Letters to the editor: Buck stops here

Published:October 21, 2013 3:45 am

Buck stops here

This refers to ‘CBI’s coal dilemma: Is PM “competent authority” or the minister-in charge?’ (IE,October 18). Unfortunately for the CBI,nobody is fooled as to who the “competent authority” it refers to is. The PM is the one who finally approved and signed the coal block allocation,based on the recommendation of the then coal secretary. Now that the PM has taken responsibility for this decision,it will enhance his reputation. He must assert that the buck stops with him and that he is not hiding behind his subordinates. Till recently,it looked as though he had thrown P.C. Parakh,a reputed and honest bureaucrat,under the bus to save his own skin.

— M. Ratan

New Delhi

Glass houses

Rahul Gandhi’s allegation that the Madhya Pradesh government headed by Shivraj Singh Chouhan is “the university of corruption” (‘”Chouhan government is university of corruption”’,IE,October 18) is a classic case of the pot calling a kettle black. Or,given how Gandhi has disassociated himself from his own government,is it? Gandhi,being the Congress vice president,cannot disassociate himself from the UPA government and its corruption. This is why his accusation sounds particularly ridiculous and politically immature. Gandhi’s story of his mother’s pain at not being able to vote for the food security law because she was taken ill,touching as it may have been,cannot undo the misdeeds of the UPA.

— R.P. Shahi


Few good men

This refers to ‘Nothing wrong with Hooda govt chargesheeting Khemka: Cong’ (IE,October 18). The chargesheet against IAS officer Ashok Khemka for the allegedly low sale of seeds during his tenure as MD of the Haryana Seeds Development Corporation is worrisome,especially because it was filed so soon after the CBI’s FIR against P.C. Parakh. The government and investigating agencies need to be able to distinguish between decisions taken in good faith that,in retrospect,result in bad outcomes,and decisions that were malafide to begin with. The former should,at worst,be censured through an adverse appraisal report. The Hooda government seems bent on hounding Khemka because he drew attention to Robert Vadra’s questionable business dealings.

— K.S. Sundaram


Unreliable powers

This refers to ‘Don’t blame it on China’ by C. Raja Mohan (IE,October 17). China has for too long been a supporter of Pakistan’s nuclear programme and has even contravened Nuclear Suppliers Group protocols in order to do so. The A.Q. Khan episode confirmed Pakistan’s unreliability as a nuclear power. It is hoped that the PM will raise strong objection to Beijing’s support to Pakistan during his upcoming visit.

— Deepak Singh Gaur


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