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Meghnad Desai sounds like a Modi spokesperson in his attempt to defend Modi’s continued silence over 'Lalitgate' and Vyapam.

Published: July 14, 2015 1:04 am

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Necessary Cash
This refers to ‘A state only in name’ (IE, July 13). The writer seems too critical of cash transfers. Cash transfer is better than the other means by which government can provide money to citizens. The direct delivery of goods is fraught with corruption, so new ways like cash transfers are necessary. While no one denies the incapacity of the state, trying to make up for earlier failures and attempts at plugging loopholes should be seen in a new perspective — not along the same continuum as past policy paralysis.
Krupa Bhandari,Mumbai

PM Must Speak
This refers to ‘Modi matters’ (IE, July 13). Meghnad Desai sounds like a Modi spokesperson in his attempt to defend Modi’s continued silence over “Lalitgate” and Vyapam. The least he ought to have done as PM was reassure the nation that the law would, fairly and independently, take its course. The writer’s attempt at equating the demand for a statement from the PM with the demand for sacking the accused is misleading. Past PMs have suffered for their lack of oratory skills. Modi will be doing himself a disservice by treading the same path.
Nivedita Dwivedi, Navi Mumbai

Game Changer
Sania Mirza has made the country proud by winning the Wimbledon women’s doubles with Martina Hingis. Right from her junior days, Mirza left nobody in doubt
about her potential. Hopefully, her success will continue to inspire young Indian girls to take up tennis as a profession.
Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

Glass Houses
Much has been written about the students of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) protesting against the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairman of FTII. However, when the protesters met Arun Jaitley, he revealed that students of the batch of 2009 have not yet graduated, and that the government is generously
continuing to subsidise their course.

If this is true, what right do they have to question the credibility of the person appointed as FTII chairman? He is not a criminal, nor does he have any
vested commercial interests. The students should focus on doing their own work, and doing it within the specified timeframe.
Makarand Hiralikar, Pune

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    Jul 31, 2015 at 4:30 pm
    Indians are fond of Tamasha these are part of the same tamasha going on. Apended below an article on the same THE GREAT INDIAN TAMASHA 1. India is considered as country of magician and snake charmers, whereas we consider our selves as Jagat Guru. Every now and then some baba comes inti limelight stating himself as Jagat Guru. The recent activity of Yoga on 21 Jun 2015 was published as world record. What is the outcome of such gathering needs to be understood before praising such event. Yoga or meditation or certain exercise are way of life for people of all religion. It is undertaken by individual believers in different forms. The controversy stared with one religion that we do not prey to Sun or we bow only to God. Media and people continued the arguments as Tamasha and event ped by as great event with recording of this event in Guineas book of world record and was culminated for Tamasha on 21 Jun15 at Rajpath New Delhi. 2. Indians are fond of Tamasha since the time of Raja Harishchandra. The great King donates his kingdom on the promise he made during his sleep. The stage came when he became a slave and had nothing for lighting the funeral pyre of his son. But Raja Harishchandra was taken to heaven. Indians are fond of such stories which has become part of our daily life. The Ramayug or Ramarajya is still proposed and Governments promise to bring Ramrajya. What happened during the period was that lady Sita was forcible abducted by Ravan. The major event is fight between Ram and Ravan. After victory and ascending on the throne of Ayadhya, King Ram sends his pregnant wife to jungle on the statement of washer man. The Kato Upnishad devotes full chapter on dealing with a pregnant lady and donot allow such actions. We do not follow the Upnishad and continue to hear Ramayan by Lav and Kush. The tamasha continues. During the period of great Epic Mahabharata. Krishna kills his Mama Kans and put his maternal g father on the throne. No one questions Krishna that we will not have king like your Kansa mama again. All rules were broken during war but the story of Draupadi on stake in gambling by Yudhistir is unparalleled in the history. Act is justified as lesson to the world. But what is the lesson, Kalyug considered as worst period came into existence next when Darma became victorious after Mahabharata. We praise Mahabharata and the Tamasha continues. 2. It is considered that Indian freedom struggle is fought under the leadership of Mr M K hi without sword. Khilafat Movement for reinstatement of Calipha is considered as land mark in the history for Indian freedom struggle. Mr Kamal Musrafa Ataturk was fighting at Turkey for abolition of Calipha and Mr M K hi did not support the movement by Mr Kamal Ataturk at that time. After Chauri Chaura macre in 1922, Mr MK hi ceased Satyagrah in support of Khilafat movement and started staying in Sabarmati Ashram. Turkey was proclaimed as republic in 1923 not a Islamic nation under the leadership of Mr Kamal Mustafa Ataturk. Mr Kamal Ataturk is now considered hero in India and an important road in New Delhi has been named after him. The great Indian Tamasha continues. Next important mile stone in freedom struggle was Salt Satyagrah or Dandi march, The total number of peasant arrested during the Salt Satyagrah lasting more than twenty day was only 370. Such protest march was also undertaken in other parts of country. The salt tax continues thereafter and Salt Satyagrah was withdrawn by congress in 1934. This Dandi march is hailed as important mile stone in the history of India Independence and the great Indian Tamasha continues. The Quit India is most important event in the history of Indian freedom struggle and was launched by Me hi in 1942. The Quit India movement got suppressed within with arrest of important Congress leaders. hi was put in make shift jail Agha Khan Palace at Pune. How it can be considered as jail is not understood. It was Government of India Act ped by British parliament gave Independence to India. The Quit India movement is regarded as most important mile stone in the Indian Independence movement by Congress. The great Indian Tamasha continues. 3. The lost hours for discussion in the Parliament and its adjournment is regular phenomenon during parliament sessions. The modus of opei by successive government is same. Certain issues were raised before start of parliament session. The opposition will not allow debate on issues as asked by the Government. Parliament proceedings will be stalled by walking out of opposition and adjournment due to noise created in the Parliament. Government will not agree and the parliament session will be wasted. During previous government parliamentary sessions, Issue related to Jan Lok Pal Bill, Opposition asking for resignation of railway and Law minister on bribery issue, coal block allocation etc continues to stall proceeding of parliament by opposition by either asking for resignation of minister or making noise in parliament. The speaker will adjourn the house. The government has to function and therefore they will p and implement ordinance for their activities. The present government adapted the same procedure with aggressive posture on Land Acquisition bill and budget session of parliament session was curtailed. The present government has promulgated of ordinance on land acquisition bill thrice. The 38 amendment of consution article 123 clause 4 gives authority that land acquired during this period can not be questioned in any court of law. The government is continuing with ordinance whereas 57 % of land acquired since 2013 remain unutilized depriving farmers their rights. The great Indian Tamasha is now continuing from UPA government to NDA government. 4. The government is to form rule for governance and they have to ensure its implementation through administration. They are not a business organization where government has to advertise for themselves. The statement for aggressive propaa on land accusation bill is uncalled for and it should be deliberated in the parliament. This is curtailment of fundamental rights of citizens of India of appeal again any act in the court given by consution. How a land acquired for a specific purpose if not utilized for that purpose within certain period will not be given to the owner 5. This stage for the Tamasha during next parliament session has now been set with additional dimensions along with land acquisition bill are statement of Mr L K Advani senior leader BJP that I can not rule out possibility of another emergency in India. He has stated that forces that can crush democracy are stronger and emergency like situation could emerge again. Also, Mr Rajnath Singh union minister for home in his views on resignation of Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Mrs Vijay Raje Sindhiya on the episode of Mr Lalit Modi, added with Mrs Smri Irani about her educational qualification that this is NDA government not UPA speaks volume of concern of Mr LK Adwani. Further, Mr Arun Jaitley union minister for finance statement that emergency forty year back was because of media was vulnerable and police and bureaucracy was compliant does not stand the truth. The analysis of w episodes of Mr Lalit Modi by Media and BJP keeping silence on the discussion with pleas of humanitarian approach for Mrs Sushama Swaraj and distancing from Mrs Vasundra Raje Sindhiya CM of Rajashthan of is totally baseless. What has been projected by media and panelist thereon was IPC act for contact with a person who is in look out by ED and getting favours from a person and minister giving illegal favours was not replied by BJP panelist. The issue is a Tamasha on Television and media for a few days. The tamasha of Vyapam ghotala is also live on television screen where 47 deaths have been reported for persons related to this ghotala. Government is presently discussing who will do the probe. With intervention of honorable Supreme court of India CBI has been entrusted with this task. However, who will be responsible for its monitoring is yet to be decided. Can we have person like Mr William Sleeman who completely eradicated the Thugee in Madya pradesh during British period. The CBI was formed as success to his effort in 1904. Additional agenda for the Tamasha has now been set with Mr Amit Sah stating in OBC conference that BJP has given this country OBC Prime minister and many other OBC chief ministers BJP is now additional dimension to their vote bank policy of Hindutava agenda to OBC card eyeing on election in Bihar. The OBC forms 48% of vote bank in Bihar and this vote bank along with dalit vote and certain upper caste vote will give them age over Lalu, Nitish and Mulalam combine Janta Pariwar. The satge for the great Indian Tamasha is getting set. 5. Issue related with OROP for armed forces has support from various agencies. The relay hunger strike at Jantar Mantar, boycotting of social function are part of their strategy by ex-serviceman. Political parties are also eyeing on the vote bank of serviceman. They will provide support to ex-serviceman during Monsoon session of Parliament. All these issues will become an agenda for stalling proceedings in Monsoon session of Parliament. The great Indian Tamasha will be ON.