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hough strong relations with the US are certainly important, they cannot come at the cost of food security for our poor.

By: Express News Service | Published: August 1, 2014 12:21 am

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Questions remain
THIS refers to the editorial ‘Say yes to trials’ (IE, July 31). Genetically modified crops are in the news once again. While the editorial suggests field trials should be allowed, I beg to differ. I especially disagree with the assertion that trials are being held back purely due to the pressure being exerted from certain ideologues. The opposition is mainly because there are still doubts about the safety of GM crops. There is no denying the fact that genetic modification is not yet universally accepted. It is no good to rush into the cultivation of new categories of pest-resistant seeds. There are still too many unanswered questions. If GM technology is permitted, it will result in multinational, monopolistic seed companies benefiting. The pollen from GM-trial crops could contaminate non-GM varieties. More laboratory research is needed before a call can be taken.
— B.N. Anand

Bargaining chip
THIS refers to ‘The real threat to WTO’ by Sanjaya Baru (IE, July 31). The writer is absolutely right in saying China, not India, might be the real target of the West’s actions at the WTO. But India is certainly right in its position given that it has not received any assurances from the US. Particularly in the backdrop of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks, this is not alright. It would be tough to implement the food security act in the future unless we make some headway on renegotiating the agreement on agriculture. Though strong relations with the US are certainly important, they cannot come at the cost of food security for our poor.
— Krupa Bhandari

Farewell, Kallis
THE world’s greatest all-rounder has hanged his boots up — Jacques Kallis has bid goodbye to international cricket. Runs, tons and wickets were his forte, and he was the most feared cricketer the world has ever witnessed. His batting skills could match the best of the best, including Sachin Tendulkar, and his fiery bowling shamed the most talented batsmen. His all-rounder status is clear from his career statistics. Though Kallis never hogged the headlines and was modest, his feats were phenomenal. Cricket lovers across the globe salute him for entertaining them over the last two decades. The vacuum created by his exit will be hard to fill. Well played, Jacques Kallis.
— S.N. Kabra

Glasgow glory
THIS refers to ‘Lifting the cloud’ ( IE, July 31). It is heartening to see our excellent showing in the ongoing Glasgow Commonwealth Games. The Indian contingent in general, and weightlifters in particular, have done really well so far.
— Amit Verma

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  1. Carl Bailey
    Dec 9, 2017 at 7:29 am
    I still cannot believe all the hot air coming from officials about how advanced we are in I.T. and supposedly having some of the best brains in the business. However, not just once, but repeatedly, when I try to get information from our world-famous Indian Railways, I get, "Due to system overload, your request could not be processed. Please try sms.". This is laughable and a comedy of colossal proportions. A group of my friends from Massachusetts are trying to get information from the Indian Railways, and this is what happens. They were frustrated at first, then laughing at the comedy that is India! I have egg on my face, as an Indian, having to explain to them that India is still in the Dark Ages. Truly! Give us action, not empty, inaccurate, bombastic bragging about how"advanced" India is! Shame!
    1. S
      Sudarsan K K A
      Oct 21, 2017 at 12:01 pm
      GST Through GST more revenue for both State and Central Governments. So they can render lot of justice to all citizens of India. Firstly abolish Income Tax (GST Government is earns more revenue than I T). Initially State and Central Government can start world standard primary school to Medical College hospital in each State, for future citizens. Later this can be linked with District level too. Government Hospital should be improved with latest technologies. Government Hospital Doctors can also work with enthusiasm. Agriculture has to be encouraged Through Satellite lot security, traffic, natural disasters can be predicated and able to save the nation For INR 1 where the Indian Railway able to pay INR 10 L during unforeseen circumstances, Government can raise fund for all citizens from GST (under Insurance Scheme here Aadhaar Card play it role) For Old citizens (those who are uncared) can be taken care by Government owned old citizens home. Will Good results for Indians
      1. Amar Jit Singh Goraya-Australia
        Sep 25, 2017 at 5:59 am
        Australians boiling today with a controversy over the same Marriages A postal ballet is being held now whether you say yes or no on the subject of same marriages According to Sydney Morning Herald the largest circulated daily of Australia about 70 voters are in favour of same marriages ON Sunday 10 September a big rally was held in Sydney our largest city in favour of same marriages About 30000 ( thirty thousands )people parti ted in this rally From the corner of Park Street people of all ages and backgrounds filled Elizabeth Street as far as the eye could see to the strains of a marching band playing pop songs Some held up signs saying "27 anniversaries and still no ring" " Surprise I am human too " " I want my mother to have the right to plan my wedding " " I will not go quickly back to the 1950s" " I am here to find a wife for my daughter " " If Shorten ( Opposition labor leader ) was PM we could be at brunch right now " " Equality is fabulous " Publish
        1. G
          Govinda S Bindiganavile
          Sep 20, 2017 at 8:14 pm
          Dear prime minister I read with interest a news colum that governament is mulling to give boost to the economy, by our finance minister Mr Jaitely. To me we have to analyse the reasons for the drop in our GDP if it has international ramifications it is difficult to give boost to economy. But if it is due to some measures taken by the governament in the interest of the nation, it can be set right by certain policy measures. As a common man my analysys of slow down, one of the reason may be after demonetisation and introduction of GST The entire economy came into main stream which was a good move as all beneficial things have side effects it might have acted as disincentives for small manufacturer where their only source of survival was avoidance of tax and for bigger players why to take risk and earn money and pay a big chunk to the governament. For this my suggestion is to think in terms reducing therate of both income tax and GST and give a boost to economy
          1. Sreenivas Jeyaraman
            Sep 10, 2017 at 9:43 pm
            Bihar: The Floods nobody is talking about....Sir heartening to heard the real NEWS about Bihar Flood... About 1.72 Cr People affected...please take this awareness with the concerned and hope to prevent the damage in future... Send opinion box in your NEWS daily and feed the responds to the Government... Things can change only by the NEWS MEDIA ...Exclusive heartening report by Mr. Niraj Sahai....
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