Letters to the editor: Young ones

Virat Kohli not only scored an amazing century but also the fastest one by an Indian.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: October 18, 2013 2:41 am

Young ones

* After an excellent performance by Australia in the first ODI,India put up a record-breaking performance in the second one at Jaipur (Aus 359/5,India 362/1 in 43.3 overs,Rohit 141*,Kohli 100* off 52’,IE,October 17). Shikhar Dhawan batted well with Rohit Sharma. Virat Kohli not only scored an amazing century but also the fastest one by an Indian. Indeed,it was a memorable match at Jaipur. The young ones in the Indian team seem to be maturing and coming of age.

— V. Sethuraman


Gross injustice

* This refers to ‘In custody’ (IE,October 16 ). It’s a matter of grave concern that 65 per cent of incarcerated persons are under-trials and are subjected to confinement that may not be held valid once their trial is over. This is against the basic principle of justice. At the very least,people who have been incarcerated for a period of time longer than the maximum possible punishment for the crime for which they are under trial should be released without delay.

— Ashok Goswami


Missing the point

* It is shocking and surprising that the mass conversion of Dalits to Buddhism in Gujarat attracted attention for all the wrong reasons (‘Gujarat orders probe into conversion of Dalits’,IE,October 16). The administration is preoccupied with probing whether the organisers had the required permissions and had complied with the frankly ridiculous anti-conversion law. The real problems here are the issues of untouchability and casteism,due to which people are keen to convert. In spite of the abolition of untouchability,Dalits are denied human dignity and equality. The anti-conversion law makes it tedious and cumbersome for them to seek refuge in other religions.

— Rajendra Tete

New Delhi

No godfathers

* This refers to ‘Birla FIR effect: Rattled India inc “protests” to govt’ (IE,October 17). Immediately after the CBI filed an FIR against Kumar Mangalam Birla and P.C. Parakh,Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma,Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot,HDFC chief Deepak Parekh,Biocon head Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and others came to Birla’s defence by directly or indirectly criticising the CBI’s move. Unfortunately,whistleblowers like Parakh and Ashok Khemka are left to fend for themselves. No heavyweight has come out in open support of them. If the CBI does not withdraw its FIR,Birla will not be too badly off. He has the money to engage the best lawyers possible and has the financial might to withstand an extremely long legal battle. The same cannot be said of Parakh,an honest and upright officer.

— Haridasan Mathilakath


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