PV Sindhu loses Hong Kong Open Superseries Final 15-21, 17-21 against Tai Tzu-Ying of Taiwan

PV Sindhu goes down fighting in what was always going to be a tricky contest against Tai Tzu Ying in the final.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 27, 2016 1:29 pm
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This past week, after winning the China Superseries title, PV Sindhu became India’s highest ranked female shuttler in current rankings after going past Saina Nehwal. Now she has a chance to emulate her brilliance from 2010 which helped Saina win in Singapore and Indonesia for two straight weeks.

Standing between Sindhu and continuance of a spectacular second half of the year is Tai Tzu-Ying of Taiwan who has made her way into the final after a marathon win against Rio Olympics gold medallist and World No 1 Carolina Marin.

Tzu-Ying won’t be an easy customer for Sindhu who is ranked number 3 in the world and fourth seeded at the Hong Kong Open. Catch live scores and updates from PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu-Ying at Hong Kong Open here.

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:21 pm

PV Sindhu sends her backhand into the net and Tai Tzu wins the Hong Kong Superseries title 21-15, 21-17

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:20 pm

ANOTHER INSANE POINT! Tai Tzu with stretched drop pick up which looked out of her reach. But reads the shuttle wrong in the next instance

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:19 pm

PV Sindhu sends the shuttle long! 4 game points

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:19 pm

INCREDIBLE POINT! Tai Tzu Ying somehow flings herself across to pick up a Sindhu smash across on the backhand. Picks herself up to move to the final third and return a deep shot. Then again goes diving across for another pick. But this time PV Sindhu gets the job done in her reply

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:18 pm

Tai Tzu has a comfortable lead as she approaches the gold medal step in Hong Kong. Up 18-15

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:16 pm

HOW DID SHE! How did Tai Tzu get that shuttle across and then land in. PV Sindhu gets bit of luck with her drop shot, trickles the net over but Tai Tzu does enough to get another drop shot to land in.

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:14 pm

Tai Tzu with sweetly struck backhand smash. Zips across the court and PV Sindhu can’t control her reply. It is 14-12 to the Taiwanese

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:10 pm

PV Sindhu goes into the break in the second game with a slender 11-10 lead

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:08 pm

Tai Tzu with yet another display of lovely racket movement. Gets her racket to move just enough to clear the net and the shuttle to drop right over for an exquisite drop and lead of 9-8

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:07 pm

Both players with lovely movement and racket exchange. PV Sindhu moves to the back of her backhand and then to forehand front to pick up a drop. Eventually, judges the push by Tai Tzu very well which goes long

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:04 pm

If PV Sindhu has a jump smash to give her the lead, Tai Tzu has a push drop shot across the net to draw things level at 5-5. Incredible matchup this

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:04 pm

And Tai Tzu has drawn back level with aggressive play. Mixing up the shots well and it is 4-4

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:02 pm

Better start for PV Sindhu in the second game which she needs to win. A disguised drop shot falls much in front of Tai Tzu

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201612:00 pm

Tai Tzu Ying wins the first game 21-15. That streak of eight points from 7-8 down does the job for the Taiwanese player

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:57 am

Tai Tzu sends her low backhand smash into the net and PV Sindhu is 15-19 behind

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:56 am

PV Sindhu sends her smash into the net and she’s disappointed with the error at this crucial juncture. Tai Tzu up 19-14

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:56 am

PV Sindhu with lovely backhand drop and Tai Tzu gets it back somehow. Returns it somehow but the second one is too fiercely hit by Sindhu. She’s 14-18 down now

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:55 am

Tai Tzu with sweet backhand drop from behind her back but can’t do it the second time around. PV Sindhu has reduced the gap but still lots to do. Sindhu 13-18

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:54 am

PV Sindhu looks out of ideas and bothered about the execution of her shots. Looks at the coaches on what to do to get better. As it stands, Tai Tzu is up 18-11

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:52 am

Incredible streak for Tai Tzu comes to an end. She was 7-8 down and now she’s 15-8 up. 8 points in a row for the Taiwanese player. Sindhu forces her into an error and it is 15-9

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:51 am

Tai Tzu Ying with yet another disguised drop shot. Takes it way too late and Sindhu possibly thought this was going into the final third but changes course at the last second. 14-8 now

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:49 am

Tai Tzu Ying with effortless play to keep Sindhu second guessing her movement and momentum. Changes racket head speed and movement at last second. Dropshot gives her the lead at the break in the first game. 11-8

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:48 am

Sindhu sends her drop shot attempt into the net. Tai Tzu with lovely shuttle control to send Sindhu back and forward. 10-8

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:46 am

Tai Tzu forces Sindhu into an error and the score now reads 7-6 to the Taiwan player. Sindhu follows that up with a brilliant touch at the net for a drop shot. 7-7

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:45 am

Another error by Tai Tzu and Sindhu has drawn parity once again to make it 6-6 in the first game

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:44 am

Tai Tzu tries a disguised drop shot on the forehand but it is into the net. PV Sindhu has reduced the gap now to make it 5-6

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:44 am

After four points in a row for the Taiwanese player, she sends her backhand into the net. 6-4

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:43 am

Pretty even start from both players. But it is Tai Tzu in the lead at 5-3 after Sindhu led 3-2 at one stage

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201611:40 am

And we’re underway in the Hong Kong Open Superseries final!

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201610:52 am

How they match up:

PV Sindhu: 9
Tai Tzu: 3

PV Sindhu 3-4 Tai Tzu

At Rio Olympics, Sindhu won 21-13, 21-15
At Asia Championships, Tai Tzu won 13-21, 22-20, 21-8
At 2015 Denmark Open, Sindhu won 21-12, 21-15
At Chinese Taipei Open, Tai Tzu won 21-15, 21-17
At 2012 India Open, Sindhu won 21-17, 21-19
At 2012 All England Championships, Tai Tzu won 14-21, 21-16, 21-19
At 2011 Vietnam Grand Prix, Tai Tzu won 11-21, 21-11, 21-19

Tanuj Lakhina November 27, 201610:44 am

PREVIEW: In Tai Tzu, PV Sindhu faces tricky rival

Carrying momentum that makes her Indian fans want an Olympics rematch every time she strides onto the court, PV Sindhu now has an opportunity to tick another box from the Saina Nehwal wall-of-fame: back to back Super Series titles.
The 21-year-old will line up on Sunday for the Hong Kong Open crown, a week after she picked the big one in China.
Though a Sindhu-Tai Tzu Ying match up is something that even neutrals will savour, with two of the most exciting talents squaring off at the Coliseum on Finals day. For the second straight day, it’ll be an opponent Sindhu wasn’t expecting: Nehwal didn’t reach the semis and Carolina Marin didn’t make the finals. Sindhu though stumbled through the last one, and bossed around her opponent on Saturday, entering the finals as favourite. But write off Tai Tzu, the magician from Chinese Taipei, at your own peril. It has often been said of her that she’s so unpredictable that even she doesn’t quite know when she flips the switch from ridiculous to sublime. From raining errors to stringing winners. A prodigiously deceptive player – and with the shuttles playing fast in Hong Kong – Tai Tzu Ying is hardly an easy opponent to stand across, even if their last meeting was forgettably one-sided.
That was the beginning of Sindhu’s Olympics stomping – when she handed the tiny Taipese with wizard wrists a scorching straight sets defeat early in Rio. But Tai Tzu’s made countless finals at the expense of rivals who let their guards down – including Marin on Saturday.
Sindhu’s biggest weapon is her vertical advantage – the 5’11 – 5’3, 8 inches of steepness and menace which has downed many in the past four months. And the trick to overcoming the Word No 3 from Taipei is to not to let her hold her spell – she gets demoralised when opponents pick her tricks early.
Sindhu is coming off two weeks of high intensity badminton – and Tai Tzu isn’t averse to scrambling. The Taipei girl is capable of putting Sindhu’s weary limbs and mind under siege. Still, Sindhu has done all the hard work in getting upto here, and would be determined to pick her first back-to-back weeks’ titles – and make November memorable like Nehwal did June in 2010.