US Presidential Elections 2016: Trump’s insensitivity towards disabled kid may hurt poll prospects

A 12-year old child, JJ Holmes, who suffers from a severe case of cerebral palsy went to Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida to voice his opposition over the latter’s indifferent attitude towards people with disabilities.

Written by Kanishka Singh | New Delhi | Updated: November 8, 2016 10:49:41 am
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Ahead of the US Presidential Elections 2016 scheduled for Tuesday November 8, the insensitivity of Donald Trump towards people with disabilities has raised another controversy. A 12-year old child named J.J. Holmes who suffers from a severe case of cerebral palsy went to Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida on Saturday to voice his opposition over the latter’s indifferent attitude towards people with disabilities. The child was driven out by the security and the crowd. Trump told the people present at the event to “get them out” after JJ and his mother started chanting Hillary Clinton’s name at the event, according to Alison, JJ’s mother.

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Republican is the party of Abraham Lincoln. They ended the war and slavery. They brought the two halves together. Ensured equal voting rights for women and have been responsible for achieving a large portion of the US we see at present. However, Trump fits with the Republicans like chalk and cheese. He has tried to toe the Republican line and has tried to say all the right things to appease the anger of the average American. Trump has been an open misogynist, supremacist and short of ideas to bring the country back on track. The only thing working for him is that he is away from the daily politics of Washington and promises to oust all the established power brokers in the Capital if he comes to power. However, the human side will also count when voters cast their vote on Tuesday and Trump doesn’t fare well in that sense.

On Saturday, JJ and his mother saw the other side of Donald Trump. The crowd heckled them out of the area by pushing JJ’s wheelchair and the security removed them from the rally grounds at Trump’s bidding. The child was later received by President Barack Obama and he was seen repeating “I hate Trump” through his voice rendering device.

Donald Trump has shown questionable conduct at several instances during his campaign and has made statements that have offended women, child rights groups, equal rights activists, LGBTQ community, persons with disabilities, immigrants, people of colour, hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Middle Easterners, Muslims, Jews, Chinese and a host of other population groups.

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His insensitive attitude just ahead of the elections may hurt him in the polling again, especially when the FBI has given a clean chit to his opponent Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump’s support has slowly climbed in previous weeks. Undecided and estranged Republicans are coming home and numbers are rising steadily. Still Trump trails Hillary by a good margin.

Trump has stood apathetic to the interests of the disabled community and that has irked other population groups. His moral qualifications to lead the US also come into question in the minds of the American voters. Interestingly, Trump’s campaign managers have come to his rescue by fire-fighting serious situations where Trumps outbursts, outrageous statements, lies, showing off, slanderous remarks and morally and ethically questionable acts came to light. Even his Twitter account was taken away from him by his campaign committee for being too unpredictable and “out of control” and that any unmeasured words that he may say or write can come to bite them bad.

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