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Asia Cup 2014: Dinesh Karthik isn’t keeping eyes on the ball

Dinesh Karthik has gone into the Asia Cup without many games under his belt (AP) Dinesh Karthik has gone into the Asia Cup without many games under his belt (AP)
By: Express News Service | Updated: March 4, 2014 10:11 am

Even though Dinesh Karthik wasn’t at his best in the last two games of the Asia Cup, I have no doubt he is India’s second best wicket-keeper at the moment after MS Dhoni. (Full Coverage Asia Cup 2014)

We should not forget that he had an excellent Champions Trophy last year and has justified his place in the squad whenever he has been given an opportunity. It is not easy for him to go out there and perform, especially when you know that the team’s skipper is also a wicket-keeper.

Dinesh has gone into the Asia Cup without many games under his belt recently and it has reflected in his performances. He missed two crucial stumping in the last two games, which proved to be costly for the team. The only flaw that I can notice in his game is that Dinesh is finding it tough to keep his eye on the ball.

After the ball is pitched, he sometimes takes his eyes off the ball even before it reaches him. It is very important for any wicket-keeper to keep an eye on the ball till the last moment.

It is not easy to collect the deliveries which are pitched outside the leg stump. It is easy for people to criticise him for not being able to collect the ball but they should realise that sometimes a keeper gets blinded because of the batsman in front of him. It’s very tough to know where the ball has pitched.

We should also take into consideration the way pitches have behaved in Bangladesh. It keeps too low sometimes and there is slight turn, which makes it even more difficult for wicket-keepers to get their body behind the ball.

The two misses will surely be playing on Dinesh’s mind but he should not dwell on it much. These things happen. It is important that he learns from these incidents and starts afresh. I still believe he is an outstanding cricketer and will be back at his best soon.

Kiran More

(Former India ‘keeper and chief selector Kiran More spoke to Devendra Pandey)

First Published on: March 4, 20142:41 am
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