Letters to the editor: Young guns

Published: June 27, 2013 5:13 am

Young guns

*This refers to ‘ Comeback men’ (IE,June 25). The Indian cricket team’s younger members have played with distinction in the Champions Trophy and have helped the team emerge victorious. Shikhar Dhawan and Ravindra Jadeja are exciting young cricketers to watch,while Virat Kohli has already proved himself a prolific scorer in international cricket. Their hard work has helped the Indian team improve its performance several notches; this in spite of the fact that many of the players who were part of our world cup team are now no longer in the team. This augurs well for the future,given that we also have an extremely competent captain.

—Devendra Khurana


Wrong target

*This refers to ‘The cost of living’ (IE,June 18). It’s worth pointing out that of the various causes of death in India,AIDS is not the leading one. I feel that the proposal to test every Indian adult for HIV is quixotic. It is mandatory that anyone being tested for HIV be counselled,both before the test and at the time of releasing the test report,due to the profound mental stress involved. It is patently impossible to do this for the whole country. Further,the exorbitant costs do not outweigh the benefits. There are far more deaths due to diseases like malaria,dengue,viral encephalitis and gastroenteritis,and due to road accidents. This boils down to requiring better sanitation,vector control and road safety. This is what the government should be spending on.

—Hemang D. Koppikar


Crime and punishment

*This refers to ‘A continuing crime’ (IE,June 25). There are reports of atrocities committed against marginalised Dalits and tribals by other dominant and powerful members of these groups. The proposed amendment should take this into account,and accordingly expand the scope of the act. This shortcoming in the existing act was also pointed out by Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau in her judgment on the Mirchpur incident of 2010,when a Dalit girl and her father were burnt alive. Justice Lau expressed her inability to hold a derelict officer guilty under the act because he was also a Dalit.

—O.P. Shukla

New Delhi

New vision

* This refers to ‘To counter Cong,BJP to come out with minorities welfare document’ (IE,June 26). The BJP reaching out to minorities is a welcome step and a good beginning. The BJP has maintained this will neither be an apology,nor a move to appease anyone. One hopes this is the outcome of the strategy meeting Narendra Modi held in Delhi last week. The BJP’s campaign should publicly state their stance and vision on key problems and debates in the country.

—N. Ramamurthy


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