Dressing down

It is a shame that the NCW head blames incidents of molestation on the way women dress,instead of criticising male attitudes towards women.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: July 21, 2012 12:02 am

Dressing down

It is a shame that the NCW head blames incidents of molestation on the way women dress,instead of criticising male attitudes towards women. Even if a woman dresses “provocatively”,it does not give men the right to molest her. The comment shifts the blame on to victims and tries to justify the culprits’ actions. The NCW’s Mamta Sharma is no different from the Canadian policeman whose remarks on women drew protests worldwide.

Ashok Goswami,Mumbai

Her plight

THIS refers to ‘The Guwahati frames’ (IE,July 18) by Syeda Hameed. She has rightly shown the plight of women. We talk a lot about the right to freedom of expression,but there are so many instances when a girl is scared of raising her voice against the brutalities meted out to her only because she doesn’t have any sense of security.

— Nida Tahir


Amar Prem

THE superstar with the infectious smile is no more. The hero of so many hit movies leaves us with a line on our lips: “Zindagi,kaisi hai paheli,haye.” In a memorable scene in Namak Haram ,the union leader Somu,played by Rajesh Khanna,confronts his friend and abrasive factory owner Vicky,played by Amitabh Bachchan. Vicky berates Somu,the latter retorts that Vicky is no longer his friend. This scene symbolises the evanescence of innocence. The hero who made sacrifices soon got replaced by a hero who beat up his rivals. A new ethos unfolded for the industry and society at large. The death scene in Anand has never been bettered in Hindi cinema. That movie showcased the brilliance of Khanna,the ever-smiling cancer patient who dies,leaving the immortal message,“Zindagi aur maut uparwale ke haath mein hai,Jahanpanah.”

— G.S. Iyer


The descendant

Rahul Gandhi has apparently declared that he is now ready to share larger responsibilities either in the government or the party (‘Wait over,Rahul says ready for “larger role”’,IE,July 20). This declaration is part of a plan to eventually thrust the party’s or the government’s leadership on him,regardless of his qualifications for the job. This kind of planning is not done for other young leaders of the Congress party. The people of India have yet to free themselves from the stranglehold of dynasty and enter the true age of democracy.

— Mathew Oommen


State of states

APROPOS ‘Deng’s grandchildren’ by Sanjaya Baru (IE,July 17),China is experimenting with bottom-up reforms,but the situation in India is very different. India’s vast potential is hampered because the states are not given the space to grow. More powers should be given to the state to evolve policies specific to its socio-economic situation.

— M.K. Mahapatra


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