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Share bookie info with your family: Anurag Thakur’s counter to N Srinivasan

Thakur has asked to share the details of suspected bookies to Srinivasan’s family members, “whose involvement in betting has been proved”.

By: Express News Service | Updated: April 28, 2015 12:11 am
Anurag Thakur, Anurag Thakur BCCI, BCCI Anurag Thakur, Anurag Thakur N Srinivasan, N Srinivasan Anurag Thakur, Cricket News, Cricket In a letter to ICC president N Srinivasan, he asked for the list of ‘suspected bookies’ to be made public. (Source: Express file)

A day after the International Cricket Council (ICC) issued a letter to Anurag Thakur, BCCI’s secretary, to stay away from suspected bookies, Thakur took a direct dig at the governing body’s chairman N Srinivasan, questioning him about the “timing” of the release and also asking him to share the details of suspected bookies to Srinivasan’s family members, “whose involvement in betting has been proved”.

The ICC letter had come from the offices of the CEO Dave Richardson, but by replying to Srinivasan, Thakur has made the battle a personal one.

Until now there hasn’t been a one-on-one between former BCCI chief Srinivasan and his rvials — who are now part of the Indian board’s new regime. Even in Sunday’s working committee meeting the issue of Srinivasan’s alleged involvement in snooping on board members wasn’t discussed but Thakur has made the spat public through an open letter.

The most stinging line in the letter came in the end when he not only asked Srinivasan to share the details of suspected bookies to BCCI but also to Srinivasan’s family members.

“I would request at least now share with me or other colleagues in BCCI the list of suspected bookies in India so that we may keep away from them. You may also share this information with your family members whose involvement in betting has been proved,” he said.

The letter was a reaction to ICC’s warning to Thakur to stay away from Karan Gilhotra, a man seen in photographs with the BCCI secretary, a man alleged to be a bookie. “The BCCI has received intimation from the ICC ostensibly under your direction that I should keep away from one Mr. Karan Gilhotra who is a ‘suspected bookie’. The intimation further states that the information is further unverified,” Thakur wrote.

“I have earlier been Joint Secretary of the BCCI under your Presidentship and I am now Secretary BCCI. I only wish that you had shared the list of ‘unverified suspected bookies’ with me and other colleagues so that we could identify such persons and keep away from them. I have known this person, who has been active in political and cricketing activities in Punjab and adjacent states. I had no knowledge or any clue about his ‘activities as a suspected bookie’,” he said.

‘Gunde, your friend’

Thakur also took on Neeraj Gunde, the man who sent the photo of Thakur with Gilhotra to the ICC. “It is curious that intimation about having known this ‘suspected bookie’ was brought to the ICC notice by your friend Mr. Gunde. He incidentally is circulating to the media the details of documents against your critics in the BCCI. He operates on your behalf.”

“Since the ICC advisory to me had been made in public I would be making this letter to you public,” Thakur wrote in the letter addressed to Srinivasan on a BCCI letter-head.

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  1. T
    Apr 28, 2015 at 12:07 pm
    Anurag will find himself a bachha in his deals with Sinivasan. Srinivasan is a old hand who had fed each and every individual ociated with BCCI by handing out doles to individual, who are now in better position than the dog that ate biscuits from the thief who enters the house to commit robbery. Just recall in Lalit , Shashi spat both lost but Sharad survived, Arun , Rakesh etc kept quiet. So this time it is Anurag who will be shunted to dog house because Srini has evidence of sharing booty by Arun, Rajiv etc so they will maintain silence as usual and Srini will maul Anurag
    1. A
      Apr 28, 2015 at 9:40 am
      why bcci is independent?
      1. Devisahai Meena
        Apr 28, 2015 at 9:01 am
        Saw( thru news in leading N/Ps ) Srinis and Anurags . Is t h e cricket game is a vitamin for India's deteriorating (financial ) health? BCCI-O/Bs ( some of office bearers) have become sound in health and wealth as well but over all no gains for India as a w . Lalit Modi at rest in london after declaring him a bankrupt ( merely for 90 -L INR.)
        1. P
          Apr 28, 2015 at 12:53 am
          Who and why ANURAG THAKUR, s/o fmr BJP CM (Reserve Category) PREM KUMAR DHUMAL added THAKUR TO HIS LAST NAME, on his letter head he added middle name ANURAG S I N G H THAKUR? his younger brother last name is known as KUMAR WIDE MOUTH .............hiding his ORIGIN.Confirmed sources, he own a palatial KOTHI, NAKODAR ROAD JALANDHAR, PB, he been having the back up strong Jalandhar region SC' youths, dare devils, every other day, these disgruntled youth receiving FREE SCHOLARSHIPS/ NO ADMISSION/TUITION FEE/NO HOSTEL FEE & the other most astonishing, none none having the required 75% attendants eligible for final exam., & call they are not to pay FINAL EXAM FEE, no where in the consution of India, quota system applied to admissions, recruitment, but no where FINAL EXAM FEE tax payers bear the burden...... the wards of IAS/IPS/' on senior position, still GET Preferences all over...... today' " royals" .............
          1. S
            Apr 27, 2015 at 9:16 pm
            Going by story of BJP MP Thakur ji talking to the bookie, I think his own name also would be in that list as a precautionary measure, just because he was seen talking to bookie. How does one avoid himselfherself? But frankly, its hard for high officials to avoid any contact with such characters as anyone can meet them anytime and no one would know that the person is a bookie.
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