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Indian students still don’t find Japan interesting. Here is why

Indian IIT`s and IIM`s are regarded as best elite Indian universities in japan and among Japanese expatriates. Indian IIT`s and IIM`s are regarded as best elite Indian universities in japan and among Japanese expatriates.
Written by Junko Nirmala | Updated: August 31, 2014 10:02 am

While Indian Students perceive their higher studies dream with US, UK and other Global universities on high pitch scale, Selecting Japanese Universities seems to be out of radar for many years among Indian Students.

To study in Japan more than 10,000 Chinese students enroll per year in Japanese universities and specialized training Institutes, Students from Other countries like Korea are more than 1000, hardly 500 Indian students are studying in Japan currently. On a rigor promotion by Japanese universities to attract Indian students the numbers have increased only recently, otherwise even a decade ago it used to be only below 100`s per year.

Though Indians have tremendous liking towards Japan for its technology, Bullet trains and beautiful seasons, it appears there is lot more at stake when it comes to studying or starting their higher studies in Japan. One can say that Studying in Japan is expensive hence no interest is shown to select Japanese universities, but if total cost per program is compared to US or UK universities Japanese universities cost does fall on the similar line with slight variations in cost of living.

There are 80 plus National universities, 90 plus public universities and approximately 600 private universities offering variety of programs in Japan. Many Japanese universities offer courses in English in selected disciplines and does have world’s best research facilities. Some of the renowned Japanese national universities have consistently tried to attract Indian students through scholarships and other exchange programs. Couple of universities has even set up their support desk in India to spread awareness among aspiring Indian students.  Yet Japanese universities remain far for Indian Students. Apart from cost of living and studying and language challenges The Top reasons for not being primary choice to study in japan are as follows.

Lack of Role Model:  In US and other countries there is clear role model [Nonresident Indian`s and also other foreigners] who have flourished in many ways be it in political academic, scientific, entrepreneurial domains or any domains that attracts students from their origin country. In Japan it is very hard to say – if there is any role model [NRI or foreigner] who has been successful after studying here on par with other countries. Neither Indians nor other foreigners in main stream domains have been able to climb up the ladder in Japan, but it does not mean there is none. There are handfuls of people who have made it to the top, but very limited.

Indians who came to japan to study 20 ~ 30 years back have had good career but many of them are not based in japan. Those who stayed back, their contributions have been limited to certain levels.

Lack of Career Prospectus:  Since Many Japanese companies tend to have Japanese personnel in …continued »

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