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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Legal folly

The author has pointed out that the lokpal bill lacks clarity and precision.

Published: January 17, 2014 3:37:23 am

* Apropos of ‘Our poorly written lokpal’ by Sumathi Chandrashekharan (IE, January 15), it clearly illustrates the bankruptcy of legal talent in the country which has resulted in poorly drafted bills. The Right to Information Act and the lokpal bill could prove to be the backbone of our democracy, making it strong and meaningful. A large section of our population is illiterate, and only a small percentage has legal literacy, so our laws must be lucid, candid, simple and easy to understand. Since their aims and objectives are very clear, it is mystifying why these laws are not drafted in more simple language. The author has pointed out that the lokpal bill lacks clarity and precision — the most important traits of legislation. The law minister must take note of such legal folly.
— S.G. Mirajgaonkar

No left turn
* In his article, ‘Being left out’ (IE, January 15), Akeel Bilgrami has done a scholarly and objective analysis of the Left in India. However, there are other reasons for the weakening of the Left as well. For example, there is an arrogance in the rank and file which prevents them from recognising newly emerging realities. The lack of a proper cadre policy and insensitivity towards marginalised sections, including Muslims, have isolated them further.
— Qaiser Shamim

Kirana culture
* The editorial ‘AAP’s misjudgement’ (IE, January 15) is misleading. For example, the whole truth about Walmart is not revealed. The company has asserted that it cannot meet the criteria of 30 per cent local sourcing. It also wants complete autonomy in purchases. Though multiple shifts may give some a little more employment, many will be out of a job. It will affect not only the families of kirana store owners, but also all those who supply them with goods. The latter will be cornered by giants like Walmart and, in the not too distant future, these giants will dictate terms for continuing to buy from them. The kirana store is not just about business. Over the years, it has acquired social and philanthropic dimensions, as the one who gives credit, the one who makes home-deliveries, the one who supplies goods in small quantities.
— Kedarnath Rajah Aiyar

Crime without fear
* From the successive gangrapes in Delhi, it is clear that even swift action against those involved in the December 16 incident has had no effect in arresting these crimes. This disrespect for the law needs careful examination. A separate force, similar to the one for tackling terrorism, should be created and equipped with research facilities. The offence should be tried by a tribunal with limited scope for appeals.
— S. Rajagopalan

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