Protest and quit

Kejriwal forgets that as chief minister he has responsibilities — in addition to his own convictions — towards the people of Delhi.

Published: February 11, 2014 4:27:36 am

* After a great start in politics — winning 28 assembly seats in Delhi — the earnest, intelligent, energetic and honest Arvind Kejriwal seems to be losing touch with basic ground realities (‘Arvind Kejriwal says will quit if Jan Lokpal is not passed’, IE, February 10). Kejriwal forgets that as chief minister he has responsibilities — in addition to his own convictions — towards the people of Delhi. His actions must therefore keep in mind the bigger picture. While holding this high office, he must exercise restraint and not shout “protest and quit” every time there is a delay in the granting of his wishes. He must also respect due process.
— Krishan Kalra
New Delhi

* Apropos of Shekhar Gupta’s article ‘Arvind Chitra Katha’ (IE, February 8), I feel one must accept Arvind Kejriwal’s sincerity, although it is difficult to agree with his methods. They will never succeed. Similar methods were employed by the Soviet Union and Mao’s China, and they did little to improve the standards of living in these countries. Kejriwal’s attitude towards the woes of the nation appears to be shallow. I sincerely request him to read Arun Shourie’s Where Will All This Take Us, contemplate its ideas and let them help chalk his path.

—Sadashiv S. Apte

Old wounds

* This refers to ‘Equal, but not separate’ (IE, February 10). The 2012 exodus from Bangalore of persons from the Northeast in the aftermath of hateful messages on social media and the death of Nido Taniam in Delhi mark an ominous trend against our Northeastern brethren. These incidents stem from racial discrimination and a misconception that “they” are stealing job opportunities from the locals. Our Constitution provides the right to equal opportunity for all across India. It’s heartening to know that top political leaders across party lines are striving to restore the confidence of people from the Northeast. Measures to facilitate the rapid economic development of the region, the establishment of institutions of national stature and better linkages with the rest of the country should be adopted to boost the integration process.
—Deepak Raj

Just in case
* This refers to ‘Silent on Congress, Left warns of a brewing Mamata-Modi tie-up’ (IE, February 10). The CPM wants to keep open its option of supporting the Congress from the outside if the upcoming general elections end up in a fractured mandate. Whatever they may say publicly — especially the CPM — both parties may like to forget their acrimonious differences on various issues and make up in light of their larger common political interests.
— Tarsem Singh

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