singh Dhoni missing two stumping chances. Particularly, Marlon’s Samuel’s chance was something that Dhoni should not have missed. Samuels danced down the track and completely missed the ball. Dhoni who was unable to view the trajectory of the ball completely misjudged it and let it through for a boundary. One generally doesn’t see Dhoni missing chances but when the unthinkable happened it summed up India’s day on the field.

It may be recalled here that India’s tryst with dropped catches isn’t new. Earlier, in the long home series of Test series India had dropped several catches. Hence, it will be interesting to see what fielding coach R Sridhar has to say after India’s display against West Indies on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Indian skipper Virat Kohli was highly critical of the performance and said that the Indian players did not grab the chances which led to the loss.” when you don’t, you do not deserve to win, e also couldn’t take our catches which cost us a bit. All these games are a good feeder of how players react in such situations. We need to be patient with these guys.

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  1. N
    nitin seth
    Jul 10, 2017 at 11:40 am
    For how many days ? this money drilled cricket will pull the crowd and make us sit for hours in front of TV ? I was a victim of this too , cricketers are no special , no need to glorify them when they play well and insult them when they are not up to the mark . every athlete of India should get the equal lime light as a cricketer gets now . sport has an impact on molding careers in the right way but now what we have seen in cricket?bullying around , Insult of legends , abusing opposition when winning and praising and surrendering to them while loss , feel sorry for your country when you let down your country nothing was special in opposition . modern day cricketers suffer from MAAS (Money Adequate Arrogancy Syndrome ) no cure for it . when it comes to doing good for the country people say ban ies products then BCCI is a ese product now right !
    1. R
      Jul 10, 2017 at 10:39 am
      Avoiding practice session( which kumble wanted) had resulted in this show. Post IPL , players are fat with cash , time to trim their lard.Otherwise Soon afghanisthan can trunce India
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