CWG 2018, India vs Singapore, Women’s Table Tennis Final: India stun Singapore, take gold

CWG 2018, India vs Singapore, Women's Table Tennis Final Streaming: India beat Singapore in the table tennis finals. Paddlers Manika Batra, Madhurika Patkar and Mouma Das pulled off a stunning upset.

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India table tennis final live CWG 2018, India vs Singapore, Women’s Table Tennis Final Streaming: India beat Singapore in the table tennis finals.Paddlers Manika Batra, Madhurika Patkar and Mouma Das pulled off a stunning upset. (Source: AP)

CWG 2018, Women’s Table Tennis Final Streaming: India’s women paddlers pulled of stunning upset in the final match of the women’s team event. Facing a dominant Singapore, who were the defending champions, India took the first match before Singapore leveled the tie 1-1. India then went on to win the next two matches including the doubles fixture. India have been near flawless in Commonwealth Games campaign. Their road to the finals began with comprehensive wins in the group matches against Wales and Sri Lanka. Thereafter, India dispatched Malaysia 3-0 in the quarterfinals to progress to the semifinals where they went head-to-head with England. Indian paddlers comfortably won their semifinal match against England 3-1.

CWG 2018, India vs Singapore, Women’s Table Tennis Final Streaming: The progress can be followed on TV on Sony Six, Sony Six HD and Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 2 HD in English Commentary. It will also be broadcast on Sony Ten 3 and Sony Ten 3 HD in Hindi commentary. The live streaming will be available on SonyLiv. You can also catch live scores, live updates and live commentary on

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CWG 2018 Live, India vs Singapore, Women's Table Tennis Final Live Streaming:


18:17 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
That's all folks

That is all from us. Thank you for joining. You can read the full match report here

17:48 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Medal ceremony

India at the top of the podium. This is an emotional moment for the Indians as this was their first ever gold at the Commonwealth Games. Chants of Bharat Mata ki Jai ring around the Oxenford Studios, the venue for the TT final.

17:42 (IST) 08 Apr 2018

This was India's first ever gold in the women's table tennis team event at the Commonwealth Games. They have finally avenged their semifinal loss to Singapore at the 2014 Glasgow Games. 

17:24 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
India win gold

India win gold. Manika Batra has kept her cool as a desperate Zhou lost the last three points. This is India's first gold at the CWG since their last at the Delhi edition in 2010. The Indian team finished fourth in Glasgow, four years later. 

17:22 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Batra in control

Batra is being cautious at the moment and waiting for Zhou to commit an error. Her patience pays off, Zhou hands her a three-point lead.  The score is 8-5. 

17:20 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Batra smells victory

Batra, who has been at her defensive best so far, switches gears and starts to attack smelling victory. Zhou has called for a timeout to seek out her coach's advice on how to stop Batra from crushing Singapore's medal hopes.  The score is 5-4.

17:17 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Game 3 underway

Batra takes the opening point as Zhou's backhand chop sends the ball wide. She needs to win this game to have any hope of Singapore challenging for the gold medal. The Score is now 2-2. 

17:15 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Batra takes game 2

Game point Batra. With the score reading 10-3, Batra is just one point away from taking a two-game lead in this crunch tie.  An unforced error from Zhou hands the second game to Batra. 

17:13 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Batra still in lead

A rapid exchange of shots sees Zhou slowly come back into this tie.  The score is now 7-2.  Two quick points go Batra's way, taking the scoreline to  9-2. 

17:10 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Batra leads 7-0 in game 2

Batra is pumped up. She takes a seven-point lead with some flawless and inch-precision shots. Zhou is struggling to find answers in this tie.

17:08 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Batra takes Game 1

Batra wins the first game 11-7 against Zhou.  Psychologically this is a big step towards winning the match. If India takes this match, then they will clinch the gold medal. 

16:59 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Match 4: Manikar Batra vs Yiha Zhou

Manika Batra will face Yihan Zhou in the match. 

16:56 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
India wins doubles match!

India is one point away from winning this doubles tie. The Singaporeans have called for a timeout to disrupt India's momentum. This however doesn't stop India from taking the game 11-7 and the match 3-1. India now has an overall lead of 2-1.

16:45 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Doubles: Singapore take game 3.

Singapore pull off a win in a closely fought game.  Take the game 11-8. India put up a hard fight but it wasn't enough in the end. 

16:41 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Doubles: India 6-6 Singapore

The momentum keeps swinging between India and Singapore. The score is now tied at 6-6.  Singapore needs to win this game to have any hope of remaining in the tie. 

16:37 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
India take game 2.

India takes a two-game lead in the doubles tie.  Mouma Das and Madhurika Patkar have so far combined well to keep the Singaporeans at bay.  At no point in the last two games did the Singaporeans threaten to take the lead. 

16:35 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Doubles: India lead in game 2

India take a 6-2 lead in game 2.  The Singaporeans quickly trim the lead to 8-5. India's Das seems to bit flustered as she sends one wide. 

16:30 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Doubles: India take game 1

India respond strongly,  take the opening game of this doubles encounter.  Despite Singapore threatening to make a late comeback, Indian paddlers maintained their composure to see this through. 

16:25 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
India lead 6-1

A strong start by the Indian paddlers. They take a five-point lead of 6-1.  

16:22 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Match 3: Doubles

Next up is the doubles tie between India and Singapore. Mouma Das and Madhurika Patkar take on Yihan Zhou and Mengyu Yu.  Mouma Das, 34,  is a Commonwealth Games veteran. This is her fifth Games. 

16:14 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Yu takes game 3 and match

Patkar needed to win this game to stay in contention for the match. She managed to retain her composure but the lead was far too big to attempt a comeback. Patkar goes down 11-6. 

16:10 (IST) 08 Apr 2018

Patkar calls for a timeout after giving a three-point lead to Yu. The score is now 4-1. Patkar continues to struggle with most of her smashes only finding the net. 

16:06 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Yu wins game 2

Yu breezes into game 3 with a two-game lead. Patkar virtually surrendered that game without even putting a fight. She lost 11-2. 

16:04 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Patkar vs Yu: Game 2

Yu races to a massive seven-point lead over Patkar. The score is now 8-1. Patkar, who started well in the first game, is struggling to find her rhythm in the second game. 

16:00 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Yu takes first game

Yu takes the opening game after she caught Patkar wrongfooted and sent a smash to her left.  

15:58 (IST) 08 Apr 2018

Game point for Patkar. Yu sends a shot wide. Score 10-9.  Patkar, who has come out swinging in this match, conceded a point to make it deuce.  

15:55 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Scores tied 7-7

Patkar's approach is a lot different than what we have seen of Batra in the first match. She has been playing on the front foot from the word go.  The opening game of match 2 has seen far shorter rallies than the first. The score is tied 7-7.

15:49 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Match 2

The second match between Madhurika Patkar and Mengyu Yu will begin shortly. 

15:47 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Massive upset

Manika Batra scripts a massive upset after coming back from a game down to take the match 3-2.  With this win, India takes the lead against Singapore in this gold medal match.

15:44 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Yellow card

The judge whips out a yellow for Manika Batra. It is probably for time-wasting. 

15:40 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Manika leads 3-1 in Game 5

Manika Batra came out on top in the opening exchanges to race to a two-point lead.  

15:37 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Manika Batra takes Game 4.

Manika Batra keeps her calm to see Feng miscue a forehand smash.  The match will now be decided in the fifth game.  

15:34 (IST) 08 Apr 2018

A swing and a miss. Feng completely misses the ball and give Manika a much-needed lead.  The score is 8-7. 

15:32 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Game 4

It is win or bust for Manika Batra in the fourth game. She needs to win this one to tie the match 2-2 and force a fifth game.  She currently trails 7-5 against Singapore's Feng. 

15:27 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Manika loses third game

Well, well, well. The strategy has paid off. Feng takes all the points and runs away with the third game after the break. Manika loses the game 11-7.  We now enter the final game of the match. Lose this and India will lose their first match giving Singaporeans a boost. 

15:25 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Time out!

Rattled by Manika Batra's comeback, the Singaporeans have called for a timeout to disrupt her momentum. 

15:22 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Manika is back!

Whoa, where did that come from? It seems Manika Batra has steadied her focus. She has now slashed the lead to 7-6. This game also saw one of the longest rallies so far, with the point eventually going to Batra. 

15:20 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Feng leads 7-3

It appears Feng is running away with this game and the match. A series of errors from Manika Batra gives a four-point lead to the Singaporean. 

15:18 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Game 3 underway

Feng takes the opening three points. Batra wins one back. A flurry of quick exchanges sees Batra cut the lead to 3-2.

15:15 (IST) 08 Apr 2018
Manika throws away second game

Oh dear, oh dear. Manika threw away a three-point lead and allowed Feng to get back into the game. Manika was leading 7-4 at one point but Feng stepped up her attack to take the second game 11-8. 

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