Home front

The proposition that husbands pay salaries to wives who are homemakers is interesting

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 11, 2012 3:56 am

Home front

* The proposition that husbands pay salaries to wives who are homemakers is interesting (‘Govt looks at salary for homemakers from husbands’,IE,September 10). Very often,women working at home are considered unemployed,even though they might work as hard as their husbands. Of course,the marital relationship should not be brought into the commercial realm,but allocating a portion of the husband’s salary for the homemaker is a way of recognising the worth of the work she does. It also assures her an income and with it,financial independence.

— Suren Abreu


Loss of a pioneer

* With the death of Verghese Kurien,India has lost one of its pioneering personalities (‘Verghese Kurien,father of White Revolution,dies’,IE,September 10). Amul,the co-operative he headed,became a household name in India. His work at Anand in Gujarat gave employment to thousands of farmers and helped increase their bargaining power. His relentless efforts revolutionised the dairy industry in India.

—Saroj Kumar Panigrahi


* If there is any name every household in this country will remember with gratitude,it is that of Verghese Kurien,who brought the White Revolution to India. He resisted multinational companies and other forces to make his co-operative venture a success. Today,most corners of the country have access to a supply of milk. The co-operative also helped in the economic upliftment of poor milk producers. He will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone in this country.

— V.N. Ramachandran


Time to party

* Former Team Anna members have now decided to get popular consensus on whether they should form a political party (‘Kejriwal:Will seek public opinion on floating party’,IE,September 9). However,they should only form a party if they truly want to give this country a political alternative. If they want to do so,they should go ahead. Citizens will make their choice at the polls. If the proposed political party does not do well in elections,Arvind Kejriwal and his colleagues can take a backseat if they wish. But they should not waste time and money collecting support now.

— Dhruv Jogi


Bitter truths

* This refers to ‘The accountability of CAG’ (IE,September 10) by G. Mohan Gopal. The CAG should arrive at its figures by a method that is trusted by the government. The government,for its part,should have the courage to accept the CAG’s figures,however unpalatable they may be. CAG reports cannot be allowed to create a furore that brings the country to a halt every time.

— Shruti Chaturvedi


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