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Letter to the Editor: Different conflicts

The Tamil issue was an ethnic crisis caused by majority oppression. But the Kashmir issue has been about separatism right from its inception.

Published: May 13, 2017 12:35 am

This refers to the article, ‘A vesak day wish for Kashmir’ (IE, May 12). Before drawing parallels between the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka and the Kashmir issue we must consider their fundamental differences. The Tamil issue was an ethnic crisis caused by majority oppression. But the Kashmir issue has been about separatism right from its inception. The Tamils had to live with underdevelopment, whereas Kashmir was a thriving economy and global tourist hub before 1980s. Kashmir is a part of proxy war waged by Pakistan. Insurgency here does not have popular support, it’s the work of misguided youth. Kashmiris have had political empowerment for more than 20 years unlike the Lankan Tamilians.

Sayantan Ghosh, Kolkata

Macron’s test

This refers to the editorial, ‘The victor and unvanquished’ (IE, May 11). The statistics provided by the author show that Marine Le Pen’s support base has not eroded. Emmanuel Macron did not get the votes of 50 per cent people in France, though he did get more than half of the votes polled. Both capitalism and socialism have failed to ensure “inclusive” growth. There can not be a “universal” economic solution. It should be country/region/society-specific.

N.Ramamurthy, Chennai

No will

This refers to the article, ‘Once upon a river’ (IE, May 12). Flowing river water has a self-cleaning mechanism. No amount of solid waste management will help to make clean Ganga till the government minimises the number of dams and reservoir on the river. The Ganga is not only about the 2500 Km stretch between Gangotri to Ganagsagar. The river is also about its tributaries.

Suchak D. Patel, Ahmedabad

Wrong pill

This refers to the article, ‘Cure lies elsewhere’ (IE, May 12). In the long run, compulsory prescription of generic medicines is desirable. However, in recent times, India’s generic medicine industry has acquired a bad reputation with some consignments being rejected in the US. Last year, there were reports of generic medicines failing standards in the country as well.

Mithun Tripathi, Kolkata

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  1. S
    May 24, 2017 at 10:35 pm
    Your letters to the editor column everyday repeatedly entertains the opinion of few members who are antinational & pseudosecular. You should accept the opinion of all readers however irrelevant it may be. Please take this as a request.
    1. P
      Priya Davidar
      May 16, 2017 at 3:22 pm
      In the article dated 15-05-2017, elephant conservationists attempted to reassure the public that the excess deaths of elephants caused by the recent drought, was natural. The Asian elephant population (≈ 4000) in TN is already small, and excess mortality has more severe impact on small populations including their genetics. Therefore, a close scrutiny of mortality and the understanding its cause in real time, is required. Secondly, wild elephants suffer from multiple impacts such as habitat loss, excessive human disturbance, and limited access to water and food. Therefore “let nature take its course” philosophy is no longer possible, as management is needed to conserve wildlife under semi-natural conditions. The severe drought may be symptomatic of new ecological conditions, such as the beginning of climatic extremes predicted by climate change models. Then excessive mortality would become the norm and there are good reasons to be concerned about our jumbos.