Letters to the editor

By: Express News Service | Published: October 16, 2014 1:02 am

An Indian family

This refers to ‘Intermarriage is not jihad, it is India’ (IE, October 15). I would like to congratulate the writer and The Indian Express for the brilliant article. We need more such voices to be heard. I am from a Christian family and my wife is a Hindu. My brothers and sisters are married to Christians, Hindus and Muslims. Our children follow all religions. When we come together for a family function, we find no differences between ourselves. We celebrate Diwali and Christmas. Sometimes, my wife leads us in prayer at church and at home. All religions preach love and humanity. A good samaritan can be a better person than a rabbi, pastor, maulvi or pandit. Actions are what count.

During the Gujarat earthquake and Mumbai floods, people helped each other irrespective of religion.
—  Ashish D. Patole

Vulnerable position

The government of Andhra Pradesh, in coordination with the Centre, was able to minimise casualties because of the cyclonic storm, Hudhud. But the storm ravaged Visakhapatnam and the scale of devastation to property and infrastructure is immense. Power and telecommunication lines, trees, roads, the airport and miscellaneous buildings have been damaged extensively. It will be a challenge to bring the city back on track. The Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coastline has always been vulnerable to high-intensity cyclones and natural calamities. In fact, Hudhud is the 75th cyclone to hit Andhra Pradesh since 1871. Given Andhra Pradesh’s vulnerability to cyclones, it would be wise to build infrastructure and equip agencies in the state accordingly.
— Devendra Khurana

A junket

Top tax and revenue officials are set to visit Switzerland to pursue cases of black money and secret accounts held by Indians in the banks there. Talk about bringing back black money parked in Swiss banks back to India has been heard for a while now. The officials are bound to return empty-handed, for none of our political leaders or bureaucrats is foolish enough to let the mission succeed. The only tangible “benefit” of the delegation’s visit would be the short stay in Switzerland that the officials would enjoy.
— P.G. Menon

Partisan dismissal

APROPOS ‘Simply spooked’ (IE, October 15), the Congress is yet to adjust itself to its diminished status. It is mindlessly opposing measures of the Modi government that should be kept beyond party politics. Shashi Tharoor’s sacking as party spokesperson is directly linked to his acceptance of the prime minister’s invitation to be part of the Swachh Bharat mission.
— M.C. Joshi                                                                                                                                                                         

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